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05-08-2010, 12:04 AM
we have extended this sale to may 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Hello Friends,
Nathan chase here, owner and CEO of Need To Build Muscle INC. If you're reading these words it is because you are committed to becoming better than average. You are part of a rare breed who refuses to accept the soft body that genetics may have handed you, and instead you want to overcome your genetic limitations to be better than average. You want larger than average muscles and lower than average bodyfat. You want a six-pack that looks more like an eight-pack and biceps that peak like Mt. Everest.

If you are a faithful and dedicated needtobuildmuscle.inc follower. Then You not only want this for your self but also for others around you. If you consider your self part of the needtobuildmuscle inc Family like I do. Then
You support our cause. Which is to do all we can to help others reach newer and better heights of health and fitness. To go above and beyond what is expected, to go the extra mile in helping others reach there goals.

As many of my valued customers and faithful followers already know NTMB has been helping people reach there goals for well over a year now. We have gone the extra mile time and time again for our customers and for our community. Together through Team work and dedication We have built Needto build muscle INC Into something much more then just another product line. But a community of friends and family working together to help one another.

In the last few months our forums have grown beyond expectations. What started out as a meager product line has now expanded into a comprehensive well rounded line of products. Both our product line and our community is ever expanding. It is through your perseverance and continued support in our cause that NTBM has gown into the powerhouse it is today.

It is for these reasons that I am bringing back NTBM's most popular sale ever. The Buy some get some free sale. For months you the customers have been asking me when I will be having another sale like this and I felt now is as good a time as any. After all you guys deserve it for all your hard work.

Not only will we be giving you the same buy some get some free deal that we did back in December but we also have bulk pricing deals on our web site. We will not be changing these bulk prices. Nope we will keep them the same and still honer the same sale we had last time. So here it is again, back by popular demand only now even better. NTBM's Buy some get some free. Deals are as follows!!!!!!!!!

Take an extra 10% right off the total price of your order from May 7th To midnight May 12th. All you have to do is enter coupon code "buildmuscle10" and I will deduct 10% right off the top of your total order before you checkout. ON TOP OF THE BULK SALE PRICING AND BUY SOME GET SOME FREE

Free 3-day shipping + free bonus bottles +Bulk pricing+ a 10% discount + a 100% satisfied, cash-back refund if you are not completely happy. There is nothing else to think about here; let's get on to building some serious muscle right now. Read below and see what I have in store for you. And if you have any question along the way, just call me right now at (978) 378-4266 - it does not matter what day or time it is, I'm always here for you - Just ask for Nathan Chase and I will be ready to assist you with anything you need.


The “Advanced” Amino! Delivers more nitrogen retention than a protein powder alone. A blend of specific bioactive peptides allow for instant absorption similar to injectable amino acids. Easy to swallow capsules provide pure, intensified muscle growth anytime, anywhere!
Not only will your benefit from the muscle building proteins in this formula, but taking GEAR with your protein shake can increase the effectiveness of all the protein ingested.

Way back in the dark ages of bodybuilding supplementation the idea of taking protein pills was a pretty good one – pop a few pills here and there and get extra aminos. The old timers, with limited resources, committed to this tactic and got pretty good results. But at best, each pill was barely a gram of protein and it’s so much easier to get 30 grams from a modern protein shake. So protein pills fell out of favor. What we’ve done is mix some old school thinking with state of the art technology! GEAR using a concentrated form of protein that is both ENLARGED and FRACTIONED. In other words, each amino molecule not only encompasses more space, it’s split into “micro molecules” which essentially can increase the bio-availabilty ten-fold! So a single gram of protein has the potential to become more like TEN grams of amino acids!

Buy 3 bottles of GEAR and get 1 free!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th


Skeletal Balm
Joint and Muscle pain relief 90-Day supply.
Revolutionary joint aid and muscle rub. Skeletal Balm uses the power of 100 % Pure Cosmetic Grade Emu Oil and other essential oils to deliver our powerful joint aid formula deep into the joints and bones. At the same time Skeletal Balm has a instant cooling and soothing effect on muscle and joints in need. The ingredients in Skeletal Balm can also increase blood flow and circulation to both muscles and joints, adding to an instant healing and pain relieving effects. One bottle will last up to 90-Days with moderate use, heavy users will still get 60-Days out of a single bottle. Many bodybuilders who use this product come back and buy more bottles to gift to their grandparents and family members who need relive from bone and joint pain.

Buy 2 bottles of Skeletal Balm and get 1 free!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th

Pain Relief Stack!
For those in need of a serious stack to repair joints, we made a great 60-day intensive care combo!

Buy 2 Pain Relive Stacks and get 1 Stack free!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th

Need 2 Sleep
Mild sleep aid for those restless nights.
Sleep is the most essential aspects of our well being and health. Almost all cell regeneration and growth happens when we sleep. In other words we rest and repair when we sleep. When we don't get enough rest we don't get enough repair. When we don't get enough repair it takes its toll on our health. A lack of regular healthy sleep slows down everything from brain function to muscle growth and its effects can be felt after just one night. When we don't get a good night's sleep we feel sluggish, run down, and generally out of it until we get the peaceful rest our body so desperately needs. Not only is it important to get sleep but its equally important to get GOOD SLEEP . Uninterrupted healthy deep sleep. Often we may sleep 8-12 hours and still wake up feeling like we did not rest at all. This is because we did not fall into a deep restful sleep and stay there long enough to recharge.
Ever sleep 12 hours and feel like you didn't sleep a wink? this is because you did not reach a deep sleep or did not stay in a deep sleep long enough. Need 2 Sleep was formulated with you in mind, and we are very confident it will help you catch that good night of rest you are searching for.

