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  1. For Curt
  2. ~ Man caught paying prostitute for sex - with a BIG MAC!! ~
  3. I just want to know
  4. Man plays pranks on people who post ads with cell phone numbers
  5. Who's The Baddest Female Athlete?
  6. Bear Eats Monkey In Bike Race
  7. Jersey Shore Ronnie Kidney Issues
  8. New TMNT Movie in 2014!
  9. Mother's Day parade shooting in New Orleans. 12 injured.
  10. 2 Bodies Found After NJ Standoff; Suspect Killed
  11. Glimpsing the 'Gatsby' Era in New York
  12. Bodybuilding income and Plan B
  13. Trimethylamine N-oxide
  14. Georgia lineman Kolton Houston is fighting to regain NCAA eligibility after a positive Drug Test
  15. Give me a break.
  16. Milos!
  17. ~ Teen arrested for biting boyfriend's penis after he refused to have sex!! ~
  18. ~ Man in court for threatening mechanic with ‘big black sex toy’!! ~
  19. ~ Venezuela in crisis as toilet paper supplies bottom out!! ~
  20. Dying to see Star Trek
  21. Spelling Nazi Returnz!!!1!
  22. Next Level of Revenge
  23. Are YOU willing to help????!!!!!?
  24. The Power of Jack!
  25. Fast & Furious 6
  26. Post a Pic of your Bike
  27. Arrested Development...New season
  28. Kid Shows
  29. Happy Memorial Day
  30. "Where I Got These Abs" (New Yorker humor piece)
