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08-22-2013, 10:03 PM
First off thanks to quest and my man dave for sending these out to me, currently a little over 7 weeks out from first show of the season and low carb days suck we are talking 110 and under including 40 of those carbs being fiber, some of my days I definitely have cravings and have a hard time getting full, I Fully count and and track every macronutrient so the fact that the spaggetti has 6 grams of carbs from fiber per package and the spinach fettuccini has 8 from fiber, this helps Hit the fiber total and has some volume to it.

So my thoughts on the first one I tried today, saving the other for sunday my other low carb day

spinach fettuccini- texture, after microwaving for about 90 seconds a little longer then suggested I put some garlic and crushed red pepper on it. Texture was a tad gummy maybe I did not cook it enough or maybe thats just how it is, was not to chewy and went down smooth.
Length-the noodles I had as you can see from the picture are pretty long and that was neat

Taste-nothing overwhelming I did not have gigantic expectations for this but, it was ok real good for 8 grams of fiber!

What My overall thoughts are, this is clutch for those that have some low carb days and need something maybe once a day to just feel full, or to eat something other then veggies, chicken salad to get their fiber intake.

I liked the spinach one I plan on buying a couple for more low days for the rest of my prep, they run $38 for a 12 pack so its a bit over $3 a serving which is a tad more then I would like to pay but its only macros are the carbs from fiber, which is a huge benefit.
I get paid on friday http://assets.bodybuilding.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif so I plan on picking up a box of the spinach I think It will make it so If I have one pouch of them twice a week they will last 3 weeks and quite frankly help me get through the lower carbohydrate days and allow me to replace one of my oatmeal meals that I usually do 3/4 cups of oats with a tad over 40 carbs down to just 8 from this pasta!

All in all this is a good product I think if it was sold in 24 packs or so for $2.50 a package it would be top seller right away if marketed the right way and if some more flavors came out
Really good all in all will be trying the spaggetti soon http://assets.bodybuilding.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif
Quest keep it rolling with these goodies and helping physique athletes through dieting

08-23-2013, 06:02 AM
Pretty much exactly the same as Miracle Noodles which I do like. Not much flavor but versatile and filling!