Buy 3 bottles of Need 2 Sleep and get 1 free!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th



Pre-workout NO2 agent and stimulant. Taking two scoops of N2KTS about 30-minutes before a workout promotes blood flow for better pumps and kicks up your mental focus with mild stimulants. The combination of increased pumps and mental focus work together to create the perfect workout every time N2KTS is in your system.

Early morning you wake to a new day. The sun not yet risen as the cold iron plates and the steel bar calls your name. Like a warrior preparing for battle, the mental preparation has begun. Deep within, the desire burns. You feel the need, the need to Kill that Sh*t.
You know you will need energy, strength, stamina and endurance for your battle. The right combination of compounds to deliver consistent mind-blowing power. You need N2KTS!!!
N2KTS gives you the bloodthirsty, murderous, barbaric brutality needed to smash the steel and pump rep after rep. Kill every plate-stacked bar in your path with crazy lasting energy, and sick muscle-engorging pumps. N2KTS could easily be the most intense-battle formula ever created. N2KTS Brings you to a whole new level of intensity with immortal focus and energy. The Pumps and vascularity From N2KTS are out of control. You can feel it's intensity burning through your skin.

When you feel the need, the need to kill that Sh*t. You need N2KTS!!!

Buy 2 bottles of N2KTS and get 1 free bag of BetterProteinBars

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th

Protein bars are a great idea, but since their conception they have been flawed. High priced, full of sugar, loaded with additives and preservatives, disguised with sugar alcohol, and more often than not they are just a candy bar with added protein. Even the quality of the protein itself comes into question. For decades no one has ever addressed the problems of today’s protein bars. It’s been nothing but more of the same over priced, fancy packed, dry and tasteless bars. Until Now!

Needtobuildmuscle introduces BetterProteinBars.

A high quality protein bar that is 100% natural with NO additives, NO preservatives, NO corn syrup, and NO sugar alcohol. No gimmicks or sales tricks, just a fantastic new source of protein and nutrition that puts the power in your hands. Better protein bars are not bars that sit on the store shelves for years; they are bars that you make yourself, when you are ready. So not only are they 100% natural but they are 100% fresh.

Each better protein bar pack comes with all you need to make 12 fresh homemade all natural protein bars. What could be better than making your very own fresh protein bars? It’s simple; we took all of the work out of it for you. With the better protein bar pack all you need to do is pour, add wet ingredients and mix, that’s it. No measuring, no thinking, and no baking. In just 2-5 minutes from start to finish and you have 12 fresh, 100% all natural protein bars. You can store the 12 bars in your fridge and eat them whenever you want.

All single packs of BetterProteinBars are buy 2 and get 1 free!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th


We made our already great protein bars even better!

This is our very own combo pack. You get two packs of BetterProteinBars and a jar of Power Butter the high protein peanut butter!
When you combine the Power Butter into the protein bar mix it will increase the the amount of protein from 26grams to 38grams of protein per bar while at the same time adding essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , all of this while keeping the same great taste!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 12th


For those dedicated bodybuilders who count calories and need a more powerful bar, we have the TripleStackProtein combo.
In this combo we added a 16oz jug of Chocolate Flavored Liquid Aminos along with the Power Butter. These liquids aminos are combined with the PowerButter and packets of BetterProteinBars to create a super protein bar that is rich in protein and BCAAs. In only five minutes you can make 24 protein bars that are 48grams of protein per bar. NO BAKING, Just Mix and let it sit!

Free 3-day Priority Mail shipping + 10% discount + bulk pricing when you use coupon code "buildmuscle10". from May 7th To midnight May 11th

As an added bonus, all of the FORGED Products are buy 2 get 1 free. This includes: Forged Burner, Liver Support, Post Cycle Therapy and Joint Repair.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

As if this deal couldn't get any sweater it just did. NTBM is adding in
Buy 3 get one free on Hcgenerate,Ancient strength and Attack. On top of all the great savings any order that has a total of 299.99 or more gets a free bag of NTBM protein pancakes

Like I said earlier...

Free 3-day shipping + free bottles + 10% discount from May 7th To midnight May 12th + 100% no questions asked, cash-back refund if you are not completely satisfied. There is nothing else to think about here brother, lets get on to building some serious muscle right now. You have already seen what I have in store for you. If you run into a problem or need help putting together a training program or have any question just call me right now at (978) 378-4266 - it does not matter what day or time it is, I'm always here for you - Just ask for Nathan Chase and I will be here to assist you in anything you need.

All you have to do to get the deal is use the discount code (buildmuscle10) and we will add the free products to your order for you. You will not see them in your cart we will add them to your order when we ship them out. If you do not use the discount code "buildmuscle10" you will not get the discount and you will not get the free products. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!!!

Now ON top of NTBM great 5 day super sale Mrsupps.com is doing a super week end sale. Deiselbolan 2.0,beastdrol, and Epi-strong are all buy one get one free all week end long at Mrsupps.com

These kind of sales do not come around often. SO don't miss out.

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This is very intriguing. I've been in the market for new supplements. I may give it a go.

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Awesome will definitely hit this up and tell a coworker who is hooked on Forged Burner.

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Great deals Nate, love saving some cash lol, The pain relief stack is definatley worth a try

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lots of deals all over. Make sure they use the code "buildmuscle10" to get the discount and the free products.

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2 More days left!

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right on who doesnt love a sale extention!!

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love me some sales!