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  1. Thank you
  2. Masters: Check in and speak up!
  3. Congratulations Esplendido
  4. Hitting the genetic wall; a Redo
  5. The Bodybuilder: a story
  6. HRT appointment booked!
  7. Masters Competition Thread
  8. Throwing down the gauntlet for RazorRipped!
  9. Pain!
  10. Masters Overall National Champion, IFBB Pro
  11. side effects
  12. how does this proposed TRT protocol sound
  13. Balancing act
  14. novadex xt
  15. Blast from past
  16. Training Hard at Any Age!
  17. NPC Masters Nationals changes for 2009!
  18. 41 and getting stronger
  19. 09 Season
  20. question on how to get off of TRT
  21. Over 40 and how often?
  22. The older I get the more I enjoy training.
  23. Grey or not?
  24. 10 down 25-30 to go
  25. Any Masters going to the Arnold?
  26. bringing up lagging body parts for old people
  27. 39 about to hit 40..starting to feel the difference!
  28. your favorite pre 1975 bodybuilder
  29. What do you want to see...
  30. Welcome Sassy69, new Masters Judge!
  31. Types of Cardio
  32. Contest prep diary: Post Here!
  33. Masters women Q&A with Sassy69
  34. What bodypart needs work? Help found here.
  35. Posing tips
  36. I'm Masters now. What now?
  37. My first show for 2009....
  38. Training Tips/ideas
  39. Cardio the morning after..
  40. What do you do to relax?
  41. HOW TO Download Heavy Muscle Radio 2 IPOD
  42. Would you give up sex...
  43. My second comp for the year - INBA Dubbo
  44. Why do you work out?
  45. 50-over humor
  46. Intensity in training
  47. Does DHEA work?
  48. Bored!
  49. esplendido
  50. esplendido
  51. HRT/Cycle Advice
  52. esplendido's new avatar
  53. OB
  54. Esplendido on stage
  55. Pre-workout consumption more beneficial
  56. TRT 8 weeks in blood results
  57. who is going to masters nationals?
  58. Inspired by age
  59. Sets & Reps
  60. Leg Day with Rodney L
  61. Overtraining while dieting
  62. Beautiful evening
  63. Do you remember the first bodybuilder you ever saw???
  64. Masters Nat'ls host hotel sold out - alt hotels available
  65. Master's Couples bodybuilding...or is it Grand Masters?
  66. Robby and Denny, Training Partners
  67. No Test, No Nothing!!!
  68. Missing the "good old days"
  69. Missing the "good old days"
  70. Golfers
  71. Need answers to Blood Work Resuls?
  72. HRT dose
  73. 50+ years ago
  74. pressing question
  75. Contest Prep Log
  76. Radial Neuropathy
  77. biceps tear advice
  78. Tanning at NPC Master's
  79. Q&A with Dr. Joe DeMarco
  80. How many pro cards will be given at Masters Nats?
  81. Intro and a quick qn for esplendido
  82. Rita Kaya taking on the NPC Masters Nats again!
  83. Callin all Masters...
  84. Must have supplements
  85. Time to trim the schmoe
  86. sprinting and bodybuilding
  87. Some fantastic thoughts in rhyme on The Lifestyle
  88. Is there a 2009 Masters Nationals competitiors list available yet
  89. Important Update for all Masters Nats Competitors
  90. Esplendido's contest prep
  91. Dougie's contest prep
  92. Masters Nationals
  93. psyched on arm size!
