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  1. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (9/14/11): TWO SHOWS for ONE: Silvio Samuel + The Olympia After Party Preview!
  2. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO Mon (9/19/11): The 2011 Olympia Wrap Up with Dave Palumbo & Jeff the Producer!
  3. Olympia coverage-(superb)
  4. Download links.
  5. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (9/23/11): The Olympia Wrap up! Plus: IFBB Pro Nola Trimble!
  6. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO Mon (9/26/11) 9pm EST: '83 Mr. Olympia SAMIR BANNOUT! The Sheru Classic Wrap Up!
  7. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (9/27/11): IFBB Bikini Pro Abbie Burrows!
  8. THE RX POWER HOUR! (9/28/11): The 2011 World's Strongest Man in review! Plus: An Olympia Recap!
  9. Quantum Physiques (9/30/11): Dr. Denise Nadler returns for another in depth discussion!
  11. After hours-jimmy the bull-(brilliant)
  12. Heavy Muscle TV Show #27: Juan Morel, Chris Cormier & Whack Pack Learn How to Sexercise!
  13. heavy muscle tv
  14. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO Mon (10/3/11):Mike O'Hearn Sets New World Record! The 2011 Arnold Europe Preview!
  15. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (10/4/11): IFBB Pro Candice Keene!
  16. Quantum Physiques (10/5/11): Dr. Dana Houser talks male performance, epigenetics & Testosterone!
  17. THE RX POWER HOUR! (10/6/11): Night of the Living Dead promoter Alex Campbell!
  18. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (10/7/11 & 10/9/11): PJ Braun, Quincy Taylor, Brandi Mae Akers, Mark Alvisi!
  19. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (10/10/11):Abbas Khatami, Tad The Diet Coach, Arnold Europe/Ft Lauderdale Wrap Up
  20. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (10/11/11): Gail Auerbach / Ft. Lauderdale & Arnold Europe Recap!
  21. Quantum Physiques (10/12/11): Dr. Fred Bisci talks lifestyle, longevity, strength, diet & muscle!
  22. THE RX POWER HOUR! (10/13/11): ASC Pro Strongman Tom Mutaffis!
  23. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (10/14/11): Pierre Lamely gives us a full Arnold Classic Europe report!
  24. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (10/14/11): Barbarian Brother DAVID PAUL joins the Whack Pack!
  25. What happened to the Iron Asylum videos?
  26. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (10/17/11): Promoter Jack Titone, Houston Pro Recap & Extended ASK Dave Segment!
  27. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (10/18/11): IFBB Pro & Houston Pro Champion Christina Vargas!
  28. Heavy Muscle TV #28: Mike Popkin Returns for Dave's 25th H.S. Reunion! Get Inside Scoop on Dave!
  29. Quantum Physiques (10/20/11): Dr. Fred Bisci PT 2: llifestyle, longevity, strength, diet & muscle!
  30. THE RX POWER HOUR! (10/20/11): Pro Strongman Aaron West!
  31. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (10/21/11): Lee Thompson, IFBB Pro Nick Scott, Victor in Jail + More!
  32. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (10/24/11): KEITH WILLIAMS! Plus: Ted Williamson & The Sacramento NPC/PRO show!
  33. Dave Palumbo's MY LIFE Episode #5: Moving on Up; Castor Oil Packs for Detox; Dinner with Whack Pack!
  34. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (10/25/11): Jack Titone and the Iowa Pro 212/BIKINI Championship!
  35. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (10/26/11): Dave Palumbo, Abbie Burrows, Flex/MD Make Major Changes & More!
  36. Quantum Physiques (10/27/11): Truth & Lies, Pessimism & Optimism, Weights & Cardio!
  37. THE RX POWER HOUR! (10/27/11): Powerlifter Ali McWeeny!
  38. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (10/28/11): Beats by Jay Critiqued By The Whack Pack!
  39. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (10/31/11): Dave Palumbo, Chris Aceto & Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman!
