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01-08-2010, 03:31 PM
From the hardcoregymregistry.com website, which has been moved here to the Rx Muscle Forums!


This is the first of its kind – ever! A searchable database for what Dave Palumbo and I feel is a dying breed of true HARDCORE gyms in the world.

Why the Registry? Well, one day a listener called in to the radio show and told us of the day he was thrown out a gym for “grunting.” This guttural sound emitted during the heaviest part of a set of squats sounded something called a “Lunk Alarm” which alerted the staff to escort the offending lifter out of the establishment FOR FEAR HE MIGHT INTIMIDATE OTHER MEMBERS. You could imagine the outrage when we heard of this, as well what would constitute other offences in, of all places, a GYM!

Upon hearing of this affront to the hardcore in all of us, I immediately sounded the roll call to our members. The “HARDCORE GYM RIGISTRY” thread was added to the Rx Muscle main forums and our loyal members have been contributing the names, addresses and descriptions of what is becoming the last bastion of true hardcore gym establishments in the world.

Due to its immense popularity as a powerful resource to traveling, as well as resident, bodybuilders the Registry graduated to a true searchable database – continually updated – to help you locate real hardcore gyms either where you live or wherever your travels may take you. Simply type in your zip code, city, or country into the Rx Muscle forums search box, or click to drill down through the entire Registry, and up will pop the name and address of a gym where you will feel accepted and at home. These gyms are not only approved by Dave and I, but they are also approved by you – the people who train in them.

We are very proud to offer this service on Rx Muscle and hope you will use it, and continue to add to it, so that we can maintain a fighting chance against the mediocrity and discrimination that the “big gym chains” are leveling at US – the guys who stared this whole thing.


John Romano

01-09-2010, 01:17 PM