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08-23-2013, 04:06 PM
WEIGHT & FAT LOSTObesity is a curse that is fully capable of affecting the health and well being of humans. Unhealthy weight gain brings several negative physiological as well as chemical changes in your body and all of them severely damage your health and activity level. In the year 2005 CDC presented a report according to which an individual that is 40 % overweight has got better chances of dying a premature death than a healthy person.
There are many severe complications that are triggered by weight gain inside human body and most dreadful of them are the heart diseases. Chest pain, sudden cardiac death and congestive heart failure are associated with heavy weight gain. High blood pressure is another condition that capturers overweight individuals posing serious threats to their well being. There is a higher occurrence rate of atherosclerosis in obese individuals leading to enhanced chances of clot formation and enhanced risk of stroke. Diabetes is another problem that disturbs the health of obese individuals in addition many other dreadful conditions like cancer, fatty liver disease, gall bladder disease, breathing problems, arthritis, etc, are associated with unusual weight gain.

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