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07-01-2010, 09:44 PM
On the needtobuildmuscle.net forums we already have some pretty cool systems but as always we are making things better.

We already allow you to earn NTBM cash for everything you do and this cash can be spent at our vb store on real products. Only now you will be able to do much more with your cash. You can play in the arcad,play in the video games section and more. Now you can throw eggs and other food Items at each others avi's and the big new system upgrade is "you can have your own digi pet"

Ok so what so great about having a digi pet? Well the new system allows every member to have there own pet. This pet you can feed,take care of, train, and all kinds of things. When your dgi pet reaches full age you can then pit your pet against other members pets and fight them in the digi ring. On top of that you can form guilds with other members and have digi pet guild wars against other digi guilds!!!.

You can poison other members pets and assassinate them in other ways. Your pets learn spells and get cool super powers to use in battle. Of course winning battles earns you points and these points again can be used to buy free ntbm products. So you are getting paid to be a part of the site and paid to have fun.

This is just one of the many new programs we will be adding to the ntbm forums over the next few months. We also have a cool new video library,blogs,custom user profiles that you can completely change to your stile, and much much more.

At ntbm we want to make our forums not only a place of knowledge but a place of fun. As always our forums are kept 100% respectful and anyone acting childish and attacking others is banned on site.

come join in the fun at needtobuildmuscle.net
you will love it. http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/images/smilies/linkbiggrinMIR%5B1%5D.gif

07-01-2010, 09:45 PM
Just to give you a peak at what the battles pets system will be like. BTW it is now up and running. Its fucking sweet!!!!!!!!!

The home displays your current items and living pets. If you have no pets it briefly details how you can create one.
The home also displays any P3tz Message System notifications.

Here users can buy items. The items are ordered by cost in the market. There is also an optional stock system for items and they can be used on p3tz from a p3tz profile or sold back to a market.

The vet in P3tz has alot of things. Firstly the vet provides heal items. The vet also provides the means to creating a pet or an egg.

P3tz Eggs
If you have a male and female pet and you are below the board limit you may select a mother and father out of your pets to create an egg. This evolution provides your board with the possibility for pets to increase stats through generations rather than just battling and training. Generations add a whole new level to P3tz!
Random parents select parents from the excisting pets. If you have mating turned on. If you don't random will create a testube pet. Although it will still be an egg for upto 5 days.

Testube pets
This is also part of the vets to make it easy to find! Color, name, type, gender can be selected. The pet can be created. This skips out the whole egg mating thing though.

The arena is where you can battle other pets, either pets you own, other users own or even bots. Battles can either be one on one or free for alls.

Here is how gambling works. If a battle is before round 5 you can bet on a pet. Odds can be auto generated or set to 2:1. Users can bet as many times as they want on a battle. And their tickets will display in the gambling tickets bit. Losing tickets are deleted after a battle and winning tickets are flagged as such ready for the owner to claim them. Guild Wars can't be gambled on. Neither can training sessions...

For training sessions. Users create hollo-petz, droids, bots, I went with the name hollogram but you can change it in the phrases! Anyhoos. The user creates a bot and selects the type and level. The level defines the difficulty. So training can level up pets but it won't count towards your wins/losses and will usually be priced at a premium amount of points. Anyhoo it's just as amazing as the new battle system - Since it actually uses the multi purpose battle system!

Spells can be used in battle. They are leveled from 1-100 and will do damage depending upon their damage and the level.
Spells are animated in battle and their is a choice of five elements: fire, water, ice, thunder, earth. There can be different spells of each element. EG: 10 different fire spells and 20 different ice spells. Spells have a use condition based upon MORAL whether a pet is good, evil or neutral. Spells also have a cast chance. So some spells will cast 100% of the time and some only 10% of the time!

Pet Shop
The pet shop is like an advertising space. The pet is still yours to do with as you want while it is advertised. Untill it is sold!

The kennels provide the day care. You can enter a pet but you can't remove it untill you can afford to. This allows pets to be removed when ever the owner wants rather than on a predefined day. Pets in kennels can't be stolen, items can't be used upon them and they can't be battled. They wont get hungry or die.

