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Dear Athlete

The Amplify02 + LipoStim 3 Stack is for athletes who want The Maximum Fat Burning Effect and PreWorkout Intensity Legally available, and does so with less daily total caffeine then any other combos out there.

The Amplify02 plus LipoStim3 combo Pre Lift happens to also be one of the Most Strong PreWokout Combos you can get Legally :kaioken:

Here is How to Run the Stack:

Workout Days

In the AM 2-3 Caps LipoStim 3

PreWokout 1 Cap LipoStim 3 + 6-7 Amplify02

OFF Days

In the AM 2-3 Caps LipoStim 3

Midday 2 caps LipoStim 3

Both products will last 4-5 weeks at full dosage

Please enter coupon code needto139 :artist:

Products > Weight Loss - Pre / Post Workout (http://www.needtobuildmuscle.net/store/Weight-Loss-Pre-Workout-c29/) <--- Buy here:)

Some peer review :) :)

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amplify 02
amplify02™ IS the Premier Nitric Oxide, CEE and Focus Amplifier. amplify02™ amplifies your workouts to the highest levels possible and gets you in the zone, assuring the ability to not only surpass your previous limitations but SMASH them. amplify02™ gives you the ultimate edge you need for unsurpassed results. Taken before your workout amplify02™ boosts your energy, muscle PUMPS, fat burning, strength, endurance, muscle volume, ATP energy production and exercise recovery to the maximum.

lipostim 3
Mimics ephedrine's benefits without the Side Effect, and works via similar/same pathways for Dramatic Fat Loss.

LipoStim3 works via Epinephrine ( Like ephedrine) and other Neurotransmitters which affect cAMP.
Also Beta Adr. receptor is addressed ( bronchial dilation) via the Tea extracts we use.
And also Positive mood that endures was a focus which leads to a cascade of benefits that
lend themselves to a "leaner" life. ( more activity)

Also lipostim 3
~Does not deplete your central nervous system Unlike ephedrine
~No Jitters or anxiety
~Elevates Metabolism sharply without rebound
~Makes your mind SUPER sharp, literally faster and with more recall.
~Heart rate does not elevate artificially

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more Peer Review:)
~~~All Peer Review, All Real People, Real Athletes:
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