  40. Heavy Muscle TV Show #29: Halloween 2011- Sexiest Costume Contest & Pumpkin Carving Finale!
  41. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (11/2/11): Ben Pakulski, Amit Saipr, Dusty Hanshaw, Tawna Eubanks & More!
  42. Quantum Physiques (11/2/11): Medical Intuitive Timea Havas shares her insights and secrets!
  43. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (11/3/11): The Iron Princess: MELODY MELO returns to Muscle Girls Inc!
  44. THE RX POWER HOUR! (11/3/11): Powerlifter Chris Dellafave!
  45. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (11/7/11): Top Level NPC Competitor and Powerlifter: Joel Thomas!
  46. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (11/8/11): TOP NPC Women's Physique Competitor Melissa DiBernardo!
  47. Quantum Physiques (11/9/11): Dave Palumbo: Ozone Therapy, Castor Oil, Black Mica, Grounding & MORE!
  48. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (11/10/11): Mel Chancey, Chris Cormier, Vanessa Campbell, Brian Yersky & More!
  49. THE RX POWER HOUR! (11/10/11): Raising the Bar I, II & III star Dave Pulcinella!
  50. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (11/11/11): Quincy Taylor stops by, Aaron is off to compete, PJ is off to Cali!
  51. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (11/11/11): Dave's white teeth, Jimmy's Intelligence & A "Mooing" contest?!
  52. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (11/14/11): DEREK POUNDSTONE, Brad Rowe & P28's Billy Sullivan!
  53. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (11/15/11): IFBB Bikini Pro Nicole Coleman!
  54. Quantum Physiques (11/16/11): Cunningham Vs. Palumbo: Brian challenges some of Dave's ideas!
  55. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (11/16/11): Oscar Ardon, Keith Williams, Darron Glenn, Don Long!
  56. THE RX POWER HOUR! (11/24/11): Pro Strongman Mike Jenkins!
  57. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (11/18/11): JIMMY DEMANDS an APOLOGY! Jeff The Producer Hosts the Show!
  58. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(11/21/11):IFBB Pro Michelle Cummings, Robert Kreider, 2011 NPC Nationals Wrap Up!
  59. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (11/22/11): Back from the Nationals!
  60. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (11/23/11): IFBB Pros Michelle Cummings & Melissa DiBernardo!
  61. Quantum Physiques (11/23/11): Cement Injections for a better looking body?
  62. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (11/24/11): Dave Palumbo discusses the 2011 NPC Nationals Festivities!
  63. Heavy Muscle TV Show #30: Thanksgiving Day Feast; Jimmy the Bull Cooks Sicilian Meatballs!
  64. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(11/28/11):IFBB Pro Sheila Bleck, Amanda "Barbie Barbell" Harris & Mark Lerch!
  65. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (11/29/11): IFBB Pros Bodybuilder Laura Boisacq!
  66. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (12/1/11): Troy Alves, Toney Freeman, Tricky Jackson & An Nguyen!
  67. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (12/1/11): Jerry Beck!
  68. THE RX POWER HOUR! (12/2/11): Vaughn DuBow: Is your WHEY PROTEIN powder really 100% whey?
  69. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (12/2/11): Jay Cutler's new career and a ghost in Dave Palumbo's house!
  70. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(12/5/11):IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson & Pro Strongman Derek Poundstone!
  71. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (12/6/11): IFBB Women's Physique Pro Kimmi Cooper Morgan!
  72. Quantum Physiques (12/7/11): The Top 10 Toxins: You won't believe what makes this list!
  73. Heavy Muscle TV Show #31:TL Bartch, Dr Durlan Castro Talks Sleep Apnea, A.R.T Therapy & Chiropractic
  74. ACCESS BODYBUILDING (12/8/11): 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout!
  75. THE RX POWER HOUR! (12/8/11): BROS VS. PROS Deadlift Champion MARK LERCH!
  76. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (12/9/11): Jeff The Producer hosts, Jimmy plays guitar, Pete speaks out!
  77. Muscle Mob on NBR
  78. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (12/12/11): The 2011 Pro World Masters Recap! Plus: IFBB Pro Andy Haman!
