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Introduction to Gynecomastia for Bodybuilders
First we would like to congratulate Dave Palumbo and John Romano for their social network and discussion board intended to educate, provoke discussions and promote the subject of bodybuilding.
As physicians who specialize in Gynecomastia, our goal is to both clarify and simplify the abstruse misconceptions surrounding this condition. Discussing the available and appropriate treatment options will do this.
The mere mention of the term Gynecomastia (http://www.cosmetic-md.com/gynecomastia/bodybuilders), evokes strong emotion from athletes and more specifically bodybuilders. The caustics slang associated with this condition "bitch tits," is an example supporting this. This post will briefly explain gynecomastia as relevant to the bodybuilder. Furthermore, the post will offer insight on the matters of seeking the appropriate means of treatment for those affected.
Visual presentations of real patients, who have suffered from enlarged breast tissue distorting their chest, will show the Gynecomastia condition before and after the correction. Those presentations can help us to understand the problem and learn about the viable solution. The severity of this condition is individualized and varies greatly from patient to patient. The phrase ‘one picture is worth a thousand words (http://www.gynecomastia-md.com/subpages/bodybuilders.html),’ is true in gynecomastia before and after photos. Each patient photo displays: the uniqueness of the condition to each patient, physique characteristics, and the postoperative results.
Gynecomastia Introduction

Gynecomastia is an unacceptable condition when it comes to bodybuilders. Gynecomastia can develop in bodybuilders for many reasons. Some hormones affecting growth and differentiation of breast tissue are growth hormone, estrogen, androgens, and progesterone. A myriad of other peptides both endogenous and exogenously introduced can contribute to developing this condition. Whatever the cause, the development is analogous to female breast development and the results are devastating. It is unacceptable for a bodybuilder who invests the most time, energy, and money per day of life than any other sport or form of human competition to be hindered by breast tissue development.
Drug based therapy is not a viable solution for a real and prolonged gynecomastia in the bodybuilder. Surgery is the only effective means of treating this condition (http://www.gynecomastia-md.com/subpages/treatments.html). It is important to note that of the general public gynecomastia patients, 50% are not satisfied with the post-operative outcome, as their aesthetic expectations have not been meet. That being said, what the bodybuilder considers aesthetically acceptable is drastically more demanding than a general patient. One can deduce from this, bodybuilders who do not extensively research for an exceptional, experienced surgeon will likely be disappointed with the results.
Gynecomastia is unacceptable to athletes, recreational bodybuilders, and especially competitive bodybuilders. The staple poses of the competitor are the: quarter turn, front double bicep, front lat spread, abs and thigh, side chest, side tricep, rear double bicep, rear lat spread, and of course most muscular. Competitors suffering from even a mild case of gynecomastia will be most vulnerable in posing the: quarter turn, side chest, and side tricep.

Aesthetic points

A surgery thats primary intention is to remove the adipose tissue by liposuction and/or a small biopsy will often result in failure. There are several features that demand more attention in catering a corrective surgical protocol to bodybuilders. Bodybuilders obtain an extremely low percent body fat for a duration of time. Percent body fat is inversely proportional to the aesthetic appearance of the gynecomastia present. This is another reason why correcting the condition is required. The musculature of the chest is a focal point in posing and more generally an accented feature on bodybuilders. Breast tissue proceeds to develop as follows: growth and division of ducts, formation of club-shaped terminal end buds, then forming alveolar buds, clusters of buds make up a lobule, lobules differentiate into ductules. This is significant because of the protrusion caused behind the nipple made more pronounced by the excess glandular tissue behind the areola. The amount of tissue removed will be unique to the severity of each bodybuilder's condition and physique. Not removing enough tissue results in the failure to meet aesthetic requirements and enables the possibility of further breast development. Removing excess tissue may result in depressions (‘donut shapes’) that are difficult to fix. Achieving a natural contour is key to a successful surgery. Achieving a natural contour will require a plastic surgeon with specialized experience, perfected technique, and skill.

Prominent scars are unwanted by a general patient and as well as for bodybuilders. Minimizing periareolar incisions requires delicate cosmetic surgical techniques. A specialized surgeon with experience is key.

The first Patient of the Week thread will be introduced. A variety of patients have been selected that displayed the physical manifestation of gynecomastia. The photos taken are the work of one specialist, who performed all procedures on the patients displayed. Dr. Mordcai Blau (http://www.cosmetic-md.com/about), a board certified plastic surgeon (http://www.plasticsurgery.org/md/DRBLAU.html), who specializes in gynecomastia corrective surgery (male breast reduction), exemplifies a physician interested in meeting the demanding aesthetic expectations of the bodybuilding patient. This performance is seen in the before and after photos (http://www.gynecomastiausa.com/photos.html) of his patients. Dr. Blau (http://www.gynecomastiausa.com/surgeon.html) is a diplomat of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons with over twenty years experience specific to gynecomastia. Pertaining to the Patient of the Weeks threads, comments and questions are encouraged, as they will help support the bodybuilding community and those afflicted with gynecomastia.

Dr.M Blau
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www.cosmetic-md.com (http://www.cosmetic-md.com)
www.gynecomastia-md.com (http://www.gynecomastia-md.com)
www.gynecomastiausa.com (http://www.gynecomastiausa.com)
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