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02-12-2009, 05:21 PM
Patient Profile:
Age: 33
Location: Queens, New York
Postoperative Photos taken: 1 Year

This patient competes in bodybuilding competitions. The patients concerns were his worsening protruding nipples. He felt his case of gynecomastia was detracting from his physique, which was most evident to him during contest preparation. He came to Dr. Mordcai Blau (http://www.cosmetic-md.com/about) after the gynecomastia condition appeared a few years ago. His case was bilateral symmetric hypertrophy of glandular breast tissue. This means that the gland size was equal under both nipples.

The procedure called for removing the head and tail of the glandular tissue. Approximately 95 percent of the gland was removed. This amount was deemed appropriate for this patient and will serve to minimize the chance of recurrence. No drain was required after surgery, which helped to further, minimize scaring. A infraareolar incision was made to the NAC (nipple-areola complex). The result of this was making the any scaring inconspicuous and neglegable.

The patient followed the pre and postoperative booklet of directions given to him by Dr. Blau, which facilitated a quick and complete recovery (refrain from taking substances, such as vitamins and fish oil before and directly after the surgery to ensure that bleeding is not a problem and to be careful moving only his wrists and elbows).

02-12-2009, 05:22 PM
Postoperative photos display: a masculine chest contour, negligible scarring, a appropriate nipple surface. The results made for an extremely satisfied bodybuilding patient.