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  1. Believing in God and Evolution
  2. kid to Obama: why's everyone hate you?
  3. Dawkins vs O'Reilly
  4. Props to my friend in MT
  5. Moral questions
  6. Gay man beaten, attackers brought to justice
  7. urrrm, uhh, ya... ok
  8. Interracial Couple Refused Marriage License
  9. Deaths at Sweat Lodge - Homicide!
  10. Bible-thumper thrown off plane
  11. Bible quotes that are very bothersome
  12. one step closer to understanding the placebo effect
  13. Sell the Vatican, feed the world
  14. Dawkins: "I am offended"
  15. 10 Things Science Says Will Make You Happy
  16. Believing in Evolution and the Gaps that Exist
  17. rapture update: now happening october 21!
  18. Arguement in FAVOR of a New World Order.
  19. cringe-worthy circumcision story
  20. Somehow Gun Control Made It Into the Gov't Health Care Plan
  21. I ROFL'd.
  22. shalt not suffer a witch
  23. So that's why you call him Barry!
  24. On Selflessness
  25. Giant seagulls will take over the world!
  26. Searching for a religion?
  27. Victim prays with robber
  28. time, space & relativity
  29. "they might recruit"
  30. Crop Circles
  31. They shall take up serpents
  32. One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge
  33. Happy Birthday Planet Earth
  34. Genome 'maps' save lives
  35. Saudi reporter gets 60 lashes for sex discussion
  36. Teen explores humanism w/ a card game
  37. Atheists get off our country!
  38. "a universe from nothing"
  39. 7 questions physics is still working on
  40. BBC Panorama documentary on healthcare reforms
  41. Presidential announcement
  42. White House Urges Other Networks to Disregard Fox News
  43. Homeopathy + astrology = crap
  44. new ARONRA video
  45. Rush Limbaugh Was Punked: “Obama Thesis” Hoax
  46. 10 Lessons on Empire
  47. g-d invented evolution imo
  48. Pale Blue Dot
  49. What Jupiter sounds like -- cool & creepy!!!
  50. Nerdiest. Hoax. Ever.
  51. Integration problems in Denmark - could happen in the US or Canada?
  52. MC Hawking -- what we need more of is SCIENCE
  53. NOVA beta
  54. Genesis Revisited
  55. "Its shows how ignorant the public is"
  56. Neanderthals ‘had sex’ with modern man
  57. Schwarzenegger Flips Off Lawmakers
  58. Funny fundie blog quotes
  59. Catholics *pissed* over this week's Curb
  60. the science of homeopathy
  61. God exists: here's proof
  62. Scientists make cells that form eggs and sperm
  63. Anti-abortionists sponsor Burn In Hell contest
  64. Good economic news
  65. Street healings
  66. Need some pretty?
  67. The Danger of Celebrating Halloween
  68. The Scientific Impossibility of Evolution
  69. ... and the flag was still there
  70. 3 Silly Religious Beliefs
  71. Influenza A and global pandemics
  72. "scientifically haunted house suggests you're a sucker"
  73. "This Is (Literally) Your Brain on Drugs: Views From Inside a Drug User’s Brain"
  74. Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
  75. Happy Carl Sagan Day! Nov 7th.
  76. Tobacco and alcohol more dangerous that marajuana and ecstasy
  77. Surgery Museum
  78. Did Slavery Benefit Black Americans?
  79. Koran verses appear on baby
  80. Facts & beliefs processed the same
  81. Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean
  82. When antiscience kills: dowsing edition
  83. christian value or hate crime?
  84. American youth too fat, dumb & dishonest to defend
  85. gays = God's mistake?
  86. Congress Votes on Healthcare Bill this Saturday
  87. Haha JOP quits over a mixed-race couple
  88. 7 dead in Fort Hood shooting
  89. Religion should not get a ‘free ride'
  90. Ten things you don’t know about the Earth
  91. Website Claims Bodybuilding is Devil Worship.
  92. The Rivals of Jesus
  93. Orlando Shooting
  94. Bad Faith Awards
  95. 'God made me hate gay people'
  96. Racism - A vicious cycle of ignorance?
  97. A challenge
  98. Unprecedented proof 9/11 was covered up- Fabled Enemies
  99. Did We Domesticate Dogs, or Did Dogs Domesticate Us?
  100. Jesus and other undead monsters -- LULz
  101. Fatties want their piece of the HC pie
  102. Design vs Chance
  103. How do we know if there is a God?
  104. rapture coming, FOR REAL THIS TIME!
  105. Foreigners to get 100,000 kroner (~$20,000) incentive to leave Denmark
  106. Bloodless Barack makes Americans wistful for Bush
  107. Jesus has issues
  108. Will Smith thinks deep thoughts
  109. Galactic Heart
  110. NASA says the world won't end in 2012...liars
  111. Evolution faster than once thought!
  112. 25 of the scariest science experiments ever
  113. Want planets? Ban lithium from your sun.
  114. Vets dump scholarships over prayer
  115. Molecular jewelry -- wear estrogen aorund your neck!
  116. what makes us human?