  79. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (12/13/11): IFBB Pro Alicia Harris!
  80. Quantum Physiques (12/14/11): 2012-Boom or Doom? The Next Einstein Has the Answers!
  81. ACCESS BB (12/14/11): Ben White, Marvin Ward, Erin Stern, Nathalia Melo, Jillian Reville, Steve Cook
  82. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (12/15/11): PJ's moving, Gay FB Fans, Gastoldi calls in!
  83. THE RX POWER HOUR! (12/15/11): 2x World's Strongest Woman: Jill Mills!
  84. Dave Palumbo's My Life #6: Tour of Sleep Apnea Lab and Jimmy the Bull & Jeremy Get Tested!
  85. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (12/19/11): IFBB Pro Vince Taylor discusses the IFBB Pro World Masters Show!
  86. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (12/20/11): IFBB Pro Allison Frahn!
  87. ACCESS BB(12/14/11):IFBB Pro Cedric McMillan! Plus: Controvery at the Pro World Masters Championship
  88. Quantum Physiques (12/21/11): Dr. Robert Mahoney: The REAL Secret to Unlimited Strength & Power!
  89. THE RX POWER HOUR! (12/22/11): Reviewing 2011's top STRONGMAN / Powerlifting Feats!
  90. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (12/23/11): 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler's Message to After Hours!
  91. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (12/26/11):IFBB Pro Gustavo Badell & The 2011 HMR Awards with Dave, Chris & Jeff!
  92. Heavy Muscle TV Show #32: Rescue Ink; Abby & Bella; Zach the Stoner Gets Kidnapped!
  93. Quantum Physiques (12/28/11): Brian Cunningham and Jeff the Producer review 2011!
  94. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (12/28/11): IFBB Pros India Paulino & Dana Linn Bailey!
  95. ACCESS Bodybuilding (12/28/11): Brent LaLonde and the 2012 Arnold Classic Competitor List!
  96. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (12/31/11): Christmas and Hanukkah, PJ's Dirty Underwear, Leo The Trouble Seeker!
  97. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (1/2/12): The WWE's Stephanie McMahon! Plus: Joe DeFranco, Trainer of the Stars!
  98. ACCESS Bodybuilding(1/4/12): Dr. Layne Norton, Ronnie Coleman's Surgery, Kelly Ryan's Parole & More!
  99. Heavy Muscle TV Show #33: Xmas Eve Show: Return of Diego B & Derek Anthony; Cliff from Gamma Labs!
  100. THE RX POWER HOUR! (1/5/12): Pro Strongman DEREK POUNDSTONE invades the Power Hour!
  101. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (1/6/12): "Jeff Magic": "Pete the Intern will be a ladies man!"
  102. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (1/9/12): Dr. Scott Connelly: New Year, New Supplement Company, NEW RADIO SHOW!
  103. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (1/10/12): PJ and AARON: Making Gay Cool, Farnsworth does ART on PJ, Sushi & More!
  104. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (1/10/12): IFBB Pro WPD Competitor La'Drissa Bonivel!
  105. Quantum Physiques (1/11/12): Dr. Dana Houser: More Fat Loss, More GH, More Muscle!
  106. ACCESS Bodybuilding(1/11/12): Dana Linn Bailey & Rob Bailey, Victor Martinez Update & More!
  107. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (1/16/12): IFBB Pro Milos Sarcev! Plus: Vince Andrich discusses MYOTROPICS!
  108. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (1/17/12): IFBB WPD Pros Jillian Reville & Marilena Echohawk!
  109. Quantum Physiques (1/18/12): Dr. Dana Houser PART 2: More Fat Loss, More GH, More Muscle!
  110. THE RX POWER HOUR! (1/19/12): Brian Shaw is the 2011 World's Strongest Man!
  111. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (1/19/12): Mz Devious joins the discussion, Shout Outs, Listener Topics & More!
