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12-17-2009, 06:03 PM
Perfect for being anabolic and anti-catabolic while sleeping.

N2MATRIX Protein Supplement:
2lb 32 servings
Per serving
Calories 111
fat 2g
total carbohydrates 2g
Protein 22g
Vanilla Flavored Casein and WPI Matrix

Need2matrix is A perfect mix of casein protein And whey protein isolate. N2matrix has the ‘best of proteins’ ingredients that are essential for building muscle mass at warp speed well you sleep. Apart from its Good taste, each serving of N2MATRIX Protein Powder feeds your muscles with 22 grams of body building proteins, 2 grams of high quality carbs and 2 grams of essential fats. Each sip is also backed with essential amino acids. This unique protein supplement delivers all that you need to build massive muscles overnight.

In simple words, If you are Serious and dedicated to building muscle, N2MATRIX Is the product for you. While the Whey digest quickly,the casein helps build muscle mass by feeding your muscles with essential amino acids for hours. Giving youre muscles both instant and sustained protein threw out the night.

At NTBM, our motto is not to mint money but to provide the best body building supplements at an affordable price. N2MATRIX is the best pound for pound Night time protein matrix, That not only help build muscle mass Threw the night but it will also save your wallet from getting thinner.

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