  117. God hates you, hate Him back
  118. vatican searches for et
  119. essay on creationist history
  120. 10 reasons God hates Healthcare Reform
  121. Muscular monkeys prompt sports doping fears
  122. God plans life of darkness for Faith
  123. Do you respect religous people?
  124. CFI Releases Statement from Ibn Warraq in Response to Fort Hood Tragedy
  125. Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians
  126. Water on the moon!!!
  127. If you were God...
  128. Evangelist Gets 175 Years for Sex Crimes
  129. Welcome to the Clone Farm
  130. New Experiment Could Reveal Make-up Of The Universe
  131. Carl Sagan on God
  132. Science based Podcasts.
  133. Stop Alien Abductions!
  134. For Tat & other geeks
  135. Ontario to allow naturopaths to prescribe meds?
  136. Science of Scams
  137. Eunuchs and Trannies Win Recognition as 'Others'
  138. Can thinking of a loved one reduce your pain?
  139. A Forgotten chapter
  140. sagan-man!
  141. Vatican ponders extraterrestrials
  142. Menstrual Blood as a means of interrogation
  143. 40% of U.S. Obese by 2018??
  144. Muslim agenda -- creation & domination
  145. who's your gramma???
  146. buckyballs, nanotubes & graphene, OMY!
  147. illusion contest
  148. Rabbi offered cocaine for sex
  149. Africa population tops a billion
  150. The Evolution of the God Gene
  151. Jesus goes to jail
  152. Religious fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists and dogma
  153. Google purchases God
  154. Walmart fracas = 15 yrs in jail?
  155. 'Hobbits' Are a New Human Species
  156. On the US being a 'Christian nation'
  157. Black Hole Drive Could Power Future Starships
  158. depression-- serious as cancer
  159. Katrina -- negligance!
  160. Schaeffer on Maddow
  161. Bertand Russell: Why I am Not a Christian
  162. On science and prostitution
  163. HyperInflation
  164. Be a geek AND a nerd
  165. Goodbye cruel world -- CERN now operational
  166. 150th Anniversary of On the Origin of Species
  167. Cop suspended after Tasering 10-year-old girl
  168. The LOLs
  169. Jesse Jackson: 'You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man'
  170. Space Walk!
  171. Our Family Tree
  172. Muslims debating female circumcision
  173. The town that banned Satan
  174. THE RINGS OF THE EARTH , 3DS Max Animation
  175. Einstein Robot
  176. Vatican researcher claims Shrould of Turin bears Jesus' name
  177. Obama's Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere
  178. The Dark Side of Darwin's Legacy
  179. Philosophy of Kyle
  180. TV Presenter On Death Row For Witchcraft
  181. Release time
  182. 9/11 didn't happen????
  183. 9/11 texts leaked
  184. Is Belief in God Hurting America?
  185. Buzz Aldrin's Huffblog
  186. Pro-Darwin consensus doesn't rule out intelligent design
  187. Huckabee on defining marriage
  188. Global Warming emails hacked.
  189. Canadian Health care
  190. Humane Society Charged with cruelty to animals
  191. Here Be Dragons
  192. Liberal Conspiracies
  193. Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World
  194. The Genius of George Carlin
  195. Before you let your kids get a H1N1 shot think again.
  196. Evolution - the transition from water to land
  197. H1N1 mutation outbreak?
  198. The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world
  199. The Law of Attraction: Science, Faith, and the Cult of Positive Thought.
  200. Is "Free Will" All in Your Head?
  201. Are we entering a new Dark Age?
  202. East African Albinos Hunted For Rituals
  203. BBC- 9/11 Government conspiracy.
  204. Ten things you didn't know about orgasms
  205. Not Ashamed of the Gospel- John Piper
  206. Why are people so stupid?
  207. Huckabee, or should I say Smuckabee
  208. Do you think the U.S. will see civil war in the future?
  209. Shatner v Limbaugh on Healthcare
  210. Those evil, evil doctors
  211. New Stem Cell Lines Eligible for Federal Funding
  212. Autism and immunisation
  213. Secret messages put out by our feet
  214. Autism and schizophrenia could be genetic opposites
  215. What creates confidence?
  216. 30,000 More Troops to Afghanistan
  217. Al Gore Cancels Climate Lecture in Copenhagen
  218. D'Souza 'proves' life after death
  219. Misleading Christian date ads
  220. I found out what's wrong with me- God disorder.
  221. US power in decline?
  222. "Climategate meets Arseholegate"
  223. Judge Napolitano
  224. Iranian Students Day
  225. American Dream II
  226. The story of Suzie
  227. Scientific fact: all men view porn
  228. Italy science council funds creationist book
  229. Majority of Americans are scientifically illiterate
  230. forget climategate!
  231. let's all laugh at atheists
  232. i just know i can nail the rapture this time!
  233. Remember the botched home circumcision?
  234. TMZ: Jesus Gossip!!!
  235. Monkey controls robotic arm with brain
  236. Comfort plagarized the Origins intro?!
  237. Maybe the Mayans are right about 2012?
  238. Hannukah
  239. Report: Dem health care bill would kill hospitals, raise rates, hurt seniors
  240. Kent Hovind's Ph.D Dissertation Leaked!
  241. Wars effective for population control
  242. Organic farming
  243. Global Warming and Evolution
  244. Intelligent Design
  245. Obama plans to "spend our way out" of recession
  246. orbo back with more free energy claims!
  247. funny comic
  248. You make your own Christianity
  249. Iraq Was Not a War for Oil
  250. Annise Parker, a white lesbian