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  1. THANK YOU. I just sent the info to Curt James too. Mike
  2. I'm still trying to figure this new board out. I hate the colors...hurts my eyes to read it. Reps and stuff are under the heading at the top of the page. Click on takes you to the User CP.
  3. After the redesign, I cannot see how to check who gave me reps & what messages they left for me with the reps, if any. Can you tell me, or is it removed? thanks, Mike
  4. Not that I'm aware of. I'll have to check it out for ya.
  5. My picture uploads are failing. Any reason you know for it?


  6. Would you edit the title of my new post? I didn't catch it until it was posted. It should read "Gym Jones" not "Gym Jone" (on Muscle Central). Many thanks! Mike
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