View Full Version : Beach Street Gym - Daytona Beach

02-04-2010, 07:17 PM
Beach Street Gym

333 Beville Road
South Daytona, FL 32119-2102
(386) 763-5696

Guest pass is $6/day or about $17.50/wk. Guests welcome. Bring your own towel, or rent one there for 50 cents.

If you live in that area, right now they are running a very nice Recession price of $75/y. That is truly the lowest gym price I have ever seen. I almost contemplated moving down to Daytona just for that....

Nothing fancy (no pool or spa or smoothie bar), but all the necessary equipment including a couple of power racks, two areas with benches, dumbbells all the way up to 120 or 160 (forgot which). Definitely a lifters' gym. Red-upholstered benches.

Plenty of benches and equipment for the number of people who were there.

I worked out here a couple of weeks ago, and it was an awesome experience!!

They sell Animal Pak at the counter.

White Goodman
05-15-2010, 07:59 AM
I worked out there in December (wife was at a tubberware rally). Great gym. Owner is cool. This gym used to be in the downtown area, before the intercoastal. Some big benchers used to train there...Gator Robinson, Al Yearby, Dan Burnette...all 550+ competition benchers.