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  1. Why Our Economy Is Utterly Screwed
  2. The CIA, the gods of drug dealing.
  3. Moral Dilemma Questions
  4. Female urination device is a big seller
  5. Man needs health care after health care rally
  6. Opinions on breastfeeding?
  7. Muslims could get own police
  8. The IHC: Preparing the world for 2012
  9. Why couldn't world war II happen again in America?
  10. Can Barry talk to your kids?
  11. Meee-OWWW (graphic)
  12. What is love?
  13. Mercinaries just wanna have fun
  14. Total unemployment hits 16.8%
  15. Libertariansim
  16. Healthcare Insiders Are Dumping Their Stocks
  17. Obama's ''peeps'' Van Jones the communist.
  18. Jobless grad sues alma mater
  19. Scary to see that people like this still exist in the US.
  20. NEW WORLD ORDER...THeir Mission is Almost Complete
  21. "reasonists"
  22. 100 Billion Dollar Device, 5 Million Dollar Treadmill
  23. that devil sure is a stinker!
  24. when you wish upon a star nothing happens
  25. Test Your Faith-Vision
  26. Obama's making mistakes
  27. UN wants global currency!!
  28. A wake up call
  29. for jobless, loss of earning-power is permanent
  30. al franken draws a map of the entire US
  31. Sex for chores: women reveal motives
  32. Let's talk junk DNA
  33. STUNNED scientists find undiscovered animals
  34. Neo-Nazi Extremism 'Took Over My Life'
  35. 9/9/09
  36. Man dies, comes back to life
  37. what happens to pets after the rapture?
  38. Stop hr 2749 now with your mouse!
  39. Meet your new czar!
  40. drink soda, go to hell
  41. Justice finally served on childhood perpetrator...
  42. Don't Vote Against HR2749
  43. Why NOT yell at the president?
  44. ACORN supports teen protitutes?
  45. Open Your Minds America
  46. "Church alter smites devout Catholic"
  47. Who are your PRP heros?
  48. joe wilson is your pre-existing condition
  49. british government finally apologizes to alan turing
  50. I can't wear my burqa in France!!
  51. Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama
  52. In Rememberance of 9/11
  53. CNN jumps the gun on Coast Guard firing at the Potomac
  54. Remember rainbow wig, John 3:16 guy?
  55. Goofus & Gallant, This Modern World
  56. Dr. Van de Meer Predicts Monetary Collapse Of US Starting On September 30th
  57. Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America'
  58. US Girl Scouts prepare for war, pestilence
  59. Ron Paul on the currency standard
  60. Church uses Satan
  61. Philadelphia goes broke: Plan C
  62. James Randi back down from challenge!!
  63. How does one get over one's past?
  64. App store sickness
  65. Debtors revolt begins!
  66. Fact-Checking the President on Health Insurance
  67. Hopkins student kills intruder with samurai sword, police say
  68. News media's credibility plunges to new low
  69. Stop Begging Obama and Get Mad
  70. Africentric school sees enrolment surge
  71. Watch what you put on your facebook!
  72. 23 suicides in 1.5 years - all from the same company
  73. Forgiving others
  74. Teleporting to Mars!!!!
  75. Economy grows, no inflation
  76. religious logic
  77. Bush on Obama: 'This guy has no clue'
  78. Demonic Possession
  79. Tanzanian Tracks Show Man's Early Steps
  80. Teen girl loves Satan, burns Mormons
  81. Why Does Music Make Us Feel? Move?
  82. Soldiers suffer, pleas go unanswered
  83. NYC Unemployment Rate Exceeds 10%
  84. Clean yo teef! -- subway fight
  85. A Little Christian Humor
  86. Scientists Zero In on Earth's Original Animal
  87. Dumb Okies???
  88. Watch what you put on your FaceBook pt2
  89. SHOCKING report -- War on drugs costly, unsucessful
  90. 232 years in jail for... $2500?
  91. Man rejects penis
  92. Eggs, Hashbrowns and a Gun
  93. Commercial Real-Estate Collapse Coming Soon
  94. World ends today, sept. 21, 2009!
  95. Nobel Winner Krugman Says ‘End of World Postponed’
  96. Ring of power...
  97. Obama: Job numbers won't improve this year
  98. Is mandatory insurance a tax increase?
  99. Cop steals look from da hood, busted
  100. Miss jailed for schoolgirl sex
  101. Roommates have swordfight over drink
  102. police taser legless man in wheelchair
  103. Why won't god heal amputees?
  104. implanted w/ wrong embryo -- what would you do?!
  105. What is God?
  106. uh oh. about that end of the world stuff...
  107. stupid, stupid pervert rats himself out
  108. Criminal Rothchild's
  109. We thought we had an immigration problem
  110. Deism: Alive and Well in America
  111. Jonestown Was An Illuminati Experiment
  112. julia child explains the primordial soup
  113. pew science knowledge quiz
  114. birther/ truther poll
  115. Race-based dicipline
  116. Put on your black sheet and hood and watch...
  117. Good article about James "the great hoax" Randi
  118. It's Official: Water Found on the Moon
  119. 2010 welfare spending
  120. Israel Threatens To Destroy The World
  121. Chip ensures patients take meds!!
  122. Kirk Cameron monkeys with Darwin
  123. Now it can be told -- we're NOT devo?
  124. Nessie has a cousin
  125. Suck It Jesus!!
  126. carl sagan and stephen hawking autotuned. so good.
