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11-08-2011, 09:43 PM
Hey everyone starting a log for SNAC, let me give you some background before I post more about this company. I just got into bodybuilding last year but have been working out for about 5 years now. In high school I was out of skinny fat and out of shape I weighed about 145lbs at 6ft tall.

I competed this year in the NPC Natural Michigan, where I hoped to compete in the middle weight division but I weighed in at 176.9lbs lol so I missed my weigh in by a fraction of a pound. I was the tallest and skinniest person in my division, I placed 7th out of 12 which I was somewhat happy with.

This year I started my offseason diet and plan to compete in a natty league and hope to compete in a pro-qualifying show. I feel very healthy as I took a month off from the weights about 2 months ago, as I have a torn ACL and lateral meniscus that I needed to get surgery for.

So far my diet basically consists of of carbs ranging anywhere from 300g-400g thru through the week day and about 200 during the weekday. I snack or eat extra meals if I feel like it during the weekday or weekend. My protein intake is about 230-250g thats usually consistent. I just started taking in 15g of coconut oil per day as I was not taking in any fats.

Supplement background:

Preworkout I've taken the following:
Noxpload, NaNovapor, Jack3d, SuperpumpMax, SuperPump250, a few off brand stuff, thats all I can remember as of now lol.

My top 3 would be SuperPumpMax, Noxpload, and Jack3d (in that order)

Day 1:

Since I have bad knees I put on SNAC's joint cream, took the oxygen pills, and took the preworkout supplement about 40mins before "take off"

I hit Quads on Monday by itself, about 15reps per exercise 3 sets each and about 4-5 diff types of exercises. (front squat, hack squat, Leg ext-begining and end, close stance squats, and lunges)

The gym was extra muggy today since it rained so I don't couldn't feel the supplement to my full potential, but one thing I can say is the joint cream is unbelievable. I stay away from heavy press's especially for quads because my knees start to hurt right away. But with the cream I felt great!!

Took the post workout recovery formula it was vanilla flavored and for anyone that knows me I cannot take any vanilla supplement because I hate the taste, but this tasted amazing!! Better than the myofusion I'm taking!!

I went home had my pwom about an hour later popped in the ZMA (which knocked me right out)

First Day= success taste on everything was good, seeming like a promising supplement so far. I've felt great all day today

Weight Monday Morning: 203lbs



11-09-2011, 02:07 AM
Hit Chest today!!

Energy was awesome, took the HypOxygen, with some PED. Put up 130lb on dumbbell incline press for 6 clean reps, the bench almost broke doing those lol the pin popped out and came down 1 click on the first rep.

Last week I had issues getting 120lbs up for even 1. Not saying strength is directly related to the PED but I felt more concentrated.

About to take the ZMA-Night cap

Oh also put the PhysioBalm on my shoulders since I have shoulder pains, and I can honestly say the last two days this has been my favorite supplement.

11-09-2011, 06:45 PM
Whatsup Whatsup!! Today is back and some bi's. The ZMA-Nightcap tasted okay, I'm not a huge Apple fan, the flavor I had was Apple-Berry. If you like apple cider it taste very similar to that. But I've taken ZMA pills from twin labs and from dymatize and I don't feel nearly the same type of effect as the ZMA with SNAC. I knock right out each night!!

PS) I forgot to mention, the shirt they sent me is sweet!! haha Fits very nicely!!

11-11-2011, 11:02 AM
Yesterday was shoulders/hams

Put up 120lbs on dumbbell press for 7 reps, thats the first time i've done that since last year. My presses have been getting stronger, and Im down 1.5lbs. Im loving the joint cream and the ZMA!!

11-13-2011, 10:41 PM
Recap!!! First let me say, its ether my diet or the products but I feel amazing!! Rack Deads at 495 for 5. (I was really tired that day too) I've actually lost weight, and look super super lean compared to the last few weeks where I was feeling bloated and fat. (I CAN SEE ABS AGAIN!!)

I haven't eaten as much as I normally do over the weekend which could be the cause of this, I have 3 exams coming up. But my weight this morning was 199lbs. Im super excited for legs tomorrow, this coming week my diet will be super high carbs since this past weekend my carbs have been pretty low. This will help with my leptin levels and hopefully get me some tree trunks!!

My favorite has been the ZMA-5 and the Physiobalm, Im not much of a "pre-workout" type person, but if I was and out of the supplements I have taken in the past I'd rank them as the following.

SuperPumpMAX > NOXPLOAD > SNAC PED> JACK3D > 1MR > everything else. the SNAC PED is very competitive with the top 3, because I usually get a sick feeling if I just take those for energy needs through the day, but the PED they offer is total energy so it can be used for pre-workout or just a replacement for those crappy carbonated energy drinks.


