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  1. Illiterate you say? No, I was nearly at the top of my class in terms of reading and comprehension skills.
  2. I see you're one of these 'children' that get off on giving negative reps.
  3. you are an illiterate fuck
  4. His daughters are skanks as well..
  5. That's why less then 40 percent of Americans view Obama's job performance favorably. His wife is a nasty ogre as well..
  6. Not to mention that Obama has been known to hang around with know terrorists, at least in his past..
  7. Obviously you've never taken a good look at all the czars Obama has appointed, many that sympathize or advocate Marxist Ideology. Van Jones was a prime example. Obama remains a Naked Marxist and will go down in History as the worst president we have ever had, even worse then Jimmy Carter.
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