View Full Version : World Gym Fitness Center - Reading

01-08-2010, 03:08 PM
World Gym Fitness Center

2920 Saint Lawrence Ave
Reading, PA 19606

(610) 779-6993


01-08-2010, 09:54 PM
Yay!!!!! This is my home gym. They have everything here. Hammer Strength, Lifefitness, Cybex, two sets of DBs to 150#, plate loaded, stacks, even a power room with chains and chalk! Day is $8 (I think) and a monthly membership is only $20.

12-13-2012, 12:46 AM
Trained at world as a visitor with my buddy, my home gym is Golds in wyomissing

Curt James
12-13-2012, 01:22 AM
Trained there with GirlyMuscle herself. :-) Great gym!