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Joshua H
11-22-2012, 03:00 PM
Hello one and all! I am moving my training journal over here given I am now and have been for 2 weeks, prepping for my very first physique contest coming up in Jan 2012. The show poster is posted here. 137480

If you follow this link you can see my most recent pics and stats as well.


My current training is wrapping up on a 4 week periodized arms priority program and next week will start a 4 week legs periodized priority program. I will post weekly stats and pictures as well as daily workouts.

Please chime in as you see helpful to my progress to my first contest in the NPC Men's Physique division!

Joshua H
11-23-2012, 03:16 AM
Not much for Turkey day today as I am holding out for Saturday to really do much with family in Seattle when some distant relatives have their 2 sons home from graduate school. So today was pretty mild really. Roommate and I both did our thing around here since our girls both went back home and our families all well out of state.

Today's workout went down like this...

close grip smith bench press

bent bb row superset with close grip band push up
2x15 each

ez bar curls with back against wall superset with overheas cable tricep ext.
2x15 each

db hammer curls
1x50 (rest pauses)

quick circuit of abs at the end for good measure.....

also did 30 minutes cardio this morning on the treadmill for some hill walking.

turkey day meal was basics, white meat turkey, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce, big garden salad, wheat dinner rolls. had that before the lift and then this after.....


hot steel cut chocolate oats on the bottom, chilled bostom cream pie yogurt mixed with vanilla whey on top, pretzels on top of that and then a glop of pumpkin (which really did not mesh with this in hindsight....)

Happy Turkey Day to you all! Be thankful for what you have and those who have around you!

11-23-2012, 06:57 PM
Training looks solid. Good luck with the IronMan Naturally contest. That really appears to be a solid show. Tough dieting through Christmas and New Years, but come Dec. 1st you have got to tighten up and get it done! Happy Thanksgiving!

Joshua H
11-25-2012, 04:44 PM
Final workout of the 4 week arms priority mesocycle today! Here she be folks!

All sets below preceded by 1 set of 15 at lighter weight as a warm up

bw chin ups: 2x15

close grip smith bench press // seated bilateral high cable curls 2x15

db zottman curls // cable skull crushers: 2x15

reverse cable ez bar curl: 1x50 rest paused for reps

hanging leg raise // kneeling cable crunch: 1x30

Also did 40 minutes fasted cardio this morning via treadmill incline walking.

Still putting the last touches on my next mesocycle for the weeks to come. Just 8 weeks out from Jan 19th Physique contest in LA as of today! Pics and stats to come later on today yet.

Joshua H
11-25-2012, 11:45 PM
This mornings check in had me at 191.4lbs and 10.2% bodyfat. Pictures from this morning are below.

3 weeks down, 8 to go....



11-26-2012, 12:00 AM
How tall are you bro?

Joshua H
11-27-2012, 02:18 AM
How tall are you bro?

I am 6'2'' my friend.

Joshua H
11-27-2012, 02:23 AM
New training block started today and I was drooling to get at it with some legs to kick off the week today! Here she be folks!

Dynamic Warm Up and Movement Prep, 10 minutes.....

275x5 - 4 sets

bb rdl: (with 3, 25lb plates per side for greater ROM)

single leg horizontal leg press:
3x12 each leg with 45 sec break between every leg non stop

seated calf press:

standing bw calf press:

unilateral leg extensions // unilateral standing leg curl
2x15 each

Foam roll, pnf stretch, done! Drove my ass home and slammed my homemade pumpkin-protein pretzel-apple-bake bars. Delish!

Joshua H
11-28-2012, 01:43 AM
Chest and Back Day! Here we go......

smith 30 degree incline bench press (2 min rests between sets)
15 reps
12 reps
10 reps
8 reps (3 sets)
5 reps
finisher of bw push ups to failure

inverted bw rows, overhand grip

decline db bench press

seated neutral cable rows with 1 sec iso hold at the back
15 reps
12 reps
10 reps

giant set of incline db fly, cable cross over, pec deck: 2 rounds of 15 reps each

giant set of rope cable face pulls, rear delt mid fly, neutral grip pull down, 2 rounds of 15 each

kneeling rope cable crunch
2x15 with iso hold at floor with elbows

decline reverse crunch
2x15 with iso hold at the top

In and out in 90 minutes with a crazy good pump going!

Just bought 60 servings worth of BSN AminoX and NO-Xplode for $85 bucks using a discount code I grabbed for Military only folks.....a total score as I was out of both supplements (bcaa and pre workout) for a week now and missing it!

Joshua H
11-29-2012, 02:45 PM
Yesterday's workout completed what will make for a 6 days a week lifting cycle which will go as follows from this point on.

Day 1 legs
Day 2 chest/back
Day 3 shoulders/arms

Abs gets tagged in at the end of all workout days. I will take a day off (100% off) after the 3 days. I get 2-3 hours of cardio a day M-F with my job as a Navy Fitness Specialist already so anything else would be overkill if not already from work demands alone.

Yesterday looked like this:

smith shoulder press: (did a set of 5 neutral grip chins between every set for antagonist overide)
12 reps
10 reps
8 reps, 3 sets
12 reps back at starting set weight

seated machine shoulder press
15, 12, 10, 8 adding 10lbs each set and keeping 60 sec rest periods

meadows 6 way lateral raises

machine seated laterals
10, 4, 4, 4 triple drop set

supinated db curls // assisted tricep close grip pad press downs
4x12 each

machine preachers // machine tricep extensions
3x15 each

rope cable tricep extensions // rope attachment cable curls
2x20 each

In and out in 90 once more and a killer pump to go along with it! Got the day off today from the gym, time to relax, recover and grow!

11-29-2012, 11:58 PM

Looks great. Lots of volume and hitting body parts from multiple angles. Keep your diet tight and keep your cardio going. Lean and Mean. Practice your Mandatory/model poses and find one that clicks and you are comfortable with and makes you look your best. Good height for MP too. Separates you from us average 5'10" and below guys.

