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  1. How many Christians?
  2. Do you believe in God?
  3. Obama Agrees with...Bush???!!
  4. In Honor of Michael Phelps
  5. why do people laugh at creationists?
  6. foundational falsehoods of creationism
  7. from big bang to us -- made easy series
  8. CrAP debunked
  9. Should Bill O'Reilly Apologize???
  10. The Life of Christ
  11. What's your party?
  12. Bill Clinton on the Economy: NOT IT!
  13. Arnold Is Just Waiting to Screw California
  14. Which political party is better for people who illegally use anabolic drugs?
  15. More Liberal Hypocrisy During The Financial Crisis
  16. "Because of Bush, we haven't been attacked..."
  17. How To Tell When The Economy's Getting Better
  18. "Change" in the way we are exploited
  19. Alright guys...let's get under the hood of this political cartoon mess
  20. Obama/McCain /Nascar
  21. Hillary: "We Must Kiss China's Ass Because We Need Their Money"
  22. So how long till Obama completely ruins this country?
  23. If there was ever any doubt as to Arnold having some Black in him...
  24. 911 Press For Truth
  25. Army Charity Hoards Millions
  26. FDR Warns Against Economic Royalists
  27. North Korea
  28. Bullshit-Peta
  29. Michael Steele settling into the role of 'Crazy Uncle Mike"
  30. Russia Sinks Chinese Ship
  31. How does everyone feel about dying?
  32. The Results of Big Government...
  33. Money vs Religion vs Education
  34. Is America the next Roman Empire?
  35. Major General says president's eligibility needs proof
  36. The Complete Idiot's Guide to the New World Order
  37. Arnold Schwarzenegger Exposed
  38. Religulous
  39. Red Haired Mummies of China
  40. The fairy tale of jesus and christianity
  41. El padrino pablo escobar
  42. David icke
  43. Uncle Sam's Plantation
  44. Boggles the mind
  45. Will Obama Break A Record?
  46. Historic Fabrications
  47. Obama to Restore ‘Science Integrity’ as Part of Stem-Cell Shift
  48. Supreme Court refuses to expand minority voting rights
  49. Obama Approval Poll
  50. Zeitgeist Addendum
  51. health insurance
  52. What religion are you?
  53. Powerful spycamera at Obama Inaugeration?
  54. Freedom
  55. Another O'Reilly Thread
  56. Hey St Patrick, I am still here...Pagan and Proud
  57. The Economist argues for the Legalization of Drugs!!
  58. The Case for Paying Out Bonuses at A.I.G.
  59. Why is america okay with welfare collectors who dont need/deserve it?
  60. Golden Parachutes for Executives
  61. Photo Blog of the World Financial Crisis
  62. Zionism & The Zionist movement
  63. The Big Takeover - Rolling Stone
  64. 2012
  65. By-By Internet?
  66. Stimulus Bill already seeing effects in my area!!
  67. Chuck Norris...Terrorist
  68. Financial Overhaul
  69. Experts say recession ending soon
  70. Codex Alimentarius
  71. Buy Artificial Trees, Silk Flowers, Silk Plants For Cheap
  72. Guild Wars
  73. Fascism
  74. Definitive proof of my beliefs
  75. BK's fight against Fascism, Socailism & Communism
  76. The Truth About American Health Care
  77. 10 Most Important Recent Medical Innovations: By Country
  78. The Communist Manifesto
  79. The Obama Deception
  80. The G20 protests
  81. Faux Noise spreading lies again
  82. Colbert vs Beck
  83. Where do you support law enforcement and regulations?
  84. You thought AIG was bad?
  85. Vacation? Head for Guantanamo...
  86. Any non-religious/atheist Republicans?
  87. No Nukes
  88. What if, Germany or France Just got Nuked By N. Korea or Iran
  89. The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
  90. Gambling and Christianity
  91. Famed British MEP On The UK's Awful National Health Service
  92. Aaron Russo's America:Freedom to Fascism
  93. Proof the U.N. is a Complete Waste
  94. Hope You Paid Your Taxes..
  95. This is Why I don't like Hannity
  96. Stop adding fluoride to our water!
  97. How long until America impliments manditory military service?
  98. Happy Easter for Orthodox Christians
  99. Barack Obama & David Icke
  100. Connecting the Dots - Oklahoma Steroid Bust in the Reddest State in the Union
  101. Miss North Carolina
  102. Are you ok with a non-white Jesus?
  103. Proof that all religion is absolute horse shit
  104. History repeats itself - do we ever learn?
  105. Truth
  106. The Rockefellers
  107. Another reason to hate religion(s people)
  108. The meaning of life
  109. Does anyone channel their inner being?
  110. Will you get Social Security or Medicare?
  111. Awesome Evolution vid.
  112. about the moral obligations of belief
  113. Obama and Gas Prices
  114. Swine Flu Conspiracy
  115. More proof that Dems are full of shit...
  116. This war is failing
  117. Are you for, or against terrorists and pedophiles?
  118. I use my brain to think, do you?
  119. Are you For or Against National/Universal Healthcare?
  120. Santa needs a bailout!!
  121. Kanye West is a genius
  122. Legal abortion reduces crime rates?
  123. Who is Happier
  124. Obama is a...
  125. lack of self discipline
  126. Lack of knowledge
  127. which socialist program will you denounce when you retire?
