View Full Version : Knee injury - anyone gone through this?

07-31-2009, 09:22 PM
I've hurt my right knee. :( I think I actually did it (originally) while practicing the posing routine for my contest (which was on July 18). The routine was originally going to start with a side lunge pose, with the right knee bent as far as it will go.

On Wednesday before the contest, I was working under my son's car, and when I rolled out from under it to stand up, my knee buckled on me, after making a loud snapping sound. It think it might have been a dislocated patella?

It has done the same thing twice more since then. Each time, after a few days, the pain and swelling lessens, and I think I am over it, and then if I put any weight on the knee when it is bent 90 degrees or more, it clicks and hurts again.

I'm going to see the doctor on Monday, but I'm wondering if anyone here has successfully begun training again after an injury like this. And, if so, what did you have to do? I'm hoping I don't need surgery, but will get it if I need it.

I can walk just fine, and I can climb stairs. The problems only start when my knee approaches a 90 degree angle.