Joshua H
11-30-2012, 02:14 AM

Looks great. Lots of volume and hitting body parts from multiple angles. Keep your diet tight and keep your cardio going. Lean and Mean. Practice your Mandatory/model poses and find one that clicks and you are comfortable with and makes you look your best. Good height for MP too. Separates you from us average 5'10" and below guys.

Thanks much Bug! I need to start looking at more videos and poses for MPD as compared to what I have known for bodybuilding. I watch as many videos and clips of recent shows as I can to get more familiar with them. I need to try and see some shows live to learn them as well of course.

Not doing any voluntary cardio for now with a 3 day on 1 off split and my work demands. If fat loss stalls Ill add some in slowly and surely. For now, diet will control most the changes I hope to see.

Joshua H
12-01-2012, 02:48 AM
Back at it for legs today!

Here we go folks.....

sumo deadlifts
365x4(5 sets)
295x10(back off set)

hamstring hypers
4x12 at bw only

single leg horizontal press
3x12 per leg

seated calf press
2x8 (heavy slow reps with good stretch)

standing smith calf press
2x12 (heavy slow reps with good stretch)

standing db shurgs with 90's
3x15 with 1 sec iso hold at top

unilateral leg extensions // standing leg curls
2x15 per leg for each

PNF band stretch, foam roll, done!

Joshua H
12-02-2012, 05:16 PM
Want to get Saturdays workout posted before it slips my mind. Stats and pictures also taken yesterday so take a look folks.

192.4lbs, 10.4% (via BIA fasted right after waking as always)



Small change folks......Jan 19th will not be my show date, Feb 9th will be. Work has got me slated for a training I and only I can/need to attend the weekend of Jan 18th up here in Seattle. The new contest is just outside LA as well however and just 3 weeks later then planned. More time is better then less time so no worries, full steam ahead either way!


Chest/Back Day Saturday

biangular flat chest press // seated row machine, wide grip

5x15,12,10,10,10 (drop set of 20 for a 6th set of each)

decline db press // wide lat pull downs
4x8 & 10 respectively

rope cable face pull // pec deck fly
4x15 each

inverted high pull row (30 degree angle to the bar) // bent cable cross over
2x20 each

swiss ball cable rope pulls overs (focus on stretch and iso hold at both start/end points)

Also did 40 minutes cardio yesterday morning since I woke up early and wide awake......why waste the time and not be productive right?

Arms workout coming tonight yet!

Joshua H
12-03-2012, 01:29 AM
Arms session (also did another 40 minutes LISS this morning right away after getting up).

6 hours later.....time to kill the guns!

hammer shoulder press // 5 rep sets of controlled palms in chin ups
15 reps @ 50 per side
12 reps @ 60 per side- 3 sets
6 reps @ 75 per side- 2 sets
15 reps @ 50 per side

John Meadows 6 way DB raises
3x10 w/ 10's

1x15 reps of each via triset: side cable lateral, rear cable fly, front bilateral cable raise

db bilateral curls // seated tricep press down
4x12 each

hammer bicep preacher machine // assisted chin-dip machine (tricep pad press down)
3x12-15 each

rope cable hammer curls // rope cable tricep extensions
3x20 each

Thats a wrap!

Joshua H
12-05-2012, 12:50 AM
100% off day yesterday. But for today, here we go...

High Rep Leg Trasher!

stagger stance smith squats
1 plate per side 20 reps, 10 per leg......10 sets....200 reps baby!! 1 minute rest between sets to!

seated calves // kneeling cable crunch
3x30 // 3x20

single leg horizontal press
3x20 per leg

standing bw calf press // swiss ball crunch
3x30 // 3x20

leg extensions // seated leg curls
3x25 each

5 minutes bike.....foam roll, stretch, done!! crazy sick pump from this bad boy!

I am going to feel this like a mo-fo tomorrow no doubt about that. But I look forward to it in a sick kind of way I suppose.:p

David Lees
12-05-2012, 10:30 AM
200 reps of anything will destroy you...never mind squats! Holy shit! Nice work!

Joshua H
12-07-2012, 01:58 AM
Yesterday was back and chest but never had time to post it up by the time I got home and got some work stuff finished, family phone calls done, and meals prepped for today.....it was a solid lift thats for sure but let me get right to todays session....arms!

db seated shoulder press (60 sec timed rests here, no time kept for other lifts, all by feel)
55x4(6 sets)

machine shoulder press drop set series
90-50lbs with -10lb drops every set untill 8 reps could not be reached

upright smith rows
3x12 with 1 sec pause at top of each rep

1 tri-plex finisher of each, unilateral side db raise, front raise and bilateral rear delt raise, all with 15lb

bb ez curl // reverse tricep machine pad press downs
3x10 each

db alt hammer curls // bw tricep skull crusher on stationary smith bar
3x10-12 each

preacher machine curl // tricep extension machine
2x15-20 each

This felt good tonight! Took a mix of NO-Xplode and AminoX together from the very start of workout session right to the end. Had not used this or any other pre/intra workout supps in many months until tonight. I must be pretty responsive to the stuff cause I hand tingles, pumps and energy unlike I had in a while and this from a guy who normally has that going pretty well as it is...

Joshua H
12-09-2012, 09:20 PM
Saturday Legs:

deadlifts, sumo style
225x8, 3 sets
275x6, 3 sets
315x4, 3 sets
405x2, 3 sets

seated claves

leg press, medium stance (add 25lbs per set and rest only 30 seconds)
20 reps (300 pounds + sled weight)
18 reps
16 reps
14 reps
12 reps

bb shrugs
3x20 @ 185lbs

seated leg curl // leg extensions
3x20 each

3x15 kneeling cable crunch

Todays Chest Back Sessions

Hammer incline press // hammer mid row
5x12,10,8,8,8 for each machine

hammer wide press // hammer high-low row
4x8 each

db flat press // hammer high pull down
4x6 each

pec deck fly // rope cable face pulls
3x12 each

db pull overs // most muscular cable cross overs (high rep finishers)
3x15 and 25 respectively

Also did 40 minutes LISS cardio via treadmill both mornings this weekend.

