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Connect to Database on Server:

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SQL Query
SET @@sql_mode = ''

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Datastore Setup
SQL Query
FROM rxdatastore
WHERE title IN ('smiliecache','bbcodecache','blogcategorycache','navdata','options','bitfields','attachmentcache','forumcache','usergroupcache','stylecache','languagecache','products','pluginlist','cron','profilefield','loadcache','noticecache','activitystream','routes')
1SIMPLErxdatastorerangePRIMARYPRIMARY50 19Using where

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SQL Query
FROM rxdatastore
WHERE title IN ('profilefield')
1SIMPLE       Impossible WHERE noticed after reading const tables

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Session Handling
SQL Query
FROM rxsession
WHERE userid = 0
	AND host = ''
	AND idhash = '8873fcd3e1961bfb1e8b38ed04f0be3f'
1SIMPLErxsessionrefguest_lookup,user_activityguest_lookup51const,const,const2Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT languageid,
			phrasegroup_global AS phrasegroup_global,
			phrasegroup_activitystream AS phrasegroup_activitystream,
			phrasegroup_user AS phrasegroup_user,
			phrasegroupinfo AS lang_phrasegroupinfo,
			options AS lang_options,
			languagecode AS lang_code,
			charset AS lang_charset,
			locale AS lang_locale,
			imagesoverride AS lang_imagesoverride,
			dateoverride AS lang_dateoverride,
			timeoverride AS lang_timeoverride,
			registereddateoverride AS lang_registereddateoverride,
			calformat1override AS lang_calformat1override,
			calformat2override AS lang_calformat2override,
			logdateoverride AS lang_logdateoverride,
			decimalsep AS lang_decimalsep,
			thousandsep AS lang_thousandsep
FROM rxlanguage
WHERE languageid = 1
1SIMPLErxlanguagesystemPRIMARY   1 

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SQL Query
FROM rxstyle
WHERE (styleid = 21 AND userselect = 1)
	OR styleid = 21
ORDER BY styleid ASC

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End call of global.php: 0.022436141967773
SQL Query
SELECT stream.*, type.section, type.type
FROM rxactivitystream AS stream
LEFT JOIN rxactivitystreamtype AS type ON (stream.typeid = type.typeid)
WHERE stream.dateline <> 0 AND stream.dateline <= 1665149619 AND stream.dateline > 1662557619
ORDER BY dateline DESC
LIMIT 0, 30
1SIMPLEstreamrangedatelinedateline4 61Using where 

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SQL Query
	p.postid AS p_postid, p.threadid AS p_threadid, p.title AS p_title, p.visible AS p_visible, p.userid AS p_userid, p.pagetext AS p_pagetext, p.username AS p_username,
	t.threadid AS t_threadid, t.title AS t_title, t.forumid AS t_forumid, t.pollid AS t_pollid, AS t_open, t.postusername AS t_postusername,
	t.views AS t_views, t.visible AS t_visible, t.postuserid AS t_postuserid, t.postuserid AS t_userid, t.replycount AS t_replycount, t.prefixid AS t_prefixid,
	fp.pagetext AS t_pagetext
FROM rxpost AS p
INNER JOIN rxthread AS t ON (p.threadid = t.threadid)
INNER JOIN rxpost AS fp ON (t.firstpostid = fp.postid)
	p.postid IN (2203993,2203992,2203991,2203988,2203987,2203986,2203985,2203984,2203983,2203982,2203981,2203979,2203978,2203976,2203975,2203974,2203973,2203972,2203971,2203969,2203968,2203967,2203966,2203965,2203964)
	p.visible <> 2
	t.visible <> 2
1SIMPLEprangePRIMARY,threadid,threadid_visible_datelinePRIMARY4 25Using where
1SIMPLEteq_refPRIMARYPRIMARY403forums.p.threadid1Using where

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SQL Query
	t.threadid, t.title, t.forumid, t.pollid,, t.views, t.visible, t.postuserid, t.postuserid AS userid, t.replycount,
	t.postusername, t.prefixid, fp.pagetext
FROM rxthread AS t
INNER JOIN rxpost AS fp ON (t.firstpostid = fp.postid)
	t.threadid IN (148300,148296)
	t.visible <> 2

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SQL Query
	, av.avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(cu.userid) AS hascustomavatar,
		cu.dateline AS avatardateline, cu.width AS avwidth, cu.height AS avheight, cu.height_thumb AS avheight_thumb,
		cu.width_thumb AS avwidth_thumb, NOT ISNULL(cu.filedata_thumb) AS filedata_thumb
FROM rxuser AS u

	LEFT JOIN rxavatar AS av ON(av.avatarid = u.avatarid)
	LEFT JOIN rxcustomavatar AS cu ON(cu.userid = u.userid)
WHERE u.userid IN (10153566,16550,241,10250952,785,41382,10187196,10187219,10242171,10189906,1673)
1SIMPLEurangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 11Using where
1SIMPLEaveq_refPRIMARYPRIMARY203forums.u.avatarid1Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT title, template
FROM rxtemplate
WHERE templateid IN (10794,10786,10787,10788,10789,10790,10795,10791,10792,10793,10796,10797,10798,10799,10800,10728,10723,11387,11407,977,976,978,973,972,1595,4948,10720,10699,981,982,1600,11122,11396,11068,11072,11069,11070,11071,11426,0,0,11406,11367,11092,11093,11095,11096,11319,11438,11420,11370,11371,10919,10918,10922)
1SIMPLErxtemplaterangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 54Using where

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SQL Query
UPDATE rxsession
SET lastactivity = 1665149619, location = '/activity.php?time=month&show=all&sortby=recent&explain=1', inforum = 0, inthread = 0, badlocation = 0
WHERE sessionhash = '5d1e54bdb37e07039b6566e7e2caeccc'

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