  112. Physique Star Radio: (1/20/12): Ian Lauer & Vince Andrich! Plus: Dr. Scott Connelly & Dave Palumbo!
  113. ACCESS Bodybuilding (1/20/12): Diet Prep Coach Guru Chad Nicholls!
  114. Heavy Muscle TV #34: Great Beard Challenge- Jumbo vs Jewbacca; Giant Pythons; Alligators, Frogs!
  115. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (1/20/12):Magnus Ditches The Whack Pack, Jimmy Is Late, Jeremy Reports!
  116. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (1/23/12): Strength / Conditioning Coach Charles Poliquin!
  117. Quantum Physiques (1/25/12): 2012: The end of the world?
  118. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (1/25/12): IFBB WPD Pro Jennifer Smythe!
  119. ACCESS Bodybuilding (1/26/12): Brent LaLonde and the Arnold Classic Strongman!
  120. THE RX POWER HOUR! (1/27/12): Dione Wessels: President of ASC, VP of NAS, StrongWOMAN!
  121. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (1/27/12): Pete's BLIND Sex Ed Teacher, Jimmy's Discoveries, JTP Hosts!
  122. Physique Star Radio / Muscle University: (1/27/12): IFBB MPD Pro Bobby Ashurst!
  123. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (1/30/12): IFBB Pro Jerome "Who let the dogs out" Ferguson! The L.A. Fit Expo!
  124. Heavy Muscle Radio File Name
  125. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (1/31/12): Dave Palumbo Previews 2012's Women's Competitions!
  126. ACCESS Bodybuilding (2/1/12): Jay Cutler Update, Silvio's Convicted, The Iowa Pro & Baby Jewbacca!
  127. Quantum Physiques (2/1/12): Rick Collins on the Demonization of Masculinity!
  128. THE RX POWER HOUR! (2/2/12): LOUIE SIMMONS: Westside Training FULLY Explained!
  129. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (2/3/12): Rob & Gina DiMaggio of Iron Mag Labs!
  130. Dave Palumbo's MY LIFE Episode #7: Derek Farnsworth Releases Dave's Pain!
  131. Physique Star Radio / Muscle University: (2/3/12): IFBB MPD Pro Craig Capurso!
  132. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (2/6/12): The X-Man TONEY FREEMAN is competing at BROS VS PROS X!
  133. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (2/7/12): IFBB Bikini Pro Diana Graham!
  134. Quantum Physiques (2/8/12): Exploring the mind of Dr. Bruce Lipton!
  135. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (2/9/12): Dr. Sean, Sex Talk, PJ's Changes, The Superbowl, More!
  136. ACCESS Bodybuilding (2/8/12): Dave Palumbo, Jason Dhir, Cutler Update, Silvio Update!
  137. Physique Star Radio / Muscle University: (2/3/12): Clark Bartram: America's most trust Fitness Pro!
  138. The RX POWER Hour! (2/9/12): PRO ASC Strongman Mike Burke!
  139. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (2/13/12): IFBB Pro Robert Burneika will compete in MMA fighting!
  140. Heavy Muscle TV Show #35: Jimmy the Bull & Ice "the Freak" Rap; and Serge from Natural Vitamins!
  141. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (2/14/12): IFBB Pros Gen Strobo & Jillian Reville!
  142. ACCESS Bodybuilding (2/15/12): Australian Pro Promoter Tony Doherty! IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore!
  143. Physique Star Radio / Muscle U: (2/16/12): Fitness Model Max Wettstein! Dr. Connelly talks CREATINE!
  144. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (2/17/12): Mel Chancey! Ben Pakulski's Dog, 'What If' Questions & More!
  145. The RX POWER Hour! (2/17/12): Powerlifting Promoter Sean Katterle!
  146. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (2/17/12): Jimmy and Dave force Pete to call a girl and get a date!
  147. Quantum Physiques (2/15/12): Love, Bodybuilding, Quantum Physics & Wayne Dyer!
  148. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (2/20/12): FLEX Pro Recap, Desert Muscle Preview, Dave's Ayahuasca Trip!
  149. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (2/21/12): IFBB Bikini Pro Missy Coles!
  150. ACCESS BB (2/22/12): Dana Linn Bailey, Mike Liberatore, Jillian Reville, Al Auguste, Tracy Bodner!
  151. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (2/24/12): Big Ron Partlow! Plus: PJ in MUSCLEMAG, The Arnold, Synthol & More!
  152. Quantum Physiques (2/23/12): Dr. Bear Walker: Music, Muscle, Mindset, Motivation!
  153. AFTER HOURS RADIO! FRI (2/24/12): Magnus the Superstar's book signing reviewed by the Whack Pack!
  154. Physique Star Radio (2/24/12): Fitness Model Gregg Avedon!
  155. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (2/27/12): Super Freak Guy Grundy! Plus: The 2012 ARNOLD CLASSIC PREVIEW
  156. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (2/28/12): Karina Nascimento is the first IFBB PRO WPD Pro Show Champ!
  157. The RX POWER Hour! (2/29/12): The 2012 ARNOLD STRONGMAN Preview Show!
  158. ACCESS BB (2/29/12): Candice Keene, Ben White, Mike Liberatore & Arnold Predictions!
  159. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (2/29/12): Aaron engaged to Darielle, PJ's Arnold Shirts, The Toughest PRO & More
  160. Quantum Physiques (2/29/12): "Jeff Magic" on dating, breaking the ice and building "inner game"!
  161. AFTER HOURS RADIO (3/2/12): War Stories with Jimmy The Bull, Jeff The Producer Hosts!
  162. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (3/5/12): IFBB Pro Bill Wilmore! Plus: The 2012 Arnold Classic Recap!
  163. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (3/7/12): IFBB Pro Erin Stern & The Arnold Figure/Fitness/Bikini Recap!
  164. ACCESS BB (3/7/12): Fouad Abiad MIA at the Arnold, IFBB Policy Change, The Australian Grand Prix!
  165. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (3/7/12): Aaron heads to San Diego, Sick in Ohio & The Arnold After Party!
  166. The RX POWER Hour! (3/8/12): Arnold Strongman Classic Champion MIKE JENKINS!
  167. Physique Star Radio (3/8/12): The First Men's Physique IFBB Pro: Matt Christianer!
  168. Quantum Physiques (3/9/12): Unleashing your Inner Strength with Dr. Denise Nadler!
  169. AFTER HOURS RADIO (3/10/12): Dave's Penis Pump, Jimmy's Doctor Preference, Jeremy's Vest!
  170. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(3/12/12):IFBB Pro Cathy LeFrancois, Jack Titone's St. Louis Pro & Bros V Pros 10
  171. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (3/13/12): 2012 Arnold Classic Figure International Winner Nicole Wilkins!
  172. Heavy Muscle TV Show #36: Two Schools of Thought Regarding Picking Up Women! Harris vs Magic!
  173. Physique Star Radio (3/15/12): Fitness Model David Kimmerle! Dr. Connelly on INSULIN/CARBS/FAT!
  174. Quantum Physiques (3/16/12): The 2012 Natural Products Expo in Review!
  175. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(3/19/12):IFBB Pro Mike Liberatore! Bros Vs. Pros 10 & The St. Louis Pro Recap!
  176. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (3/20/12): 2012 St. Louis Pro Bikini Champion Jennifer Andrews!
  177. ACCESS BB (3/21/12): Aaron's back from Australia, and Dave Palumbo comes on to talk about it!
  178. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (3/22/12): Aaron's Australian Trip, PJ's Dieting, Gym Etiquette Stories & More!
  179. Physique Star Radio (3/22/12): Men's Physique Competitor & Fitness Model Timothy Roberts!
  180. The RX POWER Hour! (3/29/12): Pro Strongman Matt Vincent!
  181. AFTER HOURS RADIO (3/23/12): Jimmy's almost gay experience, Pete's Pick Up Lines, Dave's Horoscopes
  182. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(3/26/12): WWE Superstar TRIPLE H invades HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO!
  183. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (3/27/12): IFBB Pro Women's Physique Competitor Sara Hurrle!