No photo updates this weekend as my roommate was out of town this weekend so no go there. I did do my weight and body comp as usual. We were at 189.6lbs and 10%. Noticed last night my typical "going out coat" is fitting a bit looser then normal in just the 9-10 days since I last wore it out. Cant let the fear of "small man syndrome" get to my head yet. 7 weeks to go, keep calm and push on!

Joshua H
12-11-2012, 02:34 AM
A very long 11 hour day at work today with 2 hours spent at Pass office to get an outside contractor on base to assemble some equipment for our ship......what a waste of my life that was!!

Anyway.....got home at 645.....grabbed my supps, my post lift meal, gym bag and back out to the gym for a whirlwind arms workout....

seated machine shoulder press (cuffs a bit tender today so playing it safe)
15,12,10....work sets....100lbsx8 reps, 4 sets

cable side lateral raises
3x12 each arms

rear pec deck fly

preacher curl machine
4x12 reps

machine tricep extensions

Kneeling cable crunches

No super sets today, just focused, concentrated straight sets with a great mind-muscle feel going start to end. Thank god for my pre workout/in workout supps today as it was going on 3 hours by the time I got rolling in the gym but still felt good as ever to hit the iron hard!

Joshua H
12-15-2012, 10:21 PM
OK so been really busy this past few days and thus no posting.

Wednesday work day and divisional holiday party after work till 9pm then packing for next day.
Thursday all day holiday party for 1600 people at Westin Seattle and thenparty that night 5-11pm
Friday, stayed the night at hotel and spent Friday in Seattle xmas shopping for the family and then dinner with friends that night....back home at 7pm.

Off Thursday, just cardio only and workout yesterday.....adjusted split...see below:

Friday chest, shoulders triceps, abs

decline smith bench press

incline machine press

seated bb shoulder press

side cable laterals
3x12 each

rear pec deck fly

cable most muscular cross overs

supine db tricep extensions

vbar tricep cable press downs

kneeling cable crunches

ab coaster lower abs (what the hell, why not?)

Weigh in at 192.5lbs. 4 weeks down and 7 more to go for Feb 9th show time in LA!

AM fasted- 30 mins cardio, (5 min warm up, 5 min cool down and 20 mins bike HIIT)

3pm - back, biceps, traps

hammer horizontal row

hammer high pull

hammer high low row

cable-rope face pull

seated db shrug

bilateral db curls

hammer preacher curl machine

unilateral rope cable curl
1x20 each

Thats a wrap for now folks! Only 4 days left tomorrow up here in WA state before making the flight back to Wisconsin for 11 days of leave and time with family back home!

Joshua H
12-18-2012, 02:38 AM
Off day yesterday to rest up. Kept carbs low and just took the day 100% off.

Today back at it hard with legs...

front squats, wide stance
135x10, 2 sets
255x1, 2 sets
185x6, 2 sets

135x10, 2 sets

composite leg press
245 added pounds plus carriage 4x20, close stance

seated calf press

unilateral leg curls standing // unilateral leg extensions
2x12-15 each to failure

foam roll, pnf stretch, done!

Joshua H
12-20-2012, 02:34 AM
Tuesday chest, shoulders, triceps.....here she be:

flat db press
85x3, 3 sets

hammer decline press
4x8 @ 2 plate per side

hammer shoulder press
4x10 @ 1 plate per side

hammer incline press
2x10 @ 1 plate a quarter per side

cable side laterals
3x12 each

seated hammer tricep press downs
4x15, 12, 10, 10

cable cross overs

bodyweight skull crushers on smith bar set at chest level

felt it good today let me tell ya!

Joshua H
12-20-2012, 02:40 AM
wednesday back, biceps, traps.....last workout in seattle till 2013!! heading back to madison wisconsin tomorrow night if the weather cooperates for me. twin cities may get nailed with serious snow and that could change my plans quick! will see...

tbar rows
175x10, 2 sets

bw chin ups palms facing in

1 all out unilateral set each on hammer iso row and pull down, 6-7 reps on each per arm

cable face pulls
4x15 reps with pause at back of each rep

cambered bb curls

preacher bilateral hammer curls

bb jump shrug with 225

kneeling cable crunch and bench leg raises
3x15 each

that was it for today folks! tomorrow be traveling from seattle to minneapolis and then to madison where the family be! not seen them all since late july before moving to seattle myself. gotta love the holidays!

be training at golds gym in fitchburg wi during my 10 day leave so no plans to change much up other then the gym location. gotta keep moving forward as feb 9th only gets closer!

Joshua H
12-22-2012, 12:13 PM
First workout session back in the home state of WI folks! Last night was legs at the local Anytime Fitness which will be my gym for the next 10 days so here we go!

Dead lifts sumo stance
225x5, 4 sets
275x5, 2 sets
315x5, 2 sets
375x3, 3 sets

Angled leg press
6 plates x 12
7 plates x 12
8 plates x 12
9 plates x 12
10 plates x 12 (almost missed 12)

Hamstring Hypers // Leg Extensions
3x12 each

Prone leg Curls

Standing Calf Press

Leg press calf press

6 minutes upright bike.....stretch, foam roll, done!

Joshua H
12-23-2012, 10:30 AM
Saturday Back and Biceps

BW Supinated Chin Ups

Single Arm Cable Rows // Unilateral Hammer Pull Downs
3x6/8, 8/10, 10/12,
1x15 finisher set each

Face Pull Rope Attachment

kneeling cable crunch

Reverse Crunch

grappler core rotations

6 minutes bike, stretch, done!

Joshua H
12-23-2012, 10:49 AM
Forgot the biceps part of workout above after abs.

Db alternating curls
4x16 total reps with 40's

Preacher curl machine

Joshua H
12-27-2012, 11:10 PM
Took some time away from the log yes, holiday events have kept me busy the past few days back home with travels and family visits. Even with this I have not missed a step in prep son far since leaving Seattle Friday. All workouts have been hit and diet has been %90 on key I'd say. I'll jump up to today's lift and pick up from there.


Flat BB bench

Hammer incline press

Flat db fly

Seated bb press

BB jump shrug

Kettle bell side laterals

Dip machine pad cgpd

Incline lateral db tricep kick outs

Tricep extensions with straight bar cable attachment

7 minutes on bike via 5x30 sec all out intervals

Joshua H
12-28-2012, 12:40 PM
Wont likely get a shot to post later on today with some events taking place with friends so here is the game plan for this afternoon.

