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  1. I have no idea about that, doesn't really matter. I've gone about as far as I can really go in the NPC anyway. I won the master's and overall NPC Ky. Championship in 03. Now at almost 50 the master's nat's is about the only thing left worthwhile and I don't think I would fair too well there as a nattie. Thats why I switched over this year, gives me a new avenue to pursue.
  2. Congrats again. Does that mean you can't compete NPC anymore else they pull the pro card?
  3. Very good! I know what you mean about the judging. I won the master's and then the guy who I had just beaten for the overall places 3'rd in the light heavy's and I didn'n place! Go figure!

    I just won the overall master's NGA Alabama open as well as the open heavy wt. class. Got my pro cards in both divisions so I plan to compete in a natural pro show probably next year.
  4. Yes that was taken at the 2008 Natural Northern USA. Congrats on your win - that show usually has a pretty tough masters lineup. I actually placed 3rd in the open as a middleweight at 174 lbs and near the bottom as a heavyweight in the masters over 40. That was my first show and next time I need to be a little bit leaner to get first. I'd like to come back to either the ohio or northern usa in 2011. I wont have time to get ready for the northern usa this year. Judging is always a factor - I placed above somebody as an open middleweight who placed above me as a masters over 40 heavyweight in the same show! Oh well. What shows you have planned? Allen
  5. I noticed that your avatar was taken at either the Natural Ohio or the Natural Northern! You look great! I won the Master's at the Natural Northern in 07, maybe we met then I can't remember.
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