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10-16-2012, 12:43 PM
This past Saturday I drove back up to Denver and entered the NPC GNC Colorado Natural. At 51 years, I won my class (42+) and won the overall Masters, and then placed 4th in the open novice class. Very Happy. After winning my class and not winning the overall at the Warrior Classic I was determined to fix what I could and have another go at it. I grew out my hair, shaved my goatee, worked on my posing, and finally, worked my ass off. The final week saw me running a 5K every morning, training a bodypart, then doing another 60 mins on the elliptical in the evening. The diet was kept tight also, with a written game plan going into the final week and it all paid off.
I will post pics from the warrior classic (from this site) and from this past weekends contest and I think you will definitely see the difference. This was a tough show, and had some great competitors. After the show, I drove home Sunday, ate, rested, and as of yesterday, went into surgery to have my incisitional hernia repair via laprascopy. Cannot wait to see how the surgery turns out after all the swelling is gone. My abdominal region has obviously been a weak point (pardon the pun) so having this repaired will only add to my physique. Whats next? Planning shows for next year and will most likely do the NPC Master Nationals. Would really like to see a 50plus catagory, but oh well, that is not up to me to decide. I have won two national qualifiers so I could also do the Team Universe, but will have to see. What to improve? First, lets see what my abs look like post operative. I will do alot of work there. Next, I needed to be darker, and I need to be fuller. Tanning is easy to figure out, the diet is another....may look at a prep coach for the diet. Have also talked to a few supp companies about minor sponsorship, and this would be nice for free supps. At 51, I feel like I can be a great spokesperson for this lifestyle to the baby boomers out there with some disposable income. Will see where this goes. Will start a new training journal soon, focusing on my nationals journey.

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This is a photo from Warrior, top photo is about 6 weeks later.134261

Joshua H
11-23-2012, 03:42 AM
Nice job bro! Looking real good for a guy of any age let alone 51! Goes to show that age in a number limited only by what your willing to do with it. You my friend are breaking the mold.

Whats next for you in 2013 as far as Physique shows go?

11-23-2012, 06:40 PM
Thanks Joshua and welcome to this board. I think moving your journal here is a good step. There are a couple of guys on this board that are definitely in the running to get their pro cards possibly next year. I am sure they will provide some good feedback for you and congrats for picking a contest and training/dieting for it. It is one thing to say it, but it is another to do it...the very best of luck to you. I won two national qualifiers this past year (one divisional, the second division and overall) so my goal is to go to the Masters Nationals next year and see what happens. I would like to do a show about 6 weeks out from the nationals as a gauge on my progress.