View Full Version : Titan Gym, Cleveland

07-04-2012, 04:35 PM
Right in the heart of downtown Cleveland and quite hardcore.
Chalk, 2 HUGE squat cages, heavy dbells, chains, loud metal, accomodating staff. I was in town for a few days staying in an adjacent hotel. Freeweight stuff in the basement. I paid upfront for week pass, went down to train and saw a couple hardcore folks right off the bat. The first, a dude wearing a hoody and skull cap quietly moving MUCH weight (dumbell presses,seated) alone in a corner. Then saw a FEMALE down there prob 5'9" 175lbs, front squat 275x3 then back squat the same, followed by 100 revolutions with jump rope for 4 sets. Bitch was jacked and was not bullshitting with her training. Both her and dude very friendly, and helpful to any who asked. Come to find out later, HE was the owner. Local powerlfter/bodybuilder. SHE was some nationally renowned firefighter chick who competed regularly in police/fire stuff along with O-lifting and powerlifting.
Can you say motivated!!
Check them out whenever you are in Browns Town.