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  2. Things are good, training has slowed down a bit since november. Only working part time so no means of income to buy all my needed supps so just isolate whey protein as of now. Off of aas since september was looking to start again in jan but only working part time my finances wont allow it just yet. Looking for a better job and spending a lot of time with gf since i will be moving in with her in june! So staying positive and praying to land a good full time job in the next upcoming month or two. Train hard, eat, rest and stay positive brotha!!
  3. yah got haterz lol

    and many great comments also

    give me the keep goin attitude


    and how about you what goin on ?
  4. Hey blp whats up? Listened to your interview on the d.a. Show you keep it reral tell it like it is are truthful and speak from experience. Not to many ppl outhere like u my man i know cause im a straight up keep it real man myself too! Well keep lifting stay strong and qualify for nationals!!!
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