View Full Version : Myths & Treatment Choice for the Genital Warts

08-14-2013, 07:21 AM
Myths & Treatment Choice for the Genital WartsSuppose you think that the genital warts are not common and usually are linked with only women these are just some myths that have to get debunked. After many campaigns on the STDs awareness, people do not understand the risks. Even though causes of the genital warts are many, so first we have to clarify myths for getting the better insight for cause & relief from genital warts.
1) Suppose you cannot see you are not having it
It is probably one common myth. The unprotected sex will lead to the genital warts and symptoms will stay dormant for months before you will finally notice. It is generally good to look for the small symptoms as well as get this diagnosed when possible.
2) It will travel from hand & feet to your genitals
Suppose your partner has genital warts on feet or hand, then chances are negligible that they will travel on your genitals. Itís a problem that will affect just some part of the body and will not get transmitted.
3) Results in cervical cancer

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