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So what is need2slin?
Need2slin is a powerful Nutrition and carbohydrate shuttling
compound. It Shot guns carbohydrates and other nutrients To your muscles leaving them no chance of being stored as fat. By way of
increasing insulin sensitivity and carbohydrates/Nutrition up take Need2slin Improves Nutrition pertinence. This means carbs,sugars,fats other nutrients get used or stored in the muscle as energy rather then stared as fat. Moreover need2slin improves the dispelling of carbohydrates that are not used as well.

Now as if all this wasn't enough Needtobuildmuscle knows Our customers want more!! When hundreds of cheap products claim to do the same We at needtobuildmuscle always go the extra mile in our products. Simple we just like being flat out better then the rest.

So what else will one get from need2slin?

Well it does a variety of things that im sure you will find extremely exciting, if your looking for..

Increased LBM!

Rock hard, long lasting PUMPS!

Lower bodyfat!

Increased glycogen uptake!

Increased metabolism!

Improved thyroid function!

Increased Androgen receptor sensitivity!

Improved blood lipids

Increased vascularity

If these traits are desirable to you, then you neednt look any further, N2SLIN has arrived.
N2SLIN is a potent nutrient repartioner, it has a novel ingredient profile, it doesnt use cheaper alternatives, eg(berbarine) So it can be cycled all year round without pancreatic damage.


It can be used to increase lbm on a lean bulk, to increase strength, lower bodyfat, support good health, and to further gains in the gym.
Used 30 mins before meals, N2SLIN will push carbs into the muscles, giving you a food pump, it does this through 2 channels.

[B]FIRST.. Gymnema sylvestre, we will just call it G.S, pushes food into the muscle, as it mimicks insulin, Insulin is the most anabolic compound around, but VERY DANGEROUS!! Gymnema on the other hand has been proven to lower blood sugar levels, supporting lower cholesterol. And as a powerful insulin mimicker, it force feeds muscles with carbs, as the carbs are forced into muscle cells, the cells absorb..no infact they pull or suck water into their vicinity, along with vital nutrients, protein and fats..all the building blocks muscles need, but what happens next?

SECOND.. Banaba leaf, 20 percent corosolic acid, works in a similar way, but with one big difference, it increases androgen receptor sensitivity, wich in turn increases localised igf-1 in muscle tissue, IGF-1 is one of the most anabolic growth factors, helping tissue recovery, and growth, but also stimulating satelite cells in the muscle to start firing, meaning more muscle fibers!!! Bigger muscles!!
Also the increased androgen sensitivity means this..
Ever wondered why people can be fat with skinny arms? Because they have lots of androgen receptors in their arms, but in the belly lots of estrogen receptors, and these like to hold fat.
Well Banaba stimulates the ones that like to build muscle, and promote fat loss, and combined with Acetyl L-carnatine, they stimulate these receptors, and help change the bodies appearance over time.

A L-C also helps transport fat, to be used as energy, and not stored as fatty deposits, and where are all the nutrients being transported, to the muscle!!! So your depriving fat cells from being able to hold onto fat, and your feeding muscle cells everything they need to increase in size= less fat, more muscle!!!

Ok so what then?
Well have you heard of cAMP? Well real insulin, actualy breaks down the enzyme that caused cAMP wich is why you can get fat if you were silly enough to use it, without going to scientific, cAMP is how your body metabolises fats to produce energy to feed muscles, increasing protein metabolism in the process, so you get a greater metabolic rate, improved glycogen uptake, and increased protein and fat synthesis. So all the calories you eat build muscle... that is if your training hard enough to stimulate the muscles to grow, And this process is carried out by Synephrine, one of the most powerful OTC cAMP stimulators available, and Coleus forskholi, wich also supports a healthy thyroid, and lowers the stress hormone cortisol, so increasing the anabolic enviroment, ideal for IGF-1 and cAMP to really get working!!
But how long does it work for?
G.S, and Banaba are very fast acting,Na R-Alpha lipoic acid, stays active for up to 6 hours, so think of it as a very powerfull but slow working G.S and Banaba combined, So you get this Anabolic window opened for up to 6 hours, 6 HOURS OF GROWTH!!!
As well as that Na R-Alpha lipoic acid is a very potent anti-oxidant and anti carcinogenic, so with the increased calories, and therfore the increase of toxins, you get a long lasting protection of oxidative stress on the human body.

That leaves us with just l-norvaline, at 200mg, that makes it very strong, L-norvaline boosts NO action, so increasing nitrogen retention, to add to the glycogen retention caused already, it increases blood flow, has been used to help with erectile function, and gives rock hard pumps!!!


2 caps 30 mins before a meal containing 40g carbs or more, this will shuttle the nutrients into the muscle, if you are on a big bulk, looking for large body mass increases, then 3 caps before a meal containing 60-100grams carbs.

N2SLIN will prevent any fat storage, but from the increased glycogen retention, and in turn as glycogen holds water, you may appear fatter, however if used for more than 6 weeks the effects of bodyfat decreasing, and muscle increasing will become very evident.
It can also be used before fasted cardio, to increase glut action, or the muscles ability to hold onto glycogen, and to boost gh secretion, by lowering blood sugar levels, plus its cortisol blocking effects will prevent catabolism of your hard earned muscle.


Well depending on your diet and how well you use this, you could easily add a few lbs of lbm a month, and at the same time decrease bodyfat.


Yes, it works very well, as it stops you from storing fat, but instead forces the nutrients to build muscle, use 1 cap before meals containing 10-20g carbs, 2 caps if 20-50.

Use one cap 3 times a day to lower cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and elevate your bodies natural metabolism.

I will be providing a full meal and diet plan to get the most out of this very soon!!!


2 months at the reccomended dose.


Its ideal to use with HCGenerate, and GEAR, but can be used with creatine as both will gorge the muscles with nutrients, its great on a steroid or p/h cycle as it stops androgen receptors from being downgraded, and it can be used alone with good results.

2 caps per serving 60 servings per container.
1.) 450mg gymnema sylvestre, a whopping 75 percent gymnemic acids!!
2.) 250mg Acetyl L-carnatine
3.) 200mg NaR-ALA
4.) 200mg L-norvaline
5.) 90mg Coleus forskholi, 20 percent forskolin.
6.) 30mg synephrine HCI
7.) 18mg Banaba leaf.

Need2slin will be on sale tonight.


Post them here, and we will answer them ASAP!!

So what are you waiting for N2SLIN has ARRIVED!!!!!!

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Awesome!! Getting better and better everyday!!!

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^^^ YUP, can not wait to try this bad boy out!

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Awesome!! Getting better and better everyday!!!

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i can't WAIT to try this stuff out!! hopefully starting tomorrow!

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Bumping this thread for a very good write up on Need2Slin. Good info here.