  128. what is the purpose of human cooperation?
  129. My Confession
  130. Nine One One
  131. Bill Maher on Obama
  132. Morals vs Ethics
  133. The problem of evil
  134. Maybe I was wrong about Obama.
  135. Iran
  136. World War II
  137. A PSA from Henry Rollins
  138. I know Jack about Christ
  139. N. Korea will wipe out U.S.A.
  140. Is Dave Religious?
  141. Concentration camps again?!?
  142. Does anyone still NOT believe 9/11 was purely
  143. Civilized
  144. Why Did Sarah Palin Resign as Governor of Alaska?
  145. O crap, here comes the apocalypse
  146. Dispute on upsidedown flag in Wisconsin
  147. The Kybalion
  148. The Essene Gospels of Peace
  149. Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist
  150. *ATTENTION* Why I will NEVER stay at a Hilton
  151. Editing Palin's speech...
  152. Obama's Remark Regarding Harvard Professor Incident
  153. Universal Healthcare
  154. Nature`s Law
  155. Seeds of Destruction
  156. Why the aversion to Nuclear power?
  157. Thank Comrade Oboma for our nationalized car industry.
  158. Obama's aunt is an illegal alien? living in public housing?
  159. Cash for Clunkers
  160. 1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India
  161. Odd coincedences in space
  162. The Science of God: It's simple volume displacement.
  163. Ethics...
  164. Doctor Who
  165. Obama/ Joker poster popping up in LA
  166. Denial is a powerful thing
  167. Global Tapas: small talk from around the world
  168. What should Obama do?
  169. What's up with this??
  170. Glenn Beck is a good American!!
  171. Why are there Russian subs off the east coast??
  172. Slurs aimed at Obama children
  173. Egyptians predicted Obama, Jesus spoke of Obama
  174. Fact check the Healthcare-scare buzz
  175. Sotomayor confirmed!!!
  176. What is the economic incentive for a health insurance company to pay claims?
  177. Cash for clunckers, $14B approved
  178. Sit down, shut up & pay your taxes
  179. Something sounds fishy? Obama wants to know!
  180. Inmate hides gun in flab
  181. Subvertising
  182. Obama’s Embrace of a Bush Tactic Riles Congress
  183. Harsh Sentencing in Myanmar
  184. 1 in 78 UK citizens spied on in 2008
  185. 'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate
  186. Now hiring -- Internment/Resettlement Specialist
  187. Do you believe in miracles?
  188. Agenda 21 -- their plan for your life
  189. Feds try to detect 'lone offenders'
  190. the american health care mess
  191. Where do you get your news?
  192. The Gubmint ownz ur 'puter.
  193. Why do some liberals THINK they are republicans???
  194. "Arab Festival 2009"
  195. WholeFoods CEO chimes in on Obamacare
  196. Parents Want Teen Convert Back Home
  197. Human Annunaki anthropology
  198. Does life exist in space?
  199. Occult origins of NASA
  200. Canadian politics
  201. No treats from Obama!
  202. FAQs on Creation Science
  203. Overburdened doctors shun all insurance
  204. Life-giving compound found in space
  205. Texas makes teaching the Bible mandatory
  206. We eye Canada's HC, they eye ours?
  207. socialist Pilger says: Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation
  208. Christian hired/ Christian suspended
  209. 'credit card Scarface'
  210. Prostitution & breast milk
  211. Properity Gospel: "fear will make you stingy"
  212. Only 6% of scientist identify as republicans
  213. Who will be our next president?
  214. Larry Flint: I'm calling for a national strike
  215. The rich get... poorer??
  216. New HIV found
  217. Remote healing
  218. Fingerprints of God
  219. The God-helmet!
  220. Why are transexuals allowed to obtain Testosterone legally, yet bodybuilders can't?
  221. I Can't Believe Khadafy would shake hands with Obama.....
  222. Ted Kennedy Dies
  223. The IHC
  224. Days away from economic chaos?
  225. would you rather spend 5 minutes in hell or 5 minutes in heaven?
  226. The illusion of reality
  227. Jail + fine for NOT taking the vaccine??
  228. So I'm racist for hating a dog killer?
  229. The State of the Country
  230. Another power grab...
  231. California is up for sale
  232. Why is america going to bomb the moon???
  233. A historical adolf hitler speech (with english subtitles)
  234. Ufo
  235. Depressed? or evolved?
  236. Ted Kennedy... Heaven or Hell??
  237. The God Delusion
  238. What happens after death?
  239. Documentary on war in Iraq
  240. World Health Organization comes out against homeopathy
  241. Is Jesus the only way to heaven?
  242. Ron Pauls new book "END THE FED" it out
  243. We've come a long way baby!
  244. Israeli organ theft scandal!!
  245. #19?! Enough bangin' already!!
  246. Jesus loves guns
  247. Top 10 reasons to adhere to Liberal ideology.
  248. RNC Healthcare Survey
  249. Man acts irrationally in WalMart
  250. Catholic church issues prayer for faithful to say before sex