  94. Possibilty of the same person winning Over 35 and Over 45
  95. Smoking Esplendido
  96. Inspired in Pittsburgh!
  97. this has nothing to do with bodybuilding really
  98. Muscle building program which has worked great for me, but??
  99. Summer summary
  100. Got me an old school accessory on order
  101. We must be out of our heads!
  102. Bucki's Master's journal
  103. Tricep tendon rupture
  104. Frederick Savage from France
  105. Knee injury - anyone gone through this?
  106. Johnnie Jackson 765 lb. deadlifts
  107. Cutting is so fun...not!
  108. Thinking About HRT, opinions please?
  109. help with supplementation
  110. Pro Tan
  111. What it takes to grow muscle
  112. Air travel with HRT meds
  113. Delmonte's muscle building program... hype?
  114. Posing Trunk and Tanning Question
  115. mike's occasional progress pic thread
  116. Total Package
  117. ifbb world champ 0ver 60
  118. Just when..,.
  119. pics of us as kids
  120. New to RXMuscle
  121. BB.com get raided by FDA
  122. AnglicanBeachParty's contest thread ...
  123. How do you know if you got low test
  124. my dexascan results
  125. Fuckin Badassmuthafucka thread
  126. I only put my faith in God- and heavy lifters
  127. Should I pose for a calender?
  128. It looks like HRT for me
  129. Update on shoulder surgery
  130. lean bulking for masters
  131. Lean Bulk is it possible
  132. Think I should compete again ??
  133. Challenge Thread
  134. Wanna get inspired? Watch!!
  135. BigDaddyd's RXmuscle/Species Arnold Challenge thread
  136. Mike and Paula's Journal of Life, Love and Ever-Changing Goals
  137. egg whites question
  138. Props to the Challenge boys!
  139. Confession time
  140. Ramblings
  141. Where's Baldie?????
  142. The Dave Marinelli Story!
  143. Love letter to the Rx Challenge participants
  144. Bucki's going to Columbus and bringing home the title!!
  145. AnglicanBeachParty's Arnold Challenge prep thread.
  146. Published!
  147. The BEAUTY in a Sea of Beasts
  148. Official Arnold Rx Challenge sign-up thread
  149. FBG's Charge to C-Bus
  150. Here I go!
  151. Masters Challenge Update
  152. Please Welcome your new Masters Forum Leader, Joe DeMarco!
  153. Blu Bulks for some Big Ones Journal
  154. Injury Q & A with Dr. Joe
  155. Off Season Bulk
  156. Supplement Input
  157. Need help!
  158. Matt's Journey to 5%--RX Muscle/Species Arnold Challenge
  159. Stop Squatting?
  160. Callin all Masters....
  161. Supremacy
  162. One of us this weekend...
  163. Pro Card Bleu Taylor
  164. Check this guy out - 74 years old
  165. Q&A: Show Prep-The Final Weeks/Days
  166. 2010 NPC Midwest Novice BB, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Classic
  167. GirlyMuscle's Hangout
  168. Freebird's Lean Bulk
  169. Kimm's Playground...
  170. Old school Mid-City Gym
  171. Hmmmmm... Remind you of a certain forum?
  172. Master's Challenge Update
  173. The journal............
  174. V-Man Comeback Journal
  175. New Years and goals for 2010
  176. Screaming while working out
  177. Shameless Senior Solicitation!
  178. Back in the Gym, First workout for me.
  179. Bob's Place
  180. The "Power, Unlimited Power!" Sith log
  181. Hey, just got some MAssdrol, Help a Noob out Please!
  182. Capt's Quest to the 2010 Ohio Natural's!
  183. Poll- How many sets do you do?
  184. The Murtaugh List
  185. AAS in hungary
  186. Testosterone to Fine-Tune an Aging Body
  187. Axioma's Journal and Journey to Masters Nationals 2011
  188. Doing a 50 over Masters show
  189. Master's "routines"
  190. Who is posting on MD and RX?
  191. Hyperplasia?
  192. Hyperplasia?
  193. Leg workout pics
  194. Blood, Guts and Intensity
  195. How HRT helped me transform my body. Here are segments from my TV show.
  196. Happy Valentines to all women on RX
  197. Interesting article on cholesterol
  198. FDA New Indication for Crestor, Even if You Don't Have High Cholesterol
  199. Hypoglycemia and bodybuilding
  200. tentative plan to train while in Columbus
  201. What the most size you ever gained in a bulk cycle?
  202. PRIMO only cycle?
  203. Muscle Stimulation vs. Muscle Fatigue
  204. One week! Are you ready????
  205. If you're going to the Masters Nationals . . .
  206. BH Journal
  207. New HRT Discussion Group in RxMusclePlace
  208. Hey you fuckers I need some help!
  209. Can't make it to the Arnold.
  210. The winner is...
  211. hello, new guy
  212. Wanted To Start My Contest Prep Journal But...
  213. To the winners of the Rx Armold Challenge
  214. How did you get so big?
  215. Question to the guys who shaved their heads....
  216. Are there any pics posted of the RX/Arnold Challenge?
  217. Masters Challenge Pic Thread
  218. fitness after 50
  219. Not bodybuilding related Updated Pics of Tyroc
  220. 50 yr old looking for answers!
  221. Basic Commands
  222. Let's get RECRUITS!
  223. Jscans damn I'm fricken getting skinny contest prep
  224. On HRT? I'll be interviewd on treating side effects of AAS on 3/19
  225. Overkill-The Kai Green Video by Mike Pulcinella
  226. Yo Matt what the fuck???
  227. Newbie just joined
  228. People......Ugggh
  229. How Do You Train? Covered Up or Showing As Much Skin As Possible?
  230. Loose Skin
  231. thermogenics and cutting
  232. Esplendido's hobble to the Nationals
  233. Good night in the gym last night.
  234. My Better Body
  235. ABP's 1200-day road to Pittsburgh (2013).
  236. How did you get your bicep to peak? Hints for other trying to do this!
  237. Log Stuff
  238. Masters Forum needs Traffic light...getting busy
  239. Masters deserve respect...
  240. High Intensity Training and the Elderly
  241. Do your negatives!- The Effects of eccentric exercise
  242. Hypertrophy- one more
  243. New HRT Product
  244. Does Oxymethylone give memory loss?
  245. So how many folks on here are doing Masters Nationals?
  246. I month progress pics
  247. Congrats to All the Masters Bodybuilders!
  248. Any updates on HRT clinics?
  249. Some poses I am working on
  250. Cad - 14 Months To First Comp