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  1. biocentrism debunked
  2. jesus and mo on tolerance
  3. Miami Herald Asks Readers For Donations
  4. Oral Roberts, Evangelist, Dies at 91
  5. Atheist barred from office?
  6. Climate change is natural: 100 reasons why
  7. Australian Octopus Uses Tools!!!!
  8. Alternative Medicine Took a Beating in 2009
  9. New Mr Deity!!
  10. the whole world needs a leader like this
  11. New species evolve in bursts
  12. James Randi is owned once again
  13. Anthony De Mello
  14. World's Oldest DNA found
  15. conspiracy theory
  16. Should supplements be regulated?
  17. An Analysis of the Senate Democrats' Health Care Bill
  18. Obama’s Top Ten Foreign Policy Follies
  19. Obama's broken promises
  20. A good explanation of dark matter
  21. Ralph Nader calls Obama an Uncle Tom
  22. Welcome to the universe
  23. RFID killing gun for NWO conspiracy buffs
  24. Obama's Christmas tree features mass-murderer Mao & transvestite!
  25. The Obama administration lets Illegal Aliens Steal Billions Via Tax ID #s
  26. Big Brother....Where does it end???
  27. Festivus wishes from your favorite FL
  28. Another terrorist attack attempt on US jetliner
  29. Disclosure !
  30. Flying High
  31. Iran smuggling in raw uranium
  32. At what point will the average person
  33. Explanation for Lynndie England's behavior..The Pinocchio Theory
  34. Rush Limbaugh in Hospital!! Chest pains
  35. Finnish Shooting Spree Leaves Six Dead
  36. No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years
  37. Stop Big Floss!
  38. The Atheist Delusion
  39. Giving to the homeless
  40. The scholarship and scientific research of believers is unreliable
  41. School's out! The growing poularity and anti-intellectualism of the tea party.
  42. Global Warming and Fuel Efficiency
  43. Not guilty?
  44. Democrat/Liberal Reid apologizes for 'no Negro dialect' comment
  45. Published: Bill Clinton's Racist Comment about Barack
  46. Drugs - What do you think?
  47. Collapse
  48. 700 Clubs comment on Haiti's earthquake
  49. Peak Oil
  50. NH tax evader gets 37 years on weapons charges
  51. Looks Like Brown Might Win
  52. No jews died in gas chambers ?
  53. Photos emerge of SAS in action
  54. Giants
  55. UN Climate Body Eats Crow Over Glacier Warning
  56. Supreme Court Strikes Down McCain-Feingold
  57. For all of you who ''support'' the war your needed
  58. support my buddy Adam Kokesh for congress in NM
  59. Americans
  60. State of the Union Address
  61. ophans for sale on street in hati
  62. bin ladin really reaching
  63. Another embarrassment for the Obama Admin.
  64. Why God Exists in 1:41...listen to all of it!
  65. TSA probes bigotry – after CNN and a whistleblower point it out
  66. Undeniable Proof Global Warming is for profit
  67. Time for a new FL?
  68. Kieth Olberman Crash and Burn
  69. So This Is How You Deal With Jehovah's Witnesses
  70. Venusuala says USA caused Haiti's earthquake.
  71. Facing goliath
  72. OVER 50 **UNEXPECTED** CEO & CFO resignations in the last 3 weeks!!!!!
  73. Colbert "Sarah is an F'ing Retart!"
  74. 'Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11'
  75. Do we need God to teach morality to our children?
  76. Homophobic NH State Representative Nancy Elliott, R-Merrimack,
  77. Unionized Teachers Refuse To Work 25 Minutes More Per Day, So Town Fires All Of Them
  78. Chief global warming scientist admits it's all fake
  79. Israeli Prime Minister Visits UC Irvine And Muslim Students Are Arrested For Unruliness
  80. Misconceptions about atheists
  81. No moral high ground for religion
  82. Capitalism at it's best
  83. Don't do business in WA
  84. Liberals and atheist smarter?
  85. BC/BS rate increase in Florida
  86. More on Climate Change
  87. Baiden Caught on a Open Mic
  88. vegetarians are evil
  89. The Next First Couple at the Whitehouse
  90. Only 25% say U.S. Heading In Right Direction under the Obama Admin.
  91. the devil is in the vatican!
  92. Creation vs Evolution
  93. Love and Emptiness
  94. Should Obama be Inpeached
  95. Gov. Health Care it Affects You!
  96. HFC Revisited
  97. Controversial Shit
  98. Romano's Article
  99. William ''Bill'' Cooper behold a pale horse
  100. First fucking by Obama healthcare bill
  101. Youngguns: Is America partially to blame for it's own problems thread?
  102. Happy Zombie Jesus Day
  103. If Obama is a Socialist Does it Matter?
  104. Who is Peyton Randolph?
  105. Are people really "just jealous" when they say they dislike policies of the United States?
  106. Obama Demilitarizes U.S.
  107. Value Added Tax is Coming Soon!
  108. Obama to Tea Party Rallies: They should be thanking me for tax cuts
  109. Short Quiz: Where do you fall?
  110. Who could play Obama in a biopic
  111. Moral Law
  112. Laws of Nature
  113. God Throws A Rope
  114. Obama Can't Control A Simple Speech!
  115. Founders, Modern Era, Observations
  116. Value-Added Tax, Obama: It would be "novel" to introduce it in the United States
  117. Prayer Outlawed in Schools!
  118. Report: Health Care overhaul will increase premiums
  119. Arizona governor signs new immigration law
  120. The Political Correctness Problem
  121. The end of us
  122. The Progressives: Do What We Say, Not What We Do
  123. Allen West-GREAT AMERICAN!!!
  124. Cap & Trade
  125. ???Noah's Ark Found???