In petzvb petz died and vanished and users cried and mourned helplessly bumbling about the forums hoping to see their pet again. In P3tz when a pet does die. The pet can be remembered in the graveyard. It can also be dragged from eternal bliss or pulled from eternal damnation. The resurrect feature can return loved pets. For a fee of course! The resurrect link can be found in a dead p3tz profile so their is no need to mourn the loss of a dead pet if you are about to rise it from the dead!

Top List
Displays (optionaly) eldest pets, most levelled pets, pets with the most battle wins, and pets with the most battle losses.

Guilds. Pets make join requests guild owners accept then the pet can be used in guild wars! Guilds have wins/losses for guild wars. Guilds where concepted for petzvb but never got created. They add to the battle system and overall user interaction within the P3tz system.

Search a pet via it's name wilcards (%) can be used. The search results can be sorted and ordered ascending or descending by: P3t name, Owner Username, Age, and Level.

The auction is used to trade pets and items. The seller can choose the item or pet, the number of days the listing will last (maximum set in ACP), the reserve, the instant buy price, and a short message. Bidders pay their bid when their bid is entered. When they are out bid their bid is returned. The seller recieves the winning bid minus tax (set in the ACP) when the auction is ended.

Steal Items
Items can be stolen from members with an admin setable item steal chance, an admin setable reputation fine and admin setable item steal points fine. The reputation fine is also the minimum required reputation to atempt to steal an item. The victim is alerted when an atempt is made using the P3tz Message System. The fines are only given when the steal fails. Steal can be disabled.

Steal P3tz
Pets can also be stolen from members with an admin setable steal chance, an admin setable reputation fine and admin setable steal points fine. The reputation fine is also the minimum required reputation to atempt to steal a pet. The victim is alerted when an atempt is made using the P3tz Message System. Like the steal item the fines are only given when the steal fails. Steal can be disabled.

P3tz Message System
The P3tz Message System displays both alerts and information messages to users on the P3tz Home. The messages are deleted when they are displayed to reduce database usage. They are used to display short notifications about steal atempts, kill atempts, when an auction ends, and when a pet is bought from the pet shop.

Pet Profiles
Last but not least! The profiles. All sorts of pet stuff is displayed here: guilds, parents, age, health, hunger, moral, strength, defence, agility, wins, losses, level, experience, etc to name some stats!
Pet spells are also displayed here so you can see how strong a pet is at a certain spell.
Pet profiles are also the place to use items upon a pet. So your inventory is displayed with the option to use items.

07-01-2010, 09:45 PM
We also have ntbm cash lotteries every month. Its pre set into the system. you buy a ticket through the system and you pick a number. Numbers are drawn buy the system and the system auto pays out the ntbm cash to the winner. Again NTBM cash is not fake useless cash like at every other site. You can buy "real products" and "real items" like I-pods, I-phones, lab tops and all ntbm products. All of this is going to be added back into the v-b store in the next week as our site techs tinker with the systems.

07-01-2010, 09:46 PM
things you can feed your pet like steroids,proteins,bcaa's,insulin to make it grow into a killer ha ha

Bandage This will help with some minor battle wounds, but only makes a small difference.

Omega 3 Very important and inexpensive at maintaining overall health for yor pet.

Beastdrol Anabolic, will make your pet hungry but put on mass, will also make your pet lose morals and get eviler.

Katanadrol To be used for cutting, will trim out your pet and give him a energy boost.

Dieselbolan Mass producer, will put on weight and mass, keep plenty of food on hand as this makes your pet hungry.

Steroid Shot Anabolic injection (http://www.tnbmedicalsupplies.com/), strong but light enough to not cause any harm.

Oral Healing Compound Effective healing in a oral compound, will typically bring health and strength back to 75% from injuries sustained during battle.

Super Shot boosts a injured pet to full health and strength without making him evil.

Anabolic Stack Over 8 compunds in this stack, the ultimate in adding aggression, strength, and power. Be warned, this will make your pet extremely evil and aggressive.

and a whole shit load more things you can feed or inject your pet with. I just gave mine a shit load of beastdrol and turned him evil and fuck!!!!

07-02-2010, 12:11 AM
This site is getting crazy, i need more time in my day lol

07-02-2010, 10:18 PM
I'm growing a little tren man! haha

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