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  1. Ian Lauer CSCS hammers arms
  2. Ian Lauer Arm Training Video
  3. Start your own today
  4. Prep for fall season 2012
  5. Quads workout 11-5-12
  6. Delts and traps workout video - 11-5-2012
  7. Uphill Battle Workout Journal intro and Upper Body
  8. Bugeater's Training Journal
  9. NPC (and hopefully soon to be IFBB) MPD Competitor David Lees
  10. JT's path to Physique Pro training log
  11. Editor-in-Chief Ian Lauer CSCS shares his training secrets!
  12. From Strongman to Physique...
  13. 2 a day cardio is in full effect.
  14. Bugeater Update, Warrior Classic Winner
  15. Bugeater Update number 2, another show, another win!
  16. 2013 Debut into Men's Physique Competition
  17. Preparing for first Men's Physique contest
  18. 27 year old Swede gunning for Fitness and Men's Physique
  19. "Carrier Chronicles of Fitness, The Fitboss Journey to MPD stage."
  20. KING LaRaZZi's Transformation/Training Journal
  21. Muskate's 16 week log until Muscle Beach men's physique
  22. Ed Honn-Journey to the IFBB. NPC Continental USA prep 2013.
  23. Physique workout log for hGH Insulin cycle