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02-27-2009, 11:50 PM
Not sure if I am allowed to ask so please delete this post if inapropriate.
Wondering about a couple products if anyone knows.
Pharma-tech ,cipio tec and bolde tech. Made in MX.

03-01-2009, 03:41 PM
I got this from another board. So who knows.

Alot of people are ignoring Mexico for Supplementation needs! But Slowly but surely Mexico is comming back into the game!!!
The STILL STANDING SYDGroup...is still in action! After there adherence with the 50mg/ml rule killed there income! they reverted to there old ways and are still making Nandralone300, Estan-50+100, Boldenone and some times the cypionate! Like Aranda Aratest. SYDGroup too is having a hard time getting raw materials and so there cypionate is on hold!!!
Inmuno Labs Has been around along time...alot of good and bad press! Inmuno labs had the missfortune to have toooo many owners whom all wanted to do there own thing! Now that the number of owners was decreased thanks to our friends in DOJ(which was an acceptable loss being that the guy had been working UCI for years....ASS!!!) ANYWAY INMUNO Lab is coming back up and there Test 350 enantat is kicking ass so much that they cant keep it on the shelves!
Astrovet was drowned with a whole bunch of fakes but they came out with a new presenatation to defeat it... However there first batch fell short and now people feel there products are fake! But one bad batch a scamer doesnt make !!!
NOW to the LAB that is in number one here in the BajaCali area...PHARMA TECH! They had a slow start more then 2 years ago! They started with some basics: Aqua Tech, Bold Tech, Enan Tech, and Nandro Tech and Stano Tech! Now that their business is picking up... A few months back The increased there Enantat to 250mg/ml from 200mg/ml! And they added ANDROL AND DBOL....and just jan09 they introduced Propinate!!!

In Mexico SAGARPA(FDA in mex) and ADUANA(mex customs) they both want a piece of the anabolics pie(BRIBES)That put the Anabolics production on hold for a while..But now resolved and which brought all the labs to increase their prices accross the board!!! BUT ONCE AGAIN MEXICO IS STILL PRODUCING REAL ANABOLICS... Trust Your MODs and know who you're dealing with, how long in the game and if they have ever scamed! MODs can steer you in the right directions!
You guys Take care and have a happy and prosperous New Year!

03-03-2009, 08:58 AM
Thank you very much for sharing that with me airagee23