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08-12-2013, 05:08 PM
ALDACTONE INFOAldactone (http://www.AnabolicPharma-EU.com/product/BUY-ALDACTONE-ALDACTONE-Spironolactone.aspx)can be used to treat swelling & fluid retention in the patients with the congestive heart failure, kidney problems or cirrhosis. It is as well used for the treatment of the high BP. It can be used for treating and preventing the low blood potassium. It can be used for treating the excess secretion of hormone aldosterone by adrenal gland. The Aldactone is the potassium sparing diuretic. This works just by blocking hormone aldosterone, and causing kidney to get rid of the excess water, lower blood pressure and save potassium.
Donít use Aldactone if:
Youíre allergic to ingredient of Aldactone
Youíre not able to urinate, have high potassium levels or severe kidney problems
Youíre taking the potassium supplement, other potassium sparing diuretic and aldosterone blocker
Contact the doctor and healthcare provider immediately if it applies to you.
Before taking Aldactone : (http://www.AnabolicPharma-EU.com/product/BUY-ALDACTONE-ALDACTONE-Spironolactone.aspx)

MORE INFO HERE (http://www.anabolicpharma-eu.com/page/Aldactone.aspx)