View Full Version : Flavor sensitivities on keto??

Suzy Brown
03-30-2009, 01:23 PM
I've been on & off keto for over a year now and have found that certain foods I can no longer tolerate. Onions & garlic were the first -- I can't seem to digest them at all, and even if I go incredibly light on garlic powder or just a taste of onion, I can feel it almost immedietly, as tho its permeating my entire body with its odor. The next day I'll be doing cardio and my own reek with make me want to gag. Hub doesn't smell me tho -- its just me.

Next came salt. I sometimes feel like I am just drowning in it. I've actually had to rinse food off to rid the saltiness of it, even tho hub says its fine, just about right.

Last week it was hub's birthday and he decided instead of cake he'd prefer a loaf of bread from his favorite bakery (been a while since we had bread, and this shiz is amazing, seriously the best bread on earth). I had some and a bit later, I could taste & smell the flour!! I felt floury for a good day afterwards! As tho it was still in my mouth!

Anyone else notice becoming oddly sensitive to anything after dieting for ages???

04-03-2009, 12:04 AM
The onion and garlic thing, but not as extreme as you describe. Few minutes after I eat them I am getting bloating and gas. The garlic taste lingers for hours