  184. ACCESS BB (3/28/12): IFBB Pro Michelle Blank, Getting a Contract, IFBB Governor's Cup & More!
  185. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (3/29/12): The IER Dating Game, Listener Questions, Alcohol or Weed?
  186. Physique Star Radio (3/29/12): Jamo Nezzar! Plus: IFBB MPD Pro Matt Christianer Makes History!
  187. AFTER HOURS RADIO (3/30/12): Jimmy The Bull Vs. Pete The Intern: I Can Pick Up More Women!
  188. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO(4/2/12): Adult Film Star/Bikini Competitor Inari Vachs! Plus: Oscar Arden!
  189. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (4/3/12): IFBB Pro Kris Murrell: From Bodybuilding to Women's Physique!
  190. Quantum Physiques (4/4/12): Anabolic Foods, Estrogenic Problems, Guru's or BS!
  191. ACCESS BB (4/4/12): NPC Bodybuilder Keith Williams, Bob Kennedy's Health, Working a Booth!
  192. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (4/5/12): The most disliked person in bodybuilding, PJ's on Adderall, Politics!
  193. The RX POWER Hour! (4/5/12): 2011 World's Strongest Man Champion: BRIAN SHAW!
  194. AFTER HOURS RADIO (4/6/12): Dave's Fish Tank, Jimmy's Bull Bar, Pete's Pick Up Lines!
  195. Physique Star Radio (4/6/12): Tom Terwilliger and the 7 Rules of Achievement!
  196. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (4/9/12): Controversial Powerlifting Promoter Sean Katterle talks POWERLIFTING!
  197. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (4/10/12): IFBB Pro Women's Physique Competitor Amanda Harris!
  198. Quantum Physiques (4/11/12): Dr. Michael Murray on Natural Medicine and Bodybuilders!
  199. ACCESS BB (4/12/12): IFBB Pro Juliana Malacarne, Jay's new business, Ronnie's special Donation!
  200. Physique Star Radio (4/13/12): Christian Boeving! Plus: Dr. Connely on Post Workout Protein Intake!
  201. AFTER HOURS RADIO (4/14/12): JIMMY GOES INSANE, Pete "Magic" vs. The Bull, Jeff The Producer Hosts!
  202. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (4/16/12): Big Sean Allan's Pro Debut Promises! The NPC Emerald Cup turns 30!
  203. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (4/17/12): IFBB Pro Monique Jones! Plus: The Grand Prix L.A. Review!
  204. Quantum Physiques (4/18/12): TOXIC Whey Protein? Too many antioxidants? Using Leucine Correctly!
  205. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (4/19/12): Aaron's Life Story (Part 1), PJ's GF's Strange Emails, Jerry Montanari!
  206. ACCESS BB (4/19/12): Mark Alvisi Arrested, Cristina Vujnich Engaged, Bob Kennedy Remembered!
  207. The RX POWER Hour! (4/19/12): Hosts Nathan Payton & Ryan Bracewell Let It All Hang Out!
  208. AFTER HOURS RADIO (4/20/12): Dave's "Fresh Balls", Pete's Positions, Jeff The Producer joins in!
  209. Physique Star Radio (4/19/12): IFBB Pros Angel Cordero, Miguel Aguilar & Ryan Hughes!
  210. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (4/23/12): IFBB Pro Nathan DeTracy is headed to the New York Pro!
  211. ACCESS BB(4/25/12): Jeff Long hasn't retired, Victor and the judge, The Rise & Fall of Heather Clay
  212. Quantum Physiques (4/25/12): The Illusion of Time! Plus: Debra Robinson on Spiritual Healing!
  213. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (4/24/12): The 2012 Emerald Cup Overall Bikini Champion, Paola Terry!
  214. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (4/26/12): Aaron's Life Story pt 2, Aaron's Baby, A love letter from Matt Teller
  215. Physique Star Radio (4/26/12): Fitness Model Diego Sebastian! Plus: Dr. Connelly talks PROTEIN!
  216. The RX POWER Hour! (4/26/12): Previewing the Orlando Europa Strongman / Powerlifting events!
  217. AFTER HOURS RADIO (4/26/12): Jimmy Rocks Out & Teaches Pete how to Keep Woman Interested! JTP Hosts!
  218. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (4/30/12): IFBB Pro Don Long! Plus: The IFBB Europa / Mr. Europe Recap!