  126. Schwarzenegger Would Like 3rd Term as Governor of California!
  127. Goldman Sachs Hearing
  128. Puerto Rican Statehood Vote Tomorrow
  129. Drill baby drill hows that workin for ya!
  130. Problems/Solutions Equality/Justice: Truth & History
  131. Riddle
  132. The Founding Fathers
  133. Global Warming & Media
  134. US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
  135. Haarp
  136. I'm going to be a guest on GodDiscussion.com!
  137. Happy National Day of Prayer!
  138. National Security: Coincidence or Cause?
  139. Time Square Bomber was Muslim: Are We Surprised?
  140. Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees
  141. Greece Disaster!
  142. Obama's Immigration Reform
  143. Obama picks radical leftist with no judicial experience for Supreme Court
  144. Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden & Joe Lieberman
  145. Lewis Black: Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourett's
  146. American Division
  147. Felons running for office
  148. Biblical Contrasts
  149. National Debt & GDP
  150. Faith Based Obama
  151. 2 Min. Video on Obama Spending
  152. Rand Paul/Tea Party Win
  153. Glenn Beck's NRA Speech
  154. Apologizing for being America
  155. God wants you to cut off your penis
  156. The Worst is Behind Us
  157. Lets Hear From the Progressvive
  158. Which Obama admin official will be charged with a Felony?
  159. Obama Calls for new International Order
  160. Abstinence Only Republican...same old story
  161. New Financial Reform Bill: This is Unreal!!!
  162. Another Marxist joins Team Obama
  163. What oil spill....
  164. If a Politician Said This.....
  165. Racism in SC from another GOP...suprised?
  166. Censu, GDP, Employment, ETC
  167. Sign that YOUR President's Commission is full of Idiots
  168. Poll: Liberals, Democrats Stuck on Stupid, Flunk Economics 101
  169. Time: Arizona Republicans will likely introduce legislation this fall that would deny birth certific
  170. Obama, he's not a profiler, lol!
  171. White House Party Crashers: Beck Was Right
  172. Glenn Beck
  173. Feds plan lawsuit against Ariz. immigration law
  174. An attack on Iran
  175. County Residents Protest New Mosque: Muslims Outraged!
  176. Australia, First Woman Prime Minister
  177. Was Jesus a Bastard?
  178. Nice Immigration Article
  179. The U.S. Is In Trouble!
  180. Nice Little Video on The Gospels
  181. President could get power to turn off Internet
  182. Your Beloved Socialist President Makes a Socialist Move: Surprised?
  183. Public Education and War
  184. The reason for the oil spill?
  185. Save me from Hell!
  186. Obama's Hit List
  187. North Korean Official executed by firing squad
  188. Nazi Death Camp Gaurd Charger in Youth Court
  189. Obama's Next Move
  190. Is Earth Buggered?
  191. Holocaust facts
  192. Drilling moratorium
  193. One and Done.
  194. Richard Dawkins on militant atheism
  195. The Tasteless Ground Zero Mosque Idea
  196. Stephen Hawking: God didn't create universe
  197. Invisible Empire- The New World Order Defined
  198. Ronald Reagan & Barack Obama
  199. In the middle of opportunity.....oh wait, shit
  200. Drunk on Religion
  201. The Zionist DEVIL and The Business of Occupation
  202. Arnold Is Anti-Pot
  203. Scholarly 9/11 Truth
  204. Two lovely Koran quotes.
  205. Rick Sanchez
  206. Westboro Baptist Church - First Amendment case
  207. Christopher Columbus: Another perspective
  208. FCKH8: Straight talk on Gay Marriage
  209. Muslim Superhero Cartoon Coming Soon to your TV
  210. Sharon Angle
  211. one of my favorite quotes
  212. Jimmy McMillan forms The Rent is Too Damn High party in New York
  213. Attention Philosophers! Must read books
  214. Predictions for Tuesday's Election
  215. Real Change
  216. any hebrew or arabic speakers/readers out there?
  217. Historic Election
  218. Healthcare
  219. Why do government worker unions exist?
  220. They who give up essential liberty........
  221. Remember JFK - 11/22/63
  222. A Smart rapper lays the smackdown on the goverment?
  223. Fed made 9 trillion in emergency overnight loans
  224. How would you like to be Bill Clinton's friend?
  225. Confessions of an economic hit man
  226. Vert revealing interview of Federal Reserve spokesman
  227. Conversations with John Judge
  228. The MOST important video you'll see in your lifetime, guaranteed.
  229. Hell on/in Earth??
  230. Hell on/in Earth??
  231. Esoteric symbolisim in society
  232. Max Keiser
  233. It's time to abolish the Federal Reserve
  234. DADT; I can see this being bad
  235. Unintended Consequences
  236. Tension In The Koreas
  237. Don't ask, don't tell - REPEAL
  238. A Doubter's Christmas Story
  239. Director of National Intel. James Clapper, clueless
  240. The end of suffering?
  241. Dr. Dino on Creationism
  242. Pope’s child porn 'normal' claim sparks outrage among victims
  243. Jon Stewart credited with last minute passage of 9/11 bill
  244. Celebrities and science 2010
  245. So..Black History Month (gag) is once again upon us
  246. Debate flow chart
  247. Charity and the Free Market is better than government taxation
  248. Pakistan on strike against bill to amend blasphemy law
  249. Creationism and science: wider implications
  250. A non-fallacious way in which science can inform ethics