  127. Rush on Leno
  128. Police go door-to-door in search for illegal firearms
  129. Obama sing along
  130. Does This Seem Familiar to Anyone Else?
  131. Iran Replaces The US Dollar With The Euro
  132. don't believe in not believing?
  133. Dragnet Schools Barry
  134. Proof for an Intelligent Creator and His purpose
  135. Fat cats Goldman Sacs back fat Moore's movie
  136. The Baloney Detection Kit
  137. The truth to 9/11 solved 8 years later...
  138. Bilderbergers want global currency now
  139. dying skeptic remains skeptical
  140. homeopath parents finally jailed in daughter's death
  141. spider walk on the pope
  142. science class on the moon!
  143. Yom Kippor
  144. Secret Service Probing Obama Poll
  145. Where did everything come from?
  146. Contractor Seeks 'Cyber Warriors' to Help Defend U.S.
  147. blasphemy day
  148. U.S. Northeast May Have Coldest Winter in a Decade
  149. Praying to Obama???
  150. Vatican Rules: No longer name of God in prayer and Hymns....
  151. Residents flee tsunami after strong quake in Samoa
  152. Al Qaeda takes it greek-style
  153. FDIC says bank failures to cost around $100B
  154. i should have been in congress
  155. the argument from morality
  156. dumb laws
  157. Gore-Backed Car Firm Gets Large U.S. Loan
  158. State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors' kids
  159. Is it something in the food? -- Maher's new rule
  160. networking & evolution of socializing
  161. mad genius??
  162. "thinking is a waste of shopping time!"
  163. Space radiation hits record high
  164. What is the purpose of life?
  165. Penske Drops Bid FOr Saturn, GM To End Brand
  166. kiss the missing link goodbye!!!
  167. What's going to happen when they introduce the Amero?
  168. Creation theories
  169. Evolution has made babies awesome roller skaters apparently
  170. NASA Has Decided To Blow Up A Different Part Of The Moon
  171. Are you a racist? --take the test
  172. Astonishing Vatican pedophilia rationalization
  173. Allegory of the Cave
  174. Glenn Beck hits a nerve
  175. New World Order...Want Fries With That
  176. What to do with those business reply envelopes
  177. Scientists 'reverse ageing process'
  178. Child's tattoo: disfigurement or poor parenting?
  179. Gore Vidal --‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’
  180. Don't believe the White House's economic hype
  181. Hardin Montana A Test Ground For Police State
  182. Giants (Nephilim) found and kept secret
  183. Employer Taking Insurance Out On Employees
  184. Inveitable Collapse Of The american Dollar
  185. France considers chemical castration for sex offenders
  186. Big Brother is watching you shop
  187. You can't Call Ahmandinejad A Anti Semite Cuz
  188. Barry furious at McChrystal speech
  189. Archaeologists marvel over mini-Stonehenge
  190. 10k posts!!
  191. just get your damn vaccine!
  192. An Archaeological Moment in Time
  193. Statue cries -- hoax or miracle?
  194. Conservative Bible Project
  195. I converted
  196. Nearly 30% of NJ GOP Voters are Idiots
  197. Marriage via the bible
  198. Getting into the halloween spirit
  199. Nat'l Debt Road Trip!!!
  200. 3 Americans win Nobel in physics
  201. Intelligent Design vs. Alien Intervention
  202. How domestication causes controlled evolution
  203. Ever Get The Feeling That Everything Is
  204. Pict's question: opinions & beliefs
  205. America's fav cities
  206. America's smartest & dumbest states
  207. Praying Parents Get Jail for Child's Death
  208. Mom: School Sent Child Home With Stranger
  209. Flat Earth FAQ
  210. Drag Queens Strike Back - Knock Out Attackers
  211. stupid frickin anti-climatic MOON IMPACT!!!
  212. Modern women don't like 'masculine' men???
  213. Will California become America's first failed state?
  214. Magnificent Moral Moments
  215. Why Ardi Matters
  216. STOP praying & TAKE A PILL!!
  217. How To Brainwash A Nation
  218. Arithmetic, Population, and Energy
  219. Barry wins Nobel????
  220. Ironic picture I took in a bookshop
  221. Why other nations want to blow us up
  222. Hawking gives up academic title
  223. LSD returns to university labs
  224. Mysterious apeman spotted
  225. Al Qaeda at CERN!
  226. A Quarter of the World is Muslim
  227. 2012 Discussion
  228. Pope proclaims 5 new saints
  229. Evolution of the Eye
  230. Radioactive Clocks and Radiometric Dating
  231. The Evil Eye
  232. BIG NEWS -- some people are dumb
  233. you can't say that!
  234. What happened to global warming?
  235. Shermer blasts Moore
  236. Man Killed while trying to fix Church
  237. Science, Evolution, & Creationism
  238. Top Twenty Things Obama Doesn't Say
  239. "the devil made me do it"
  240. Three heroes of 9/11 die of cancer in five days
  241. God is not the Creator
  242. Tony Blair thinks atheists & terrorists are the same
  243. Birther ordered to pay fine
  244. Women love God more than men
  245. Does Evil Refute God?
  246. "God did it."
  247. New kind of book burning
  248. Republicans vote in favor of rape??
  249. Czar gots to go!
  250. Boy swept away in 'flying saucer'