View Full Version : Ottawa - Gatineau - Strongman Training Group - LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS

Andre Gregoire
01-14-2013, 12:13 AM
Tired of your gym and the same old machines? Want to train like the Strongmen seen on TV?

Light weight or heavy weight, we have all the equipment you will ever come across in a strongman competition and we train indoors year round.

We have all the equipment you might need: Logs, Axle, Stones, Sandbags, Sled, Prowler, Olympic bars, Bumper Plates, etc...

We have 6'000 sq ft available every Saturday morning. Join us...

Any one that is remotely interested should come out and try it out. First time its FREE! This is non-profit, after the first time we contribute to pay the gymnasium rental fee.

It's the New Year and what a time for a new challenge. We are always looking for new guys to join us.

You don't need to be huge and incredibly strong to get started. We always warm up with light weights, as the training progresses it gets heavier.


For Details MSG me or Marty @ [email protected]

Here's short video. of what actually goes on at Hyperforce Strength Athletics in Gatineau!