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08-15-2013, 05:09 AM
Primobolan Depot (http://www.anabolicpharma-eu.com/catalog/PRIMOBOLAN-DEPOT.aspx?selection=215) is an injectable steroid version of methenolone. This is similar to the Primobolan orals and is manufactured by the same company known as the Schering. In its preparation the enanthate easter is an addition which causes gradual and slow release from the injection site. Its activity duration is same as the testosterone enanthate with the levels of blood staying elevated for around 2 weeks. It is an anabolic which is a long acting one with very low properties related to androgens. The anabolic effect is seen as quite mild as well and its strength is slightly lower as compared to the DecaDurabolin on the basis of milligram. It is due to this reason the Primobolan is considered as commonly used by the body builders only during the time of cutting cycles when the main objective is not to increase the body mass. The mixture of Primo is normally done with some other drugs which are known as the Anadrol and Dianabol which lowers the overall dosage of the androgen and can be helpful in minimizing the side effects which are really uncomfortable. The injectable primobolan is highly preferred as it s found to be more effective in terms of cost. You can buy Primobolan with a credit card online (http://www.anabolicpharma-eu.com/product/buy-primobolan-depot-primobolic-primobol.aspx).

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