REST DAY for lifting (recall the 3 on 1 off split I use) so today is just HIIT cardio only. Been doing a kick ass combo of the Precor upright bike and recumbent bike intervals the past week which is 30 seconds all out then 45 seconds mild rest for a total of 10 minutes each, preceded by and ended with a 5 minutes mild warm up and cool down. I am toast by the end and it feels more like a worthwhile workout at the end then some long boring LISS session would be.

I will follow this up with abs which will be 3x20 swiss ball crunches, 3x20 swiss ball reverse crunches and 2x20 swiss ball spiral crunches per side.

Progress pictures coming tomorrow morning as well as weight.

Joshua H
12-29-2012, 04:58 PM
Hit it up early today for some legs thrashing so here it goes:

front squats (all 5 reps per set)

225x10 (4 sets)

Single Leg Press (Precor horizontal leg press machine)
3x10 each

Swiss Ball Ham Curls

Leg Extensions

Calf Presses (Precor machine again)

Smith Machine Squat Widow Makers (close stance)
2 sets of 25 reps non-stop TUT

5 minutes Precor AMT cool down, stretch, foam roll, done!

6 weeks down, 6 weeks to go pics coming tonight when brother is home with camera to take them in good lighting for me. I was 193 even this morning. The 4lbs I lost as of last Saturday are back today despite no change in macros or cardio really.....go figure that?

Joshua H
12-29-2012, 07:18 PM


12-29-2012, 08:43 PM
Wow dude that's a pretty drastic change from the first set of pics you posted. Keep it up, very impressive.

12-30-2012, 03:33 AM
Best of luck to you at your show. Have you already picked out your boardshorts? How is your posing coming along? Would love to see some shots of you doing MP poses/presentation.

Joshua H
12-31-2012, 05:11 PM
Yesterday was back, traps and biceps but I never got around to logging it in. Got too busy with family events. Feeling it today thats for sure so a good sign indeed! I did nail one last awesome workout today however to polish of a very good year of progress I must say myself. Today I did chest, shoulders and triceps as follows below:

flat bb bench: 4x6-8 (up to 175lbs)
incline smith bench:4x10
seated bb shoulder press: 4x6 (up to 105lbs)
flat db fly:3x12
seated db laterals: 3x15
rear pec deck fly: 3x15
close grip bw slow push ups:3x8
flat db tricep kick outs: 3x12
cable tricep extensions: 3x15

5 minutes upright bike @ HR 145-150

Note that I am going to focus only on the reps and sets listed. I do the same in the gym where TUT and hitting failure at a goal rep range is the objective. I time all my rest periods with a watch and stay very meticulous with such variables. In general I make sure my loads increase week to week on major compound lifts as well but outside of those 5-6 exercises the load is secondary in my training and thus I dont fret or even list weights used. Its a form of autoregulation training that has served me well in preventing OTS over the past couple years compared to my early years of training.

Really good pace, tempo and feel to this workout today. No headphones or anything either. Really wanted to end the year on a good note with a solid workout start to end....no BS....just me and the weights and getting the job done.

Joshua H
12-31-2012, 05:16 PM
Wow dude that's a pretty drastic change from the first set of pics you posted. Keep it up, very impressive.

Thanks a ton bud! I like getting comments from those in the know about this stuff. Happy New Year to you as well!

Best of luck to you at your show. Have you already picked out your boardshorts? How is your posing coming along? Would love to see some shots of you doing MP poses/presentation.

I have not picked out boardshorts yet. I need to consider the color and design that will work best for my hair and skin tone yet. I need to do some more perusal of other guys stage shots to see what looks best and what does not yet. I have not really done much posing yet to be honest as my gym on base has shit for space to do so. One spin room that's packed with bikes and a group x room always in use when I am at gym. I need to find a place where I can practice them and see myself doing them. I have watched many clips and videos of actual shows with men doing them. Visual practice I guess you could say. Happy New Year to you IslandGirl!

Joshua H
01-03-2013, 03:05 AM
After a 4 hour bus ride to Minneapolis, getting just 3 hours of sleep in the airport USO, then flying for 3 hours to Seattle (and actually managed to sleep 2 hours of it!) I was home in Bremerton, WA by 1030am local time today after what started as an 730pm drop off from family on Tuesday evening!

Travel kicks your ass!

I stopped in at work for about 2 hours yet today to get my bearings again and check in on a few things. Then it was back home to unpack, head out and get groceries which were much needed and of course, prep for the workout tonight. I had legs on the agenda so here we go!

deadlift, sumo style (sets of 5)
225 2 sets
275 2 sets
315 2 sets
375 2 sets
405 (2 sets, 3 reps)
225 12 reps

composite leg press
190lbs 4 sets x 20 reps

superset single leg kettlebell rdl and bilateral swissball hamstring curls
2x12 each

seated calves
4x10 slow reps

leg extensions

5 minutes upright bike with HR at 150....foam roll done!

made the stop on the way home for the new subway club footlong and for those of you not yet tried this! please do! best sub they have thats still what i would call "good eats"

peace all!

Joshua H
01-04-2013, 03:34 AM
Back and biceps attack!

Hammer high low row
5x12-5 pyramid

Hammer DY row
4x12-6 pyramid

Hammer row
4x12-6 pyramid

Smith rack pulls

Hammer preacher curl
3x15-8 plus triple drop set for 12 more reps

Db stagger shrugs:
15-13-11-9-7 reps
30 sec rests

That's a wrap my friends!

Joshua H
01-05-2013, 01:13 PM
Yesterday was chest, shoulders and triceps while today is cardio only via HIIT.


primary movements-longer rests

incline bb bench
3x6 at 135 (lead up sets)
4x3 at 160 (work sets only)
2x6 at 140 (back off sets)

hammer shoulder press
2x6 at 45lbs per side (lead up sets)
4x6 at 65lbs per side (work sets)

hammer seated tricep machine
2x10 at 95 (lead up sets)
4x10 at 125 (work sets)

secondary movements- shorter rests

incline db fly
3x10 at 35's

seated db side raises
3x15 at 20's

incline db tricep kick outs
3x15 at 20's

5 minute treadmill run at 7mph and 2.0 grade.....stretch, done!

