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  1. [B][COLOR=purple]yeah you might have to do that...i got into coaching and teaching so i can be an athletic director...i need to get my masters but i dont wanna go back to school...[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR=purple]Once you get your foot in the door there is no turning back...I hope works out. Keep me posted.[/COLOR][/B]
  2. I am sure it will at some point. Friday I took a left and applied for a job out of my field and training to see if that works better, found a position at the U of Wisconsin as a student services coordinator. May be the start I need for now to get into the athletics department at some point? I love that campus!
  3. [B][COLOR=purple]Again ask people who are in the field of interviewing people...Something will come up sooner or later. have faith.[/COLOR][/B]
  4. I interviewed with 2 department heads on back to back days. Technicaly it was 1 interview with 2 different people I guess. I interviewed with HR first, then these 2 heads a week later. The application period was closed by the time I had got the initial HR call. Who ever was going to apply had to have done so by then.
  5. [B][COLOR=purple]You will need to ask a human resource person that question about getting 2 interviews...maybe that person applied after your 2 interviews or 1st one...hell if we all know.[/COLOR][/B]
  6. This week could be big, call back week for 5 jobs, 4 out of state, 1 in state, take anyone of them! Cant be picky these days.
  7. [B][COLOR=purple]how is the job hunt going?[/COLOR][/B]
  8. Nope, I have not herd of them all but FAME and OCB are good orgs. I am considering FAME and OCB as possible orgs to try in the future. NGA not so big on myself.
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