11-17-2011, 12:41 AM
Been busy with exams, heres the updates.

Legs on monday- 405lbs for squats for 3, the bar was bent so it got annoying , but that was the most I've ever done. I did 365 for 8. Hit a lot of presses and concentrated on quads more than hamstrings. I forgot to put on the Physiobalm this day, Im feeling sore knees still!!

Tuesday was Chest/Tri's= Put up 130lb's on incline dumbbell press for 6. I did bench for the first time in about a year lol. Put up 315lbs for 3. (I hate flat bench) I remembered my physiobalm this day lol that thing is a life saver on days where I go heavy.

today was back. I felt a cold coming on so I was tired all day, I took some PED and felt great, just runny nose killed me. 405lbs for rack-deads. I tried 495lbs but couldn't get it up.

About to load up on some ZMA-Nightcap go to bed, tomorrow is shoulders/hams

see ya then!!

11-17-2011, 01:45 AM
Great work! It's a top quality supp (PED)

11-19-2011, 10:30 PM
Thanks dude, I've been sick the past few days thats why I haven't updated since. But Monday....Its On!!!

11-22-2011, 12:09 AM
Legs!! felt great, I pulled an "all nighter" last night and slept later in the day (about 4-4.5hrs) took some PED got a great leg workout in. 365lbs for 8 on squats so Im feeling consistent with weight. Feeling super sore, gonna take some ZMA-Nightcap and get some rest for chest/tri day tomorrow.

11-29-2011, 03:05 AM
Took a few days off over break. Started Monday off with a new diet, incorporating more red meat and very high fats. Felt great all day, I felt like my metabolism was on SuperDrive!! I left class early and hit legs at 530 for the first time in years, usually my workouts are very late at night about 9-930. I added deadlifts to the regiment after I hit some squats and leg presses. I actually doubled my PR in reps, the most I can do on a good day for the past few years has been 405lbs on dead lifts for 2-3 reps, most I ever got was 5. Today I knocked out 10 reps like it was nobodies business!! I really think it has so much to do with the joint cream. Usually I feel so stiff when I do Deads but this literally makes my pain vanish, this is also why 90% of my presses are stronger.

Just took some ZMA-Night cap which is starting to grow on me!! Tommorow is chest and tri's in the afternoon. See ya!!

12-04-2011, 09:21 PM
Knocked out everything this week, just have been very busy to post daily logs. But hit chest tuesday with tri's, my arms were very sore for 2 days. Back day was great also, my lower lats had a pump like no other. Shoulder day put up 125lbs dumbbells for dumbbell press for 5reps.

What I like about the PED is, my days are usually very long (7am till about 9pm when I get into the gym) so when I take the PED I dont get a jittery feeling, I just feel good. I think thats the problem with a lot of companies, they load the supplements they have, with caffeine and it gives you a jittery feeling, rather then loading up on good quality ingredients. With the PED my 930 workouts feel like 4pm workouts(when i have the most energy) and thats probably my most favorite part of the supplement.

12-20-2011, 02:42 AM
Havent updated because I took a hiatus, had 3 weeks worth of exams that killed me!!

Today was my first day back, I was very tired, but loaded up on my PED and felt like a beast, that week break from weights was my drive to kill it today. Legs feel good!!

01-12-2012, 07:33 PM
With the change in design of the forum, it took me about 10 days to find my thread lolll I had to google it. So I wanted to give my final thoughts on this product!!

PED- Mixes great!! for those of you who have been using non-stim supplements because of the caffeine in normal PWO's this is for you even though it does have caffeine, you never feel a jolt of energy or a jittery rush, it goes up smooth and you dont crash!! I would say taste wise this was probably one of better tasting PWO's i've had!! Ingredient wise it had a great list of things in it, I wish it had some creatine Mono in it, but the ingredients that it did contain were great

HypOxygen- not sure on this one, didnt really feel much except the first day my workouts felt good, had a great pump going, I didnt get much in the sample kit to do a full 1 month on it to actually tell the difference.

ZMA Nightcap- This was good!!Amazing!! lol I hate taking pills especially at night sometimes no matter how much water I drink I feel like they are lodged in my throat, so the powder idea was great! Taste/mix/convenience was all great, since in a powder form the absorption rate is great too, I felt a great sense of relaxation quick

ZMA-5 good quality supplement also, I see most of the ZMA products to be all similar, but this had the 5-htp in it which is amazing for the mind. My belief has always been you grow in your sleep (so yes I can technically do this with my eyes closed) anything to put you into a deeper sleep I believe the body has more power to heal,rest, and grow.

Overall the company is great I hope good things for them, Roy if you need any demos done let me know. I actually will be demoing some supplement companies very soon on behalf of my health food store and the gym that I personal train at. I would love for people to actually see how great these products are!

Thanks everyone!!