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  1. Amazing documentaries. The Haiti/Dominican one has been my favorite so far...touches home. It was one of my research topics while in grad. school.
  2. And anything I should pay particular attention to?
  3. Going to catch up first and watch...will let you know my thoughts! What about you? What do you think so far?
  4. Hey SC, what did you think of "Black in Latin America" series so far?
  5. No problem, I'm sorry I didn't think of you sooner, but when I saw you post, it then hit me. The first one certainly gave a lot of history on Haiti, which some folks have already thought was a bit much, given that they wanted other countries like P.R. and Venezuela represented.

    Dr. Gates always puts out good stuff. I'm eventually going to take that DNA test he has. I'd love to know where my family's roots are from in Africa.
  6. Thank you! I've actually been up on this subject and the special itself. Thanks for thinking of me!
  7. Hey S.C., just this past Tuesday, there was a PBS special: "Black in Latin America". It's a 4 part special and you have 3 more coming up. Here's a link to the site: [URL][/URL] I thought you may enjoy this.
  8. I'm mixed like in a pot. My mother is Haitian/Dominican and my dad is Black (of AfroBrazilian decent). My family is all over the islands!
  9. SweetCapri, just curious.... what IS your ethnicity? I believe you said your family is from the islands, and you've also made some references to black ancestry and culture.
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