Little step mill and bike to come later today for HIIT session followed by some quick but killer ab circuits. Peace out all, have a good weekend!

01-05-2013, 04:18 PM
great progress thus far!

Joshua H
01-09-2013, 01:57 AM
Sunday was just HIIT and Abs and Monday was back and biceps so lets show that massacre first...

hammer MTS high row

hammer MTS front pull down

hammer MTS low row

Smith Shrugs
4x15, compound drop set of 15 with 100lb plates for 5 sets total

preacher curl machine

13 minutes stairmaster for 208 calories burned!

Today was chest, shoulders and triceps....here she is....

hammer MTS decline press

hammer MTS chest press

hammer MTS shoulder press (static weight)

nautilus lateral raise (static weight)

band face pulls with iso hold (burned the hell out of rear delts!)

hammer MTS tricep extension

peck fly machine

13 minutes stairmaster for 212 calories burned!


I just got a nice little email at work this morning from the Navy C.N.I.C (my employer) with a revision to the JTA (joint travel agreement) which now states that all DoD civilian employees working at shore or alfoat MWR facilites will not have travel expenses or conference fees paid for that are not part of military orders. So guess what? This applies to my trip I had planned for 9 weeks now to LA to attend the fitness expo in LA as well as the contest linked with it.

There is no way I can afford to fork out the cash to pay for this with just under 5 weeks till show day. Flights would be outrageous about now let alone hotels being booked up. My folks are coming out to Seattle for 4 days in late Feb as well. I plan to cater to them each day with meals, events, excursions and entertainment. I have set aside about $450 to use for them as this will be there first and last time to see Seattle with me here (I change ports 2 weeks later with our ships command). I will not sacrifice my time with family to make this show just for myself. My family will always come first.

All is not lost however. There is another NPC MPD show right smack in SD on March 16th! Right in my own backyard so perhaps its a blessing in disguise of sorts? Plus I have another 3 weeks to prep as well which is better then less time I guess. More so for a debut show as this is for me.

Marc Lobliner is doing my diet side of things while I handle my own training. As of this news he has adjusted my diet as follows for the next couple weeks.

Carbs 200 training days/75 cardio days
Protein, 275 all days
Fats, 80g all days

Peace out all!

Joshua H
01-11-2013, 01:27 AM
Stairmaster HIIT cardio and abs yesterday, short and sweet the way I like off days!

Today was back at the top of another 3 day cycle, legs!

sumo deadlift
315x8, traditional stance

Gym free weight room is OOC so only the side room with machines, hammer, sled and smith are available. The new years rezzies had the place cram packed so I said F$##ck it and took my TRX Trainer up stairs to the frame and made do...

TRX Single Leg Split Squat
3x15 each

TRX Side Squat
2x12 each

TRX Abbductions

TRX Hip Extensions

Leg Extension Machine

Seated Calf Machine

Prone Leg Curls

13 minutes stepmill with HR around 150....done!!

Legs were certainly a bit shaky on the way out to the car tonight let me tell ya!

Joshua H
01-13-2013, 11:26 PM
Updates from yesterday.


187lbs, 9% right out of bed pre eat, drink, lift.

Joshua H
01-14-2013, 12:02 AM
I had some issues just thrown my way Saturday morning.......I just got some bad news from work about the conference I was going to attend in LA in conjunction with the contest I was going to compete in Feb 9th. The Navy JTR has just released a revision which does not pay for conference attendance or travel in 2013 for civilian DoD employees not on orders. This means I pay for the travel, conference and hotel out of pocket which I cannot swing at this time. More so with a trip my family is taking up here to Seattle in 5 weeks to visit me before changing ports and leaving town for goog. I will not disrupt that trips plans for the sake of myself and that 1 show. It sucks ass to get this news just 4 weeks away but it is what it is and I don't see any way around it at this point That's said I will not be doing the February ninth show.

I will however be looking at doing my plan B contest March 16th right there in San Diego just days after we return to home port. It's an NPC show and I will be looking to do the physique division just the same. In this case travel and hotel will not be an issue. Only contest fees are on me.

I now have 8 weeks time to continue prep before showtime.

Workouts were logged in my personal log book but I dont have time to post them up right now. Cardio today via stepmill, chest, shoulders tris yesterday and back and biceps was Friday.

Macros adjusted by Marc with this news to this for the next 2 weeks.

Pro: 300g/day
Carb: 200g/day lift, 75g/day off
Fat: 75g/day

Joshua H
01-15-2013, 02:48 AM

ATG Squats:
275X3(4 SETS)





Joshua H
01-16-2013, 02:20 AM

chin ups, wide grip:
6x5 reps @ bw

hammer 1 arm rows
3x10 each with iso hold at back w/ 2pps and a quarter

incline bench ,prone db rows
3x10 with iso hold at top w/ 65's

kneeling 1 arm cable row, pronated grip
3x10 each @ 60lb

bb jump shrugs
4x12 @ 225

bb good mornings
4x10 w/ 1 qaurter ps

hammer high row burner set at 1pps and a quarter

13 minutes life fitness summit trainer, HR at 150bpm

post lift treat today.....2 pop tarts and whey iso! little things make for so much joy when dieting down!

Joshua H
01-17-2013, 02:13 AM
Chest Attack!

My whole trap complex was sore as hell today let me say that much! I use really strict controlled ROM for the jump shrugs yesterday so I am sure that did it and I am glad as I am trying real hard to blow them suckers up to have mountains on the sides of my neck soon!

