View Full Version : Bugeater Update, Warrior Classic Winner

08-27-2012, 12:03 PM
Sorry for the lack of postings on my training log. Started traveling with my son's basketball team, so had to workout and eat on the road for several weeks and weekends straight. As soon as that was done, we left for Florida for family vacation. Again, cardio in the am, workout, and watching the diet..fun, fun, when you are on vacation. I decided to do the Warrior Classic coming home with 2 weeks of Spartan like training ahead of me. Everyday I would put in 2 hours of cardio, 1 in the am, and 1 in the pm, plus weight training everyday. Instead of a break on the weekend, I just continued my split all the way up to the day of the contest. I went to the show by myself (wife was working that weekend, and kids are all starting school), not the best situation but doable. Warrior Classic ended up being the largest show (in terms of contestants, nearly 300) in Colorado history. It was a terrific show at a great venue. Hats off to Carol Semple and Michael Alexander for putting on an outstanding competition. Next year will surely be a two day show. With almost missing my class on both the prejudging and the night show (long story, but my fault for not getting backstage at the right time) and even going out onstage with no oil applied and no pump up during prejudging (yeah, I know) I still won my class, First in the Masters 44 and over (I am 51), 12 in the open,and 8 in the novice. Not bad for the first time on stage in 22 years, and as a natural competitor in an open NPC show.


Many things stand out to me and can be fixed. First, I was wayyyyyy too light. I tanned and sprayed, but this was not enough and I have naturally olive skin with dark features. Posing is something you NEED to work on. I needed to flare my lats more and do more model type poses. My back is a strong feature but with too light skin, no oil and poor posing it looks flat. Grow hair and shave goatee. Most obvious is repair inscitional (sp) hernia. I have an appointment with a doc this week. I was hestitate to flex abs because of not wanting to distend it even more, but looking back on it.
Future, Looking at doing the Colorado Natural on October 13. Then easing up on diet and try and get my surgery completed before the end of the year. After that, now that I have qualified for Nationals, I will look at another show in between the Masters Nationals in July (?) This show was a great start, but showed my I have a long way to go.