  31. Bear gets hit and walks off like a boss!
  32. Chicago black hawks win
  33. The Red Wedding- Game Of Thrones
  34. ~ Dad in full Nazi gear to get custody back of son - Adolf Hitler!! ~
  35. Who is going to the stanley cup
  36. Kickstarter
  37. ~ Texas court frees man who shot escort as she took his cash!! ~
  38. Police: Gunman Killed 6 in Santa Monica Shooting
  39. Hawks win in double O2
  40. Incredibly emotional shadow act Britain's got talent
  41. ~ Photoshop Live - Street Re-touch Prank!! ~
  42. Very excited new user
  43. Gina Carano Looking a bit out of shape pics
  44. Book Review: Killer Body (2005 Bodybuilding Fiction)
  45. I'm stoked - Machette Kills!
  46. Parody of recent Cheerios commercial
  47. How's my parking?
  48. Quentin Tarantino on Writing a Script
  49. Happy fathers day
  50. Book Review: The Golden Age of Bodybuilding (Memoir 2013)
  51. 3 Charged in Ohio With Enslaving Mom, Daughter
  52. Obama Seeks G-8 Support on Syria
  53. Suicide Bombs Kill 29
  54. Military Plans to Put Women in Combat Jobs
  55. Solar Power Chargers in NYC Parks
  56. Civil Rights Groups Sue NYPD Over Muslim Spying
  57. NYC 911 Call Lasts for 8 Hours
  58. Billy Crystal Is 17 Again for 'Monsters'
  59. California Cops Cruise on Stand-up Paddle Patrol
  60. Transgender Candidate Running in NYC
  61. Obama: NSA Secret Data Gathering 'Transparent'
  62. Man Who Disrupted Flight Ranted About CIA
  63. 7-Eleven Stores Exploited Immigrants
  64. Chicago black hawks
  65. T Cell Therapy
  66. The Muppets Making Music!
  67. Video promo for upcoming mini-documentary bodybuilding project
  68. Goat detained over armed robbery
  69. Anyone from South America in this forum?
  70. The "Chris Farley is God!" thread
  71. Howard Stern's Keys To Success
  72. Curt's Summer Journal of every day activities 2013
  73. Batman: "Robin? Robin? ROBIN!"
  74. Syosset Sightings!
  75. Geniuses of the Day Award
  76. American Ninja Warrior
  77. Do you suffer from this condition?
  78. Prrreeeetty sure all the drivers were male.
  79. Are men more patriotic, or care more about history than men?
  80. 43 year old woman kicked out of water park for wearing too-tiny bikini
  81. Easier Than Divorce?
  82. Family History Show: Who Do You Think You Are?
  83. Good and Bad...
  84. Scientists develop ground-breaking new method of 'starving' cancer cells
  85. Here Comes the Pain: Detroit To “Significantly Cut Vested Pensions” For Retirees
  86. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be sneaky, harmful
  87. Painkiller overdose deaths increase 400% in women
  88. ‘Steroid king’ tries to stay out of jail
  89. Sticking Point in Life Comes From Defining Motives
  90. How are you doing on your goals?
  91. Why the media is usually wrong about health information
  92. Do Something Big!
  93. Antibiotics in animal feed could be causing human deaths
  94. In 2010 race-related beating case, George Zimmerman pushed to discipline same officers who investigated Trayvon Martin shooting
  95. Garlic and ginger inhibit drug resistant bacteria
  96. Chronic inflammation 101 - Everything you need to know
  97. Relious truth's
  98. Vitamin D key to keeping fit as we get older
  99. where's Maz at?
  100. Exclusive--Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail out Detroit 'Over My Dead Body'
  101. Nerd Fitness
  102. Racoon getting hurled!!!!
  103. 5 Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure
  104. 13 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
  105. WTF......Just squat!
  106. Pete from Misc.Fitness.Weights
  107. Raise your hand if you love being single.
  108. Embracing failure
  109. The killing season
  110. check out this IML product Maximum Pump Extrem
  111. Anti-GMO Warrior: 14-year-old activist Rachel Parent debates TV's corporate shill Kevin O'Leary on the facts
  112. Breast Facts
  113. 3 african american teens beat down a 13yr white boy
  114. Shocking - ANDY HAMAN - News!
  115. Who here listens to Opie and Anthony?
  116. Need your help for my essay (about bodybuilding)
  117. Happy Birthday NICOLE GRAY!!
  118. Weight lifting is easy?
  119. who thinkjs we should BOMB syria
  120. Scientists Create Beer That Hydrates You as You Drink
  121. Odd Interview with EMINEM on ABC/ESPN
  122. In case of emergency...
  123. North Carolina Was Nearly Nuked in 1961!
  124. Anyone else ready for the beach? :-)
  125. Wonder Woman makeover?
  126. haHA FIFA commercial
  127. Wow. Dermablend REALLY works.
  128. How To Use The Smith Machine
  129. Jay Leno's Gas Pump Karaoke!
  130. 460lbs squats for 3 sets of 15 reps at 6'0 and 224lbs.
  131. Extreme soreness in arms when sleeping
  132. we need this comeback....
  133. A couple of things...
  134. Andy Kaufman Alive?
  135. Stephen King On Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, Lovecraft & More
  136. Good way to get shot...
  137. Left-brain or right-brain, two tests
  138. HA! The cop tried to file a complaint of "resisting a peace officer". RIIIIIIGHT!
  139. He said what?
  140. Do you start eating something from a store BEFORE you pay for it?
  141. Biting Elbows
  142. Rx Muscle Awards: Best of 2013!
  143. How cool is this?
  144. THIS You Tube
  145. Play Jeopardy!
  146. "Machete Kills" star Danny Trejo interviewed
  147. Happy Birthday to Rear Admiral Grace Hopper!
  148. Google is your friend….
  149. Men's Warehouse FOUNDER fired!!
  150. Family guy brings back Brian!
  151. Hood rat is responsible !!
  152. No money for macros or supps -stop training?
  153. Bitcoins
  154. My new tattoo
  155. Mike Mentzer tribute
  156. Louis CK
  157. Is it summer yet?
  158. Iron Sirens
  159. Intruder....how would u have handled it?
  160. Stay Warm!
  161. Axe Cop
  162. Stereotypes: GYM
  163. W2s are out !!
  164. drunken 16 year old killed 4 in crash, but spared jail time.