As for today......

cuffs etc.......

incline bb bench
5x6 @ 135lbs, slow ecc, fast press

db neutral incline press
4x5 @ 65's

seated fly machine
4x10 @ 70lbs, iso hold at front

seated chest press machine
4x8 @ 80lbs, slow ecc, fast press

DB pull overs lengthwise on bench
3x15 @ 55lb

13 minutes post lift treadmill at 4.1mph and 5%

Joshua H
01-18-2013, 02:47 AM
Gun Show Night!

shoulders, biceps, triceps thrasher....here we go!

seated neutral grip db press
4x12-15 reps w/ 30's

machine neutral grip shoulder press drop set series
70x12, 60x10, 50x9, 40x7, 30x7

3 way shoulder complex: (rope cable face pull, front cable raises with rope, side db raises with plates)
1x15 of each in that order, 3x through

standing db alt. curls
3x10 each arm with 40's

db hammer preacher curls
2x15 with 25's

rope cable curls

30 degree supine db tricep extensions
3x10-12 w/ 25's

seated overhead db extension
2x10-12 w/ 45

reverse grip straight bar tricep cable extensions

kneeling cable crunches

7 minutes post lift tread, 5% and 4.2mph

arms were toast after this! crazy good pump at that!

David Lees
01-18-2013, 10:16 AM
Excellent work in here man, nice progress.

Joshua H
01-19-2013, 03:07 PM

Taken this AM fasted, nude, right out of bed. (BF% via BIA device as always has been)


Joshua H
01-20-2013, 02:49 PM
Yesterday we hit some serious legs as follows!

composite squat machine
3 warm up sets of 20, then...


front squats
225x3 (3 sets)

unilateral leg extensions and standing leg curl machines superset
3x15 per leg back to back to back

seated calf press

front iso plank
4x30 seconds

5 minutes cardio treadmill walk, 4.1mph, 5%, stretch, foam roll, done!

Joshua H
01-21-2013, 02:51 PM
adjusted split now has chest and back together so i can hit arms all on their own and nail them directly, here is how it went yesterday.

5 min AMT warm up....


all super sets below......30 seconds between pairs, stopped just shy of failure per set

warm ups: assisted dips and wide pull ups, 3x8 each

db incline press // reverse grip lat pull downs, 3x10 each

hammer wide press // hammer row, 3x12

kneeling cable/rope face pulls // cable cross overs, 3x15 each

bw push up // inverted row, 2xfail each

physio ball supine cable/rope pull overs...burn out sets, 2x15

10 minutes post lift AMT cardio, HR at 150ish


post lift "dieters game day nacho bowl".....like 2lbs of food but only 750 calories..... stuffed!

Joshua H
01-22-2013, 02:24 AM
Gun show!

hammer 1 arm shoulder press
4x10-12 reps, drop set - 10lbs 8 reps/rest pause as needed....per arm

3 way db raise circuit, used 20's
front db raise/rear laterals/side laterals x 15 each

straight barbell curls
3x15 w/ 60lbs

seated tricep press down machine

hammer preacher curls

supine db tricep extensions

standing db shrugs
85's, 90's, 95's, 100's x 15 reps each with 60 seconds rests between each, 10 sec iso hold at end of every set

burn out supersets....

1 arm cable hammer curl, left then right hand // 1 arm cable tricep extensions, right then left hand
2x20 each back to back

finished with 10 minute 6mph jog at 2.5% .......crazy good pump from this workout! loved it!

Joshua H
01-25-2013, 12:46 AM
I have a shitty ass cold and not liking it! Kicked in slow yesterday and by this AM it was undeniable that a classic head cold with all the fixings had set in. Last nights leg workout was a bit off as my strength was down some and I had to alter my workout to accommodate just a bit. Wont go into it but low rep high weight sets were out, just not happening. Today more of the same for chest and back... here she is..

hoist roc-it lat pull downs // hoist roc-it seated chest press
3x15 each, warm up sets

hammer incline press // hammer high row
4x12 each

hammer wide press // hammer pull down
4x10 each

hammer roc-it seated fly // hammer seated row
3x12 each

giant set cable-rope face pulls
15,13,11,9,7,5 reps back to back dropping 10lbs per set

10 minutes post lift treadmill at 4% and 4mph to help clear the head out, it worked a bit but nmy head still feels like a bomb ready to blow!

best be feeling better by tomorrow damnit! its friday and i wont spend it sick!

Joshua H
01-27-2013, 01:28 AM
Not yet 100% better but way better then yesterday was!

I can taste again today, breath through my nose and I'm not going through kleenx like monsanto through corn feed. Still nasely and throat pretty raw but overall I had it in me to hit the gym for a short and mild arms lift. Here she be:

hammer shoulder press
4x12 with 45's

side cable 1 arm raises
3x15 each arm

front cable raises

rear cable fly

db hammer curls over the side of a preacher curl bench
3x10 with 30's

bodyweight tricep skull crushers on smith machine bar

hammer machine high curl

hammer machine seated tricep extensions

kneeling cable rope crunches

no cardio at all today and nothing whatsoever yesterday other then having to haul in 750lbs of weight plates from the flight deck of our carrier to the rearmost gym space with just 7 people! we managed in in 40 minutes actually but it felt like 10,000lbs when your sick and weak! that right there told me the gym was not happening yesterday but rather going home and sleeping from 7pm till 8am this morning.

today my weekly weigh in had me at 8.2% and 184.8lbs. pics coming tomorrow when i load them.

Joshua H
01-29-2013, 02:26 AM
HIIT cardio yesterday for 30 minutes and that was all. In and out!

Today was first day back feeling just about 100% again since the cold hit me. Legs was the plan!

sumo deadlifts
225x5/3 sets
365x3/4 sets
225x12/1 set

giant set hammy killer....
sldlx12 @ 225- bb good morningsx12 @ 135- single leg hypers x12 each- single leg standing leg curl x 12 each

quad combo-
split squat x10 # 135 right leg, then right to leg extensions for 10 right leg......repeat left leg, rest...2x each leg

seated calves
4x12 @ 2 plates

decline crunches 2x15

decline leg raises 2x15

5 minutes bike, stretch cage, done!!

