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  1. WoW...yes go to and see what pic I posted...
    also of course pics are at

    I was thinkin w/ yor background thats why you did the fitness but didnt know you started in fitness.

    I feel ya on not wanting to get any bigger.

    great job, can wait to see it in person...whats next?
  2. Did you see pics?

    I originally started off in Fitness. I switched to BBing cuz I kept getting crucified in the routine round and I wanted to put on more size. Over the years, I started doing aerial stuff (think Cirque du Solie) and a little bit of acrobatics. I got better in the routine round.

    I did OK in BBing, but I HONESTLY will never have the size to really win in the NPC, nor do I want to be that big or DO what's needed to be that big.

    So back to Fitness now that I can get thru a routine without making spectators cry!
  3. Sweet moves...
  4. What made you switch?
  5. yup. Fitness and Figure. Won Fitness (I was the only one!) 6th in Figure.
  6. Did you compete at the Contra?
  7. Cali is ALL GOOD I am loving it here. Like the new avie. Who's the photographer?
  8. hey Philly gurl...Im hangin...
    how is cali?
  9. Hey Hot stuff! How you be?
  10. Hey gurl
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