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  1. Congratulations, Mike! Thank you for continuing to post to Rx Muscle and for providing a ton of great content over the years!
  2. I'll delete that next. Can't find any record of a bench pressing politician post, though. :-(
  3. We got a Russian spam message after my post on Arnold's new book. Can you delete? Also, I started a string about a bench pressing politician-to-be on muscle central yesterday & it disappeared within an hour. Do you know why it was deleted? thanks, Mike
  4. Curt, if you click on "Settings" at the top right of your profile (between "My Profile" & "Log Out") you will get the reps info. Mike
  5. Looking now.
  6. Curt, have you figured out how to know who has given me reps in the new system? I can't find it! Mike
  7. [IMG][/IMG]

  8. Thanks Curt. Have a great holiday. Enjoy your break!
  9. [I]Sank you, Sensei! [/I]
  10. Tia Dalma says, "You have a touch of destiny about you, William Turner." So you do, Curt.
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