Joshua H
01-31-2013, 01:54 AM
Yesterday was chest and back and it was the best in weeks! Not being sick anymore and not having taught 3 prior group Navy PT sessions made all the difference I would say! Wont go into it much cause I got arms from today to cover yet.....here she be.......however I am feeling the hams and abs soreness today from last nights MMA Fitness class I lead as well.....now that some new DOMS I have not felt in a while!

cuf warm ups....

seated bb shoulder press
6x5 @ 95
1x20 bar only drop set

3 way front, side rear delt raises, 15 reps each, side first, front 2nd, rear last, 10lb plate in finger tips with slow rep speed....burns like a mofo!

upright row with oly bar and 10lbs per side
3x15, pause at top of each rep for a sec...more burn!

seated db curls w/ 30's ss with seated db tricep ext with a 40
3x12 each

1 arm low cable curl with d handle ss with 1 arm tricep extensions with d handle
3x12-14 each

hammer preacher curls ss with vbar cable tricep press downs
3x15 each

10 minutes post lift incline tread walk.....done!

crazy good pump tonight! love being 100% again. being sick sucked big time! when you know your less then 100% its hard to even want to train at all when you feel like a pansey!

Joshua H
02-04-2013, 02:28 AM

6 weeks out pics......

8%, 184lbs, 6'2"

yesterday was back and chest

hammer pull over machine

incline bench press // hammer front pull downs
5x7 each

seated unsupported row machine // seated chest press machine
4x10-12 each

wide lat pull downs // peck flymachine
3x15 each

cable face pulls // bw wide push ups
2x20 each

kneeling cable crunches

today was arms:


hammer unilateral shoulder press....warm ups
3x15 each arm

neutral grip shoulder press machine

later side raises via titled cable laterals
4x12 each arm

spri band super set front raise // rear dealt fly
2x15 each

db shrugs

seated db curls // straight bar skull crushers
2x10 each

hammer preacher curls // hammer seated tricep press down
2x10-12 each

cable rope single arm hammer curls // cable rope single arm tricep extensions
2x20 each

post lift 12 minute jog at 2% and 6.6mph

cardio only tomorrow......rest up and recover!

Joshua H
02-06-2013, 02:47 AM
Tried a little acute experiment of my own yesterday with cardio, I did a simple 30 minutes steady state mild intensity treadmill hill walk to see if that made today's leg day more productive or no difference compared to HIIT sessions the day before. IT DID!

Legs were way more fresh today and the numbers show it! I think I learned something from this!

135x10, 2 sets (warm ups)
315x3, 2 sets
225x10, back off set


Leg Extensions:

Prone Leg Curls:

Seated Calf Press:

Kneeling Rope Cable Crunch

5 minutes post lift speed walking.....stretch...done!

Going to keep all workouts (working sets) to under 22 sets from now on to control for volume and recovery. Intensity still high, all work sets to muscle failure.

New calorie/macro intakes from today onward:

2400kcals, 270 protein, 180 carbs, 67 fats

Joshua H
02-07-2013, 02:02 AM
Today I flipped up back and chest to go more traditional to see how it felt. I did chest first (weaker body part) and back second. Meaning all chest exercises first followed by all back. Straight sets.

flat bb bench....warm up movement
4x15-6 pyramid

hammer wide press
4x15-10 pyramid

db flat fly

hammer front pull down
4x10-6 pyramid

seated close grip cable row
3x15-10 pyramid

straight arm cable pull down with rope attachment

kneeling cable face pulls with rope attachment

wide lat pull down machine
3x12-10-8 drop set

seated chest press machine
3x12-10-8 drop set

Went OK but I prefer the faster tempo and movement of supersets I guess. A good workout yet but not the way I have liked it the past few weeks. Gonna go back to what I been doing. Cant hurt to try a little shake up though can it?

Joshua H
02-10-2013, 03:28 PM

5 weeks out now......182.4lbs and 7.3%

Tried out some HIT training for my last 2 workout days and this is how they went down......very much like DC training I suppose, take a look.

Thursday Arms:

hammer shoulder press
4 lead up sets
MO (max out) set- 65lbs a side for 13 total reps via RP (rest pause)

DB bilateral curls
3 lead up sets
MO set - 40's for 13 total reps RP

DB supine tricep extensions
3 lead up sets
MO set - 30's for 12 reps RP

Smith Shrugs
4x15 reps with 1 sec iso hold at top w/ 2 plates a side

flush sets for each muscle group at the end.....not to failure

3 way lateral raises with 10lb plate each hand, 15 reps to front, side, rear.....1 set
cable straight bar bicep curls, 15 reps, 1 set
cable straight bar triceps press down, 15 reps, 1 set

I and out in 70 minutes for this one.....felt great to! Less is more concept essentially.

Cardio Friday...45 minutes split between hill walk and upright bike.....LISS

Saturday Legs.....

6 lead up sets
MO Set- 335x1
Widow Maker set-225x20 reps

3 lead up sets
MO set- 285x7 no RP

Standing Smith Calve Press with extended stretch (10 sec)
3x10 reps with 90lbs on the bar

Flush set at the end.....leg extensions, leg curls, seated calves, 1x20 each

Abs.....2x30 reps of swiss ball crunches and reverse bench crunches

In and out in 65 minutes for this one...tacked on 5 minute post workout walk to get my legs back at the end.

Today is chest and back.....going to keep with the lower volume higher intensity focused lifts yet and see how things shake out.

Waiting to see what my coach has to say about my pics and stats.....I have my own concerns right now but maybe its just the voice in my head....will see...?

Joshua H
02-16-2013, 06:26 PM
As of today, 4 weeks out, 1 week after moving out of my apartment and onto the aircraft carrier (USS Ronald Reagan) this week (hence my lack of posts) I get word from our department head that its very likely our pull out from dock to head back to San Diego for homeport return is now being delayed 3 days. That little 3 days will effectively put my March 16th show 2 days shy of being able make the show now! Thank god this was in time to hold off on my registration form which I was about to mail off next week Tuesday.

So now after 12 weeks of prep and just 1 month away I am SOL for my MPD debut for now! Pissed is a clear understatement!

I thought about flying down on my own but the cost to do so and get a hotel room now while trying to peak for a show like this is well out of the picture with all I have going on at work in prep for our return to San Diego.

I was flirtting with chance the whole time knowing I was picking a show just 48 hours after our planned return to port but given the location, date, venue, promotors, organization etc.....it worked out perfect so I stuck with it for 12 weeks, till now of course.