  165. Coconut Oil As Your Body Lotion?
  166. Bill Burr
  167. And how is YOUR day going?
  168. Curb your Enthusiam's Jeff Garlin and Larry David
  169. Chuck Zito
  170. Tree flips car!
  171. Searching this t-shirt
  172. Censored!
  173. Audi Super Bowl commercial
  174. Dylan Farrow's "Reveal" Piece on Woody Allen
  175. Attorney Super Bowl Commercial
  176. "Pretty awesome, huh?" (Crazy Russian Hacker)
  177. Russian Terminator?
  178. People complain about Womens Bodybuilding....
  179. Amazing Sand Art: Story of World War II
  180. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and Shirley Temple!
  181. Jennifer Lawrence from 2010
  182. Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Too Good At His Job
  183. Weed stops HIV
  184. ITT: we post pics of the most beautiful people ever
  185. Wrongfully detained/cited?
  186. First time to ASF...what to expect?
  187. Facebook pays $19B for WhatsApp!
  188. Anyone eat at Walt Whitman Shops?
  189. Owner of Lavish Long Island Estate Shot in Head, Survives!
  190. Netflix Reaches Deal With Comcast
  191. You're Next
  192. Facebook: App or Mobile Web?
  193. Happy April Everybody!!!
  194. 5-year-old on government watch list?
  195. Comic books inspired me......
  196. The First Hulk Transformation (TV)
  197. Top Ten Marvel Superhero Transformations
  198. Archer!
  199. Colbert to succeed Letterman!!!
  200. Texas tech football team dance off.
  201. Mom kills 6 babies, puts bodies in the garage.
  202. Teacher orders students to beat up a kid... caught on tape... teacher subsequently fired
  203. The 10 Most Popular Toys of the Last 25 Years
  204. Lou Ferrigno Returns to Voice The Hulk!
  205. 6 Things You Should Quit Doing To Be More Successful
  206. 4 Ugly Facts About Setting Goals
  207. Top 10 TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon
  208. Twin Peaks in 7 Minutes
  209. Ultimate Orange
  210. Sued Over an Amazon Review?
  211. Already passed environmental tipping point? Now what?
  212. Top 18 Headphone Brands Ranked
  213. Operation Repo - Bouncer Puts Club Kid in His Place
  214. Do You Any of You Guys Have a Blog or Write for One?
  215. How bad could it get?
  216. Marijuana Documentary
  217. ANYONe have any good websites to buy counterfeit products???
  218. Orange is the New Black
  219. Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Returns to the Comics (briefly)
  220. Father gives teacher a lesson!
  221. Jackson children suffering!
  222. Apple may abandon standard audio jack
  223. Tattoo artist helps cancer survivors
  224. How do you spot fake Likes online?
  225. Got font?
  226. Life's Hard
  227. Miley Cyrus’s Latest Shocking Photo Scandal (yaaawwn)
  228. Cheech, Chong, and Snoop... Lion?
  229. Daughter’s “SUCK IT” Facebook post costs father $80,000
  230. Iowa teacher’s invention could save your child’s life
  231. Sweden is Testing Out a 6-Hour Workday
  232. And THIS is HOW IT'S DONE!!!
  233. Man's mistake costs kids $400K
  234. What's in YOUR suitcase?
  235. Note to self...
  236. Dog People
  237. Cat People
  238. Lotus C-01, $137K Superbike
  239. The Harley-Davidson thread!
  240. Gift Ideas
  241. Clerk suspended for pulling gun on would-be robber
  242. Store owner refuses to be robbed
  243. MLAO! Wait, no, LMAO!
  244. Are you looking forward to this???
  245. 10 habits to get rich
  246. "Mugshot Model" Meeks could make $3K to $100K per month
  247. soujerz's tears
  248. Is it worth it?
  249. Bill Hader's Accidental Acting Life
  250. Weird Al "Happy" parody