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12-07-2012, 09:45 PM
HGH is expensive and often faked so about 1 year ago I began testing HGH using HGH serum and IGF-1 testing via blood work. During this period of time the real world experience of testing HGH led me down an exciting road of research and learning. It is my hope to share my experiences and the science behind HGH testing so that HGH users may know for sure that the products they are injecting are genuine.

The Protocol

10 iu rHGH Intramuscular injection (IM)
Have your blood drawn 3-4 hours after injecting.
Fasting is not necessary.
No strenuous activity for at least 30 min prior to test.

With a 10iu vial, inject 1 ml (cc) into the vial that contains the GH powder/puck. Direct the stream of water down the side of the glass, being careful not to direct the stream of water directly into the GH powder; swirl gently until the powder is completely dissolved in the solution. DO NOT SHAKE THE VIAL.

*WARNING* GH serum testing is a crude method for confirming GH potency.

What do the results mean? My research and experiences indicate that injecting 10iu IM of pharmaceutical grade rHGH yields a serum level of between 15-50+ ng/mL in most cases. However this is a general range and should not be interpreted to form a strong opinion about the potency of HGH products. Several tests should be performed to determine an individualistic response.

Originally I began serum testing after injecting HGH subcutaneously (SC) however after some research and several lab tests I determined that SC injections did not raise GH serum levels as much as IM injections.(1)(2) This led to confusion as other users were injecting IM which made their results look dramatically better. In order to avoid confusion several veterans including myself decided to adopt IM as the standard method for testing serum HGH levels. What we learned along the way was quite interesting.

Several men were getting fantastic results with various brands of underground and overseas HGH but I and another man were getting mediocre results at best. It seemed as though we were just unlucky. Our serum levels routinely fell 10-20 ng/mL lower than the others results. After about a half a dozen lab tests I decided to administer USA pharmacy HGH to help determine my response to a known potency of HGH. My results were staggering. My serum levels again fell short of what was expected. I tested less than 20 ng/mL. At that time I concluded that I was a low responder to HGH and that serum testing was a crude method at best for proving HGH.

However a pattern was forming for me. 10iu of HGH was resulting in a range of about 14-24 ng/mL. This has given me a personal range that reflects real world experience not just some text book answer. The studies indicate that I should respond higher. The real world disagrees. Why?

Maybe itís my body weight or maybe my size (surface area). Maybe I just donít respond well to HGH. Maybe itís something else. My journey to find out left me questioning. Those questions led me to more research. I still feel like the answer is somewhat elusive but what I discovered next gave me a balanced understanding of just how crude GH serum testing is.

In 2004 a study was conducted that measured GH antibodies in children who had received Growth Hormone over a 6 month period. 4 of the 47 children showed the presence of antibodies against rhGH. The researchers concluded that the main concern with anti-GH antibodies could be their ability to neutralize circulating growth hormone and inhibit its growth promoting effect.(3) Therefore we must be careful not to erroneously conclude a batch of GH is fake if a userís results are substandard. This supports the view that several lab tests should be conducted with a known potency of rHGH. This will prove if the subject is a low responder to rHGH.

Although this serum method is crude it does provide valuable insight. I have a known response to USA pharmacy rHGH. If an UGL or overseas product can elevate my GH levels as high as the US pharmacy GH I can be relatively confident that my GH is genuine.

It is my hope that many users follow this protocol and record their responses here so we can further understand how injecting rHGH affects serum levels in a wide range of people. This will increase our knowledge and also protect members against those who sell fake products.



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09-15-2016, 02:00 PM
Even if your serum GH tests to 15 its still high as hell and way over the normal range. That tells me your GH is legit. Anything that raises your serum GH to over 15 is legit IMHO. :)

09-15-2016, 02:13 PM
Interesting read. I'm in Canada

My IGF levels were 105
On one brand of GH 183
And second brand. 272.
Ranges 38-238

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