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  1. Brandon's not coming in April, he's coming with me back to Laval Oct 6th - maybe we can stay till tues the 11th

    don't worry i'll be dieting too so no sweat there
    hope we can hook up
    will you be goin to watch that show ????
  2. April I be dieting , your coming with Brandon ? I wish, I want to see him

    Glad your happy
  3. hi honey....
    it's goin good
    nice to have someone here to help me & share things with
    we just came back from our 1st family bike ride
    my sons 9 and he doesn't wanna play sports but he likes to bike ride
    so GX & I bought bikes
    and the 3 of us went and round thru the trails to the little lake

    i'm coming to Laval on April 21 thru 24
    for the world qualifier
    i have 2 athletes in plus i'm goin as the BC Rep
    would love to spend some time with you if you're gonna b around

    hope alls well with you
    Love Dawn
  4. How' ur love story goin in canada ?
  5. love you & same to you my friend
    all the best
  6. thk u , a millions thanks, wish u th best of life
  7. i'm so excited for you love, fuckin kill it this last week,
    sending you lot of love & strength
    Dawn & Storm
  8. will work hard for you,, great goddess warrior, you motivate me to wrap up that crazy insane week !!!!

    thk u
  9. all the best in your prep babe
  10. u send me a gift ! wow,,,,,, xxx

    your too kind
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