View Full Version : Epigastric hernia -- 2 weeks post-op

05-07-2016, 01:39 PM
Hi, I'm in the recovery phase of my epigastric hernia surgery, which was done two weeks ago in the centre of my abdomen. Ultrasound scans showed it was a small opening of 5mm, and the surgeon decided to stitch it closed with sutures, using traditional open surgery with a horizontal incision above my belly button.

2 weeks on, I feel much better, very little pain in the second week but occasional twinges of discomfort when I stretch in bed, bend over to tie my shoe laces or carrying shopping (no more than 10lbs, mind!). HOWEVER, I just pulled off some tight-fitting socks by leaning forward while standing up, rather than sitting on the bed and folding my legs to reach my feet without leaning so far forward. There was a brief moment of pain around the hernia as I extended my waist forward to its furthest point... I wonder, does this put me at risk of a recurrence?

Please, any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks