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01-16-2013, 03:43 PM
First episode of this years "Ask Dr. Blau" Dr. Mordicai Blau explains why some gyno is worst than others? Interviewd by RxMuscle's CEO Dave Palumbo!!!


CLICK HERE TO SEE FIRST VIDEO OF 2013!!! (http://rxmuscle.com/articles/qaa-with-dr-blau/7359-dr-blau-season1-episode-1.html)

Dr. Blau is a New York Plastic Surgeon with a plastic surgery practice in Westchester County, NY. Dr. Blau is well recognized as a leading Board Certified plastic surgeon and a diplomate of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. He is a published author, and an award winning sculptor and painter.

01-30-2013, 01:32 AM
ust curious, why would Nolvadex be insufficient to reverse gyno. From personal experience I have proved this to be incorrect. Every time my nips start getting tender during cycle I take a 20mg tab at night and wake up just fine. It only takes one. On a similar note, I had a lump behind left nip for years. I went to my plastic surgeon buddy to have it removed, since he usually doesn't deal with these issue he sent me to another doc who did a workup with mamogram. (painful as hell when you have no body fat) She said she could take it out if I want. I'm only 7% BF and only I noticed it. This is also 10 years from being on cycle. I took Nolvadex for a week and the lump went away slowly. I cannot fathom that this would be coincidence. I think my estrogen was a bit high due to having a few cocktails after work each night. Not an alcoholic, just 2 drinks after work pretty regularly. So, in summary, why does the original thread state that Nolvedex will not reverse gyno?