View Full Version : Sequim Crew hosted strongman competition

Nate Bolling
02-18-2013, 11:39 AM
Hey everyone, the Sequim Crew will be hosting a strongman competition in Sequim WA, on July 20,2013. We have some of the nicest equipment in the North West and a wide variety of events we can put on. Being competitors ourselves we know what it takes to runband host a great show. There will be great prizes and it will be a sanctioned show so come have some fun, lift some heavy stuff and do what we love to do. Tell your fellow competing friends and family. Sanctioning and event info soon to follow.

Nate Bolling
05-13-2013, 08:04 PM
So the sanctioning paper work just came in the mail yesterday and will be mailed back soon so that we can get this contest rolling and get an entry form for those interested!
Weight divisions:
lww(light weight women) 140.5lbs and under
hww(heavy weight women) 140.6lbs and up
lwm(light weight men) 200.5lbs and under
mwm(middle weight men) 200.6lbs-231.5lbs
hwm(heavy weight men) 231.6lbs and up

Here are the events and weights for each division

1. Axle clean and press for max reps in 60 sec.

2. Conans Wheel for max distance- All weights to be determined

3. Tire Flip for 80' with 60 sec time limit
lww-400lb tire
hww-500lb tire
lwm-600lb tire
mwm-750lb tire
hwm-850lb tire

4. Dead lift for max reps in 60 sec.

5. women will load stones head to head over yoke bar set around 48" 60 sec. time limit
lww-120lb stone
hww-170lb stone

men will have a stone series consisting of 5 stones that will be loaded to a 50" platform