Unless I can find another show taking place before the end of March within 100 miles of San Diego with a MPD class, I wont be able to consider getting on stage till May 1st when we are not between sea trials aboard the carrier.

I am still working with my coach and we still plan to move forward as if competing since I have a photoshoot planned for March 22 as well. I plan to get my fitness portfolio, comp card and all that started with this shoot so that is still part of my game plan yet, show or not.

Tis is life I guess......safe to say its gave me a basket full of lemons this weekend, how to make lemonade from it is where I am now?

Joshua H
02-17-2013, 11:03 PM
Going with a DC like kind of approach last week and this week at my coach's suggestion to looking a bit flat in last couple sets of pics and my particularly high ecto metabolism plus my job as a fitness specialist teaching 3-4 fitness classes a day.......he feels that less is more right now with calories at 2500 a day. I had dropped all cardio this past week (outside of what I get from work) and that helped with energy and output on lift days for sure I can tell.

I am doing as follows for the next 3 weeks...(and have been for the past 2)

3 days on 1 off..

Note that anything rest paused is limited to 4 sets total....3 being lead up sets not to failure.

day 1 legs-
back squat....work up to 1RM in 5 sets then 1 widow maker set of 20 (currently got to 340lbs ATG) and a widow maker set with 225lbs.

BB RDL......work up to 10RM set (currently at 275lbs for 9 reps)

calf (smith or seated)......3x10 w/ 10 sec static hold at bottom.....I flip EO workout for this

day 2 chest/back-
db incline press....RP to 15 reps max
hammer pull down.....RP to 15 reps max
hammer press...........3x10 set load near fail
seated cable row........3x10 set load near fail
smith shrugs.............4x15 set load near fail

day 3 arms-
hammer shoulder press......RP to 15 reps max
db bilateral curls.....RP to 15 reps max
db supine tricep extensions RP to 15 reps max
1 flush set each......20 reps to failure
-db side laterals
-cable bicep curls
-cable tricep extensions

I get all the abs I need in my fitness classes I teach. I just do it with the group and nail it out just as they do it. Likely gets me 10-12 sets a week each of anything and everything from static holds to med balls, TRX straps, to bands, cables, windshield wipers, hanging leg raises....etc.....if its out there....we (I) am getting it.

Joshua H
03-09-2013, 12:27 AM
Been living on the air craft carrier USS Ronald Reagan for the past 14 days more less plus a weekend with parents in town the weekend before that got started so not much time to spend online at all the past weeks. Today was the first whole day (12 hours) I have off the ship and off base to get some personal items done. I am still in prep for a photo shoot on May 30th in San Diego with Rob Andrews Photography as my plan B since my show plans got botches due to ship arrival delays as I mentioned before.

These pics are from last Sunday night. 178.6 and 6.5%. Sorry for bad background and lighting. Its the only private space I have on the ship in my stateroom.

22 days left till the big day today! More pics coming Sunday this weekend I hope.


03-12-2013, 01:32 PM
How has your diet been?

Joshua H
03-13-2013, 08:14 PM
Routine and repetitive but spot on really. 2 galley meals a day which is grilled chicken and big green salad with veggis, breakfast is a combo eggwhite/whey shake with natty pb, can of tuna, light string cheese is a 4th meal and then 3 scoops muscle milk is final meal before bed. hitting macros pretty well spot on for 2 weeks onboard the ship depsite limited food prep, storage and options. if ther is a will, there is a way!

Joshua H
03-16-2013, 04:33 PM
As of today I am 15 days away from my photo shoot in San Diego. This morning I was 178.2 and 6.1%. Pics taken right out of bed fasted.






Joshua H
03-26-2013, 05:38 PM
Short and sweet update from this past weekend. Just arrived in SD on Friday with command and loving it! Busy as hell with finding a place to live, learning SD, making my new fitness caly, trying to kee training and diet on par, not having a kitchen yet....wowzer!

Pics below and stats are 177.2 and 5.8% via BIA on Saturday morning. (6'2") 28 years old.

Photoshoot on April 7th baby! Coasting on in!





Reminder that my show plans got botched weeks ago after our command transit got pushed back to come to to CA where we are now and that foiled every part of my plan to compete in the SD based show a week after arrival. So now all my apples in one basket with the photoshoot to start up a portfolio and comp card.

Joshua H
04-08-2013, 10:25 PM
So yesterday summed it all up folks! 16 weeks of prep to get ready for my shoot has come and gone as of yesterday morning. I shot with Wander Aguir Photography (http://www.wanderaguiar.com/) and the first time experience was awesome! I learned a ton not only in getting ready but also in working through a 2.5 hour shoot as well. Wander was awesome in coaching me along and bringing out the best in my physique so that I could have the best possible shots to include in my portfolio/comp card which was the intent of the whole shoot.

200 some shots taken and I will be receieving them within a few days and cannot wait to see them all!

Yesterday morning I weighed in at 176.8 and 5.8% via BIA device. That was my "peak" for this shoot and I am very happy with the journey and the outcome that transpired. The real outcome will be known when the pics come back and they get sent out to local agencies and contacts to see what doors may be opening for me in the future.

On another note, I have hired Eric Helms of 3DMJ as my new coach starting next week. He even helped me with this past weeks peak paln for my shoot as part of my 1st phone consult/interview last weekend and it worked great! He has me on a post diet reverse diet plan from yesterday afternoon through Saturday night adding in 20g of carbs per day. Protein and fat kept as they have been which is 250p, 70f. My carbs as of today at at 200g. By Saturday I will be taking in 340g and checking my weight to what gains have been made by then.

That info with the full profile I turned in to him will allow them to help me devise my next 4 months of training, cardio and diet to try and get some lean mass gains coming.

Cannot wait to get started on the new plan and the next phase of training to get bigger for once!

Joshua H
04-10-2013, 06:07 PM
With the title of this thread no longer accurate and my photoshoot now over, this brings me to the next phase of my progressions, training and direction with MP training and competing. I am moving my journal over to a new thread starting fresh titled:

"Carrier Chronicles of Fitness, The Fitboss Journey to MPD stage."