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  1. Why is Taxation OK?
  2. Peter Schiff before Congress
  3. Justin Amash
  4. Meet PRISM / US-984XN - The US Government's Internet Espionage Super Operation
  5. Edward Snowden Letter to Obama
  6. DOJ Says Public Has No Right To Know About The Secret Laws The Feds Use To Spy On Us
  7. Has Washington’s Arrogance Undone Its Empire?
  8. Top Ten Most Ridiculous Items Purchased with IRS Credit Cards
  9. Ron Paul: What We Have Learned From Afghanistan
  10. Ron Paul: When you have a dictatorship, truth becomes treasonous
  11. Obama Conquers Internet Through Executive Orders
  12. Inflation Accelerates; Fed Rumors Rise
  13. NSA Spying Is About Intimidating the Media, American Citizens
  14. CDC Admits as Many as 30 Million Americans Could be at Risk for Cancer Due to Polio Vaccine
  15. Obama Exploits Zimmerman Verdict to Attack Second Amendment
  16. Federal Government Plans to Persecute Zimmerman
  17. Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile
  18. Facebook Refuses to Remove ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Page
  19. CIA Will Now Openly Propagandize Americans
  20. Montana Passes Sweeping Anti-Government Spying Bill
  21. George Zimmerman, Prosecutorial Abuse, and the Sorry Politics of Race
  22. CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus
  23. NSA Spokesman Accidentally Admits that the Government Is Spying On Virtually All Americans
  24. White House opposes amendment to curb NSA spying
  25. New DHS Headquarters was a CIA MKUltra Test Facility
  26. Obama Signs Executive Order, Sends $500 million to Terrorists
  27. Call your congressman
  28. Conscientious Objection by a Former Soldier and Defense Contractor
  29. Government: The Ultimate Too Big To Fail Corporation
  30. Dear Mr President - stay the f out of Syria!
  31. Christian Duque's LIBERALS' CORNER
  32. Reactions Mixed to Hobby Lobby Ruling
  33. Hitler repeated? Lets hope not.
  34. Chinese Woman Dismantles ATM with Bare Hands
  35. Chris Cormier loses my interest
  36. Understanding Ferguson - Politics, Race, & Injustice in America.... by Christian Duque
  37. Quick, who's the vice president of the U.S.?
  38. China overtakes the US as world's largest economy
  39. $1.1 TRILLION Spending Bill
  40. Twelve freedoms you have now lost
  41. Major New Book on Failed Government Accountability & Endless War for the US
  42. Harry Reid Needs a Trainer!
  43. Ronnie Coleman on Barack Obama
  44. Democrat versus Republican?
  45. Hillary Clinton to Announce Candidacy Sunday
  46. Morgan Freeman on GOP goals
  47. Experts say drug war has failed
  48. Repeated Deployments Test Green Berets, Families
  49. Bernie Sanders in 2016?
  50. Iran Begins Trial of Reporter
  51. What Makes a Man a man?
  52. Top NATO Commander Slams Russia's Rhetoric
  53. Donald Trump Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
  54. Jim Jefferies on Gun Ownership - This WILL Offend
  55. Did the Supreme Court get it right?
  56. When Donald Trump battled in the World Wrestling ring
  57. Typical Socialist
  58. Guns for gift cards? A joke right?
  59. When genocide became "famine" : Ireland, 1845 - 1850
  60. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard...
  61. The Golden One
  63. Stop white genocide
  64. Learn to Love TRUMP in 12 Minutes or Less
  65. Feminists vs Nationalists | Stockholm Train Station "RAMPAGE" LIE
  67. The Assassination of Donald Trump
  68. Feminists Celebrate Sexually Transmitted Diseases!
  69. The first legal slave-owner in America was a black man
  70. 33 Facts about Slavery!
  71. 5 Reasons You Should Vote For Donald Trump
  72. Some Cultures Are Better Than Others
  73. Saudi Arabia is a Cancer on the World
  74. Would most black folks find "Black Guns Matter" offensive?
  75. Did you watch the debates?
  76. Bob Woodward on Trump interview
  77. Rand Paul's THE WASTE REPORT for 2016
  78. Nearly 95% of all new jobs during Obama era were part-time
  79. Michelle & George: The New Straight Bromance?
  80. We just bombed Afghanistan!?!
  81. Civilized discussion? Politics?
  82. Turks Ban Wikipedia!
  83. Arnold on Nazis
  84. PopCult Politics!
  85. Finland Celebrates Independence!
  86. Roy Moore
  87. FB Bans Britain First!
  88. Trump Ecstasy Pills!
  89. Biden: "Poor Kids" vs. "White Kids"
  90. Palins to divorce!
  91. John Bolton: Out!
  92. China rips Pelosi!
  93. Impeachment?
  94. Hillary: I Could Beat Trump!
  95. Hanoi Jane is back!
  96. Liz Warren & rentboy BB?
  97. Deep state