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Gaoshang Xiongshou
02-18-2011, 01:09 PM
The Garage
107-6875 King George Highway
Surrey, BC V3W 5A1



They just do not make gyms like this anymore. PERIOD.

Boasting a long and glorious history that started back in the 80's when it was known as Gator's Gym, The Garage is a look into the past that is just as functional, if not more so, than anything in our present.


Situated several hundred feet off of King George Highway, amongst several industrial business fronts on a little side drive, The Garage is just that... an automobile bay garage that is fitted with everything that growing boys and girls need to grow even bigger and better. Inside, you will find equipment that is no longer even manufactured... but it has stood the test of time, and stood it well. And it is still at your disposal for one to come in on any given day and throw down with the best of them at any of these new, trendier gyms. Even the dumbbell racks are made of wood. Wood??! It does not even get anymore old school than that! The Garage offers something that most other so-called "gyms" today do not, and that is a promise. It is an unspoken promise, but a promise regardless. It is that within those walls, the memories and souls of true ethic and dedication and genuine intent linger there, and it will penetrate your very being... and in your visit to train there, that energy will occupy your head space and throw you into a zone that you have not even dared to comprehend.


Do you think I lie? Do you think I exaggerate? Go there. GO! I promise you that as you walk into the expansive weight pit and bask in the unreal glow of artificial overhead light and subtle natural sunlight from outside, it will come over you. If you are a true lifter... not some casual weekend warrior, 8-minute Hip Hop Abs type... what you will find is that you will not just be in a gym, but instead... home. A real home of the iron hood.


This is not some color coded fitness facility. There is no rule against what you can and cannot do. You want to dead lift? There is a platform. You want to go super heavy on dumbbell presses? From what I saw, the dumbbells went up to 155's... and I did not even see them all.


Who all has passed through these doors over the years? It really is hard to say... I was not there. But it is the current home gym for IFBB Pro Athena Siganakis. There is a cardio area on the second floor, as well as a basic MMA training area, equipped with a ring, mats, and several hanging bags. To round out the amenities, there is a full service juice bar that not only serves various shakes and sells supplements, but offers a variety of cooked items as well.

Now, it does need to be mentioned that this gym will soon be moving. The new location is in the picture below:


Will the atmosphere be the same? The look? The feel? Who knows. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Time will tell that tale. But regardless of the outcome post move, the legacy of this gym will live on in some form or fashion. If you find yourself in the area, you definitely need to go check this place out.

02-18-2011, 08:53 PM

Gotta love the portrait of Sharon Bruneau. :ok:

04-20-2011, 11:55 PM
i love the pictures on the wall

09-29-2012, 08:17 PM
The gym was brilliant!! It's now gone and the building has been knocked down. The owner has now opened a fitness centre like fitness world at the address mentioned above in the picture. Its called Elevation fitness and because of the attitude of the owner all of the hardcore guys are gone. Everyday I hear people leaving his gym because of him. I wish he never closed the Garage gym. There are no hardcore gyms in Surrey, BC.