  219. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (5/1/12): IFBB Pro Jami DeBernard! Previewing the 2012 PITTSBURGH PRO!
  220. Quantum Physiques (5/2/12): Glycation, Inflammation, & Oxidation: You need a VACATION!
  221. ACCESS BB(5/3/12): Vcitor Martinez is Free, Jay Cutler's Comeback, Fights in FIBO & More!
  222. IRON EMPIRE RADIO (5/3/12): Dan Hill's Incident, PJ's drug classes, Aaron's Money, BLP joins in!
  223. The RX POWER Hour! (5/3/12): 2012 Europa Orlando Strongman Champion: CHAD ROBISON!
  224. Physique Star Radio (5/3/12): Fitness Model Jamin Thompson! Dr. Connelly: Why You Need Vitamin D!
  225. AFTER HOURS RADIO (5/4/12):Jimmy gets VERY DRUNK, Dave loves Fresh Balls, Jeremy loves Pineapples!
  226. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (5/7/12): Posing Expert Russ Testo! Plus: RXMUSCLE Australia's Xavier Wills!
  227. ACCESS BB(5/9/12): Phil Heath Poses, Cedric McMillian at the NY PRO, Marius Dohne's Last Season!
  228. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (5/1/12): Cristina & Dianna discuss Binge Eating and Craving Control
  229. IRON EMPIRE RADIO(5/10/12):PJ Apologizes to past fling, Aaron's new TV, Best 1st Dates, Craziest Ex!
  230. Physique Star Radio (5/10/12): Fitness Photographer James Patrick! Dr. Connelly Tackles Obesity!
  231. The RX POWER Hour!(5/10/12):ANDY VINCENT: PRO Strongman / Football Player / Highland Games Athlete!
  232. AFTER HOURS RADIO (5/11/12): How far will Jimmy The Bull go for a part in a John Travolta movie?
  233. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (5/14/12): EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with IFBB Pro Cedric McMillan!
  234. MUSCLE GIRLS INC (5/15/12): IFBB Bikini Pros Yeshaira Robles & Juliana Daniell!
  235. Quantum Physiques (5/16/12): Chemical Anarchy: Nutrients, Hormones, Herbs & Psychedelics!
  236. ACCESS BB(5/17/12): IFBB Pro Candice Keene! Jewbacca Joins MuscleMag, Rob Bailey's Music, More!
  237. IRON EMPIRE RADIO(5/18/12): PJ's Injury, Palumbo Gets Aaron Laid, Darielle Gaines joins in!
  238. Physique Star Radio (5/18/12): NPC Competitors Sadik Hadzovak & Chris Villa! Plus: Natalie Minh!
  239. Heavy Muscle TV Show #37: Heather Dees, Karina Nascimento, Dayana Cadeau, Chris Aceto & The Ugly App
  240. The RX POWER Hour!(5/17/12): Pro Powerlifter and Training Gear Innovator: MARK BELL!
  241. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (5/21/12): 2012 NPC Jr. USA Overall Winner: Dan Newmire! Plus: The NY Pro Recap!
  242. MUSCLE GIRLS INC(5/23/12): IFBB Bikini Pro Yeshaira Robles & The 2012 NY Pro Bikini/Figure Report!
  243. IRON EMPIRE RADIO(5/24/12):Gay Penis Vs Straight Penis, PJ Sings, IER T-Shirts, Strip Club Etiquette
  244. ACCESS BB(5/25/12): The 2012 NY Pro Women's Physique Champion: Juliana Malacarne!
  245. The RX POWER Hour!(5/25/12): SURPRISE! Mike Westerling says CrossFit is for YOU!
  246. Physique Star Radio (5/25/12): Biomechanics Expert Doug Brignole gets technical with training!
  247. HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO (5/28/12): John Defendis joins Dave Palumbo to remember Steve Michalik!
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