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  1. Ode to the Nice Guy
  2. Does porrn watching lead to divorce?
  3. Need your opinions on this (Girl didn't text me)
  4. Confusing Statistics on Women, Marriage & Money
  5. Sex Drive
  6. Distrust with my wife
  7. Well it happened again
  8. Gym game
  9. Does Anyone Know What Happened To Fireblast?
  10. Is it weird G/F stays in touch with her ex's?
  11. Discovery Channel: Curiosity - Why Sex is Fun
  12. My gf of 4 years just left me
  13. can you recall breaking the barrier?
  14. Oh crap! gf's birthday is friday... wtf do I do?
  15. Wife trouble again
  16. BF's Birthday is Sunday..is this a lame gift?
  17. Mind Blowing Sex
  18. Sex w/ a virgin and UTIs
  19. Need some serious advice.....
  20. blp fuk up mind blowing jaw drop tgirl princess callin her friend way too horny ,,
  21. Someday...
  22. BLP hopeless romantic in love again
  23. Survey: Most married women value sex....... but would rather do something else
  24. gf doesn't wanna have sex anymore...
  25. Woman at work
  26. The Aaaron and Darielle Wedding Thread
  27. How long has everyone newb married???
  28. Does being Built Make Your Male Member Harder?
  29. "Mistaking Attachment for Love"
  30. Big Ron is divorced?
  31. Nightwing's plea for attention
  32. Is HomoSexuality a part of the sport of BodyBuilding?
  33. Who Runs Of Gas First In The Bedroom Him Or Her?
  34. gf has no period!
  35. have any of you gone on dating sites and if so?
  36. Sex with the Ex
  37. Is sex the ultimate barometer of a happy, long lasting relationship?
  38. how often are you having sex?
  39. The Secret of a Happy, Fulfilling & Tranquil Marriage Revealed
  40. The Benefits of Kinky Sex
  41. How Women Can Find And Attract Their Mr Right
  42. 5 Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Women
  43. Soooo... why are YOU single?
  44. Bring Back That Lovin' Feeling
  45. Overcome These Obstacles to Sex
  46. Hot morning sex positions
  47. Boost Sexual Performance by Reading the Signs Right: Decoding a Partnerís Signals
  48. Conflict Resolution Without Words
  49. Ladies: Have you ever been turned down or rejected at first sight?
  50. Anyone have a hard time staying faithful while on cycle?
  51. rules for a happy marriage
  52. Odd Facts About Kissing
  53. Be honest!!!!!! How many times have you done it?
  54. Guys, could you date/marry a girl who could kick your butt..... seriously
  55. Should you be able to keep a secret? - Ladies please chime in
  56. DDonRX is curious... (was: "i wanna @$&_ a female bodybuilder or physique girl...")
  57. Symmetry vs. crazy body parts... what would you prefer
  58. 'Til Death Us Do Part..
  59. Could you date or marry someone who is chronically ill?
  60. Five Reasons You Should Have Sex With Your Husband Every Day
  61. Could you live with a Vegan?
  62. An Rx Muscle Love Triangle?
  63. Darth Vader in love!
  64. World's Hottest Couple?
  65. Massages and Masseuses
  66. Honeymoon at FedEx?
  67. Marrying someone from another country?
  68. Steve Harvey: Why Do Men Lie
  69. For the sexually pursued in a relationship, If stopped, how long would before you question?
  70. Does your partner love YOU or WHAT YOU DO?
  71. Good series of articles on sexual desire
  72. She-Woman Manhaters Club
  73. Can't We Get Along?
  74. What's a relationship?
  75. Automated Love Life
  76. Gf broke it off and rebounded with her ex??
  77. Where You Met Your Partner?
  78. Gay husband
  79. Are there any single women from England in here?
  80. What's the most difficult thing you experienced in a relationship?