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  1. haHA VERY impressive. I changed my major to a BA in art from English when they assigned me a course titled "Transformational Grammar".

    Glad [I]someone[/i] has a handle on all that!
  2. Trust me, I checked.

    An anal-retentive grammarian would hang you by your toes for that comma splice, Curt. A dash is technically preferable, & a semicolon would also do (depending on whether you want emphasis with the dash, or balance with the semicolon). However, free-swinging hip language slingers like me have no gripes with this comma use. Not only does it have style, but it also better approximates how the statement would be uttered in most contexts. Also, the "me" & "I" in the two minimalist independent clauses (comparable to the shortest sentence in the KJV Bible: "Jesus wept.") balance each other enough to justify the seesaw quality of the utterance.

    Told you I knew my stuff.

  3. Congratulations, Mike!

  4. Aaron Singerman hit 15,000 posts! [B]w00t!!![/B] [B][url][/url][/B]
  5. Thank you, Mike. Same here!
  6. Thanks for the friend request. I guess this makes it official, but I already regard you as a friend, Curt! Mike
  7. Hope you had a great weekend, brother!
  8. Mike, you're the best! Thank you, good sir. [B]hifrommike65[/B]

  9. You, too, Mike! Cheat meal tomorrow. Having a meal with my family about an hour from me. Looking forward to those carbs!
  10. [B]Have